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Hollywood Politics, Mean Girls Style

So Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are now in a bitchfest to see who can have the coolest friends in Hollywood. When the Dreamworks guys, David Geffen, Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg, decided to have a huge fundraiser for Obama Hillary got quite upset and had her people make a nasty call.

Here is how I imagined the phone call went:

Hillary: OMG Steven I totally thought you were MY friend. I’m really upset, you totally can’t sit at the lunch table anymore!
Steven: Hil, so sorry but Barak is new, fresh and he totally has those new Prada slides that I’ve been eyeing. I mean, Barak is so hot right now.
Hillary: But I HATE him, I can’t belive you are going to his party…I am the one that throws all the cool parties, I’m the popular girl in Hollywood, everyone loves me.
Steven: Everyone loved you. Past tense, Barak’s party is supposed to be really cool…I mean Eddie Murphy is going to be there
Hillary: EDDIE Murphy, he NEVER comes to my parties!
Steven: Jennifer Aniston, Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington are coming too…
Hillary: OMG! Seriously, all I know is that I HATE HIM. He’s going down…nobody upsets the queen bee in Hollywood politics. NOBODY. My boyfriend Bill is so going to beat him up.
Steven: Bill’s going too…
Hilllary: (runs out the lunch room crying)

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