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Rehab #2 Featuring Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan has checked out of the Wonderland treatment center she has called home for the past month. She is still going to be participating in outpatient therapy but now she is free to whore herself around at various Hollywood hotspots.

She is also now free to devote her full time to her movie “I Know Who Killed Me.” I guess its something about a girl with a dual personality. Didn’t she already play that part in “Freaky Friday?” Honestly my favorite Lindsay Lohan movie is “Mean Girls.”

I’m glad she did her 30 days inside rehab, even though if it was a bit rocky due to her need to be seen by the paparazzi shopping, goes out to clubs, ect…

Lets hope that she stays clean and sober!

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  • Sad, Sad, Sad, when I was her age I thought it was great to ‘get off’ on barley wine and purple hearts whilst rocking on my tenor sax at the the local pub.

  • i will like to leave Lindsay Lohan alone and get alive of your own and do somthing that meanless to other bye.

  • i would like you to leave her alone she do what she want’s to do
    with her life it’s not your business so leave her alone.

  • When she started acting, it became our business. That is what celebrity is. If someone is that concerned with privacy, they should not become a public figure. Lindsay Lohan asks for trouble by doing bad things in public places. If she wanted her drug usage a secret, she would do it in her own home. I am sick and tired of celebrities complaining about people being nosy. They get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do whatever they want to do, the only drawback is that they are in the public eye forever. deal with it or give up the $$$

  • It’s because she’s in the publics eye otherwise we wouldn’t give to shits about her, it is sad, and she will have to come to terms with it in her own time, i hope she doesn’t take too much of her young life to come clean. She is beautiful and from what I gather without ever having met her, but then again anyone with insight can see, this is all stemming from someting more than just her doing drugs. Its usually much more in depth and deep rooted. If she has any kind of faith and belief in not just God but Jesus Christ, she will find the strength she needs. Its so easy to be cruel and judge others when that plank is sticking out of our own eye? And he he is without sin, cast that stone…. Go ahead throw it…. We don’t want to be hypocrites do we?????

  • What if she never did snort cocaine? I mean, what if she was just in the worng place at the wrong time and the pictures just looked scandalous? Maybe all this shit really is–is the media controlling your opinions. Just think about that option. I honestly think that Lindsay isn’t a coke whore. And, I apologize if you do not like my opinion.

  • I’ve been there and done that. Some learn and some don’t. Maybe when she loses everything and everyone it may dawn on her that it’s not worth it. I hope she opens her eyes before they’re closed permanently.

  • Lindsey Lohan does drugs well there a shocker!
    who cares she’s an actress and as long as she act’s then what she does behind closed doors is up 2 her.
    i hope she stops as she is young an geat looking b a shame 4 her 2 lose that tho’ drugs but hey her choice, c’mon ppl surely there r more inportant and interesting things going on than a celebrity doing drugs, i mean its not like she’s the 1st. or the last is it?

  • I think she’s just acting like all other young girls,but the thing is she has a responsible to her fans and the people,because yeah…she paid thousand more times than us.But I still like her though she’s a sweet actress.

  • I know how it is to be Lindsay’s place, i was in rehab for a while for coke and drugs, i was looked down upon for stuff that lots of people were doing. I am also Lindsay’s age so i know the pressure of the peers, tho i know nothing about the pressure of the media; i still respect Lindsay and her choices, i just wish that the media or other people would stop trying to ruin a young, and oh so sexy young girls future.

  • I looked at the pictures carefully and I never saw LIndsey Lohan doing any drugs. By the way Loren, why apologise for your opinion. It’s yours if people don’t like it, TOUGH CRAP !!

  • OH YEAH, LINDSEY CALL ME. I will give you something to do besides hanging out and partying with losers.

  • My name is Missy Roeth. I’m a Landsy Lohan Fan. I’m also a fan of the Rescue Crew.I never thought that Landys Lohan would do drugs.I don’t know why any body would won’t to do drugs.

  • The pictures I’ve seen posted so far never actually show her ingesting the drugs, if they are drugs. Having said that, we all know too well that celebrities have easy access to all the trappings of stardom. In my opinion, she’s a young person who’s learning a hard lesson about abusing your own body. For her sake, I hope she learns to back off before her body fails and she seriously injures or kills herself.

  • Dear Lindsay and everybody keep in mind whatever happened in Your life there are people who understand what love is all about.There are people Who know how to love without condition and we are just ordinary people on this earth.There is no distance for us or borders .We simply love and understand we don’t judge .If You never experience presents of truly love ask and you will.The most powerful drug that cost us nothing to give and receive.I was loved in that way by my grandma and that filing is inside of me and every time when I need support for anything I simply visualized that unforgettable Years,days,hours, minutes and seconds and i receive filings of that the most powerful “drug”.It is shame that today we still don’t learn about unconditional love without connection with GOD. We always learn first how to love somebody else(GOD)which was not my case.My grandma was with not one attending day of regular school but she was the smartest person and excellent teacher.She teach me WHAT IS THE MEANING AND FILLING OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE BY THE REAL PERSON.I have that PRICELESS KNOWLEDGE and I do share and teach others who want to learn.It is easy WE just have to have will to experience this the most powerful drug that is PRICELESS ,NO SIDE EFFECT and free of charge.You only have to inject once and it stay forever.THIS IS THE BEST TREATMENT THAT I FOUND AND WORKS EASY FAST and PERMANENT for everyone who seas Yes I want to RECOVER. I sagest everyone before they close their EYES FOREVER TO LEARN AND INJECT

  • I wonder how many of you guys are over your mid twenties? Lindsay has had a life of hard work, there’s no argument there, and its easy to be drifted by the common cocktails of the, so many, drugs that circle a movie set.

    I’ve been living in Mexico city for some time now; pursuing a career in film. And I’ve been in quite a few movie sets and commercials. I’ve worked as PA, 2nd AP, editor, producer, and even directed a few things. I aspire to the major leagues, but its a long hard road with long hard hours for a long long time.

    It’s easy to hang around a group of people, hard working, dedicated, extremely well paid, and open-minded people. People we look up too, admire, and idolize.

    Imagine being a beautiful 16 year old guy, or girl, making it to the top in the industry that produces the most, high paid, and famous individuals on the planet. You sit late evening in the sofa of Jude Law’s or Jessica Alba’s production suite. 1 month, 16 days, and 22 hours into production of a movie that promises to be the next Titanic.

    Then suddenly, after a lot of drinking, Jude (or Jessica) pulls out a bag of beautiful stinky weed (hydro of course and probably white widow)… any way — maybe something that looks like 50grams of Colombian bam-bam an eye dropper full of lsd, inhaleable H, a handful of poppers, and lets throw in some Absinth while we’re at it. A nice set up for a nice cocktail.

    Then you think “”Hmmm? One of Hollywood’s most beautiful and famous people is up to partying with me, and there seems to be nothing stirring in his (or her) conscious over the matter.”” “”In other words it apparently is something very normal… a day to day thing, so to speak.”” “” I’ve gotten drunk 100 times with my high school buds, smoked weed, done some cocaine and X and Acid and DXM and so on…. Ya’ know? Just having fun. I’ve kept my grades up, and my mom’s pretty happy with that, and me being a big movie star and all isn’t all that bad either.””

    In a personal note, I have to tell ya’, going with a bunch of your movie set friends, who usually include: producers, assistant directors, actors, art director and assistants, ect… to someone’s appt or home after working 48 hours strait in an already heavily loaded week. Prospecting the weekend you guys just got free. Doing drug that you usually do can become a day to day thing after three or four months.

    Back to: “”This is pretty cool, Jessica or Jude, just pulled out the party favors to hang out with me. And we’ve been talking about stupid stuff like: food and our first times, really personal stuff about our families and love life and, other movies we’ve been on with those other famous actors we’ve worked with, and… Nirvana.””

    (The longer you spend working on a movie set, the more familiar and habitual and open will your relation with the rest of the staff, and cast, be. — you’re 16 or 50 years old and you still have class mates, people you don’t like start to grow on you, and people you liked become intolerable. There’s a High school behind the screen)

    “”I’m famous, beautiful, I have my own money, I hang with the most famous and richest people on the face, and I have everything at my disposal…””

    Unless you are a truly, untempted individual. But I mean truly untempted: Cigarettes, beer, whipped cream canisters, and so on.

    Try to understand that Lindsay went through a very heavy and (like a preacher would say: A road full of temptation) stressful life. I promise every one that reads this, and is a fan of Lindsay (as I am, though I like her way lot better with red hair), that she will grow out of it eventually.

    As long as the people who are the closest to her also start adjusting themselves, her parents have to call, and shitty friends that start to talk really embarrassing things about your tits, and my drugs, and the videos, do so with no money in mind and my well being at front.

    A lot of people in Hollywood do cocaine and so many other drugs. Most of them are much wiser individuals and the drugs got al lot less attention back in the day, so you don’t know about it nor do you hear about them.

    Ask your parents or grand parents about the news back in the good old 80s, 70s, and 60s. Ask about actors like Marlon Brando, Martin Estives, Shirley Temple, Bogart, ect… There is such a long history linking substance abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, with multimillion dollar deals like movies and the stock market… and so on.

    I’m tired of typing now. Its been fun expressing my view and I hope some of you take into consideration what I mentioned. Please don’t stop liking your favorite actor, singer, band, writer, painter, architect, doctor and/or house wife just because they drink or snort or puff instead of eat, exercise, or chew gum.

    PS: my e-mail is and you can find me in hi5 with the same email. Shots and good wishes to you all.

  • man how do you even know those pics are real? It could be a look al like just trying to scam her. I feel sorry for her yea I know she’s had problems in the past like everyone else says. I just hope she gets her life straight soon. COme on people get a life and stop dissing her. I agree she’s not my favorite actor but have you ever heard the thing believe half what you see but none of what you hear?

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