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Kevin Federline: Good Guy or Brilliant Negotiator?

Britney Spears offered Kevin Federline a cool $25 mil to get out of her — and her children’s — lives for good, and he’s turned it down. Depending on whom you believe, this is either because he’s holding out for $50M or because he actually refuses to make a graceful exit from the lives of their children. Says one source: “He loves his two little boys, and there’s no way he’s going to disappear from their lives.” Both parties are asking for sole custody of the kids.

Federline has proven that he can make his own income. He recently filmed a Super Bowl commercial for Nationwide Insurance and has reportedly fielded offers to do a number of reality TV shows. Of course this is not a particularly sustainable business model, but he certainly has at least another year or two of pseudo-stardom. If he invests well, he can probably swear off back-up dancing for the rest of his life, with or without Britney’s money. And who the hell knows? Maybe, in this process, he’ll rehabilitate his image to the point where he can build some manner of non-laughable career as an entertainment figure. I mean, if Screech is still famous, there’s no limit to Kevin Federline’s potential.

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