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Paula Abdul Can’t Get Her Stories Straight

Thankfully, Paula Abdul’s PR whiz kids thought to tie her to her bed for the entirety of the day before this appearance on The Tonight Show, so she managed to seem pretty sober during it. But I guess they were so busy keeping her away from her Vicodin that no one sent her the memo regarding the formal excuse her publicist fabricated for her drunk-tastic Seattle interview last week. Exhaustion, Paula. Your rep said it was “exhaustion.” I think he also mentioned something about the sound guys dropping the feed. But he didn’t cite the fact that you were doing 30 interviews at the same time. And no one ever accused you of answering the wrong questions. You were answering the right questions. It’s just that you were doing it while you were drunk. See, that was the problem. The drunk part.

But I’m happy to report that your PR team is heading in the right direction, in that you seem to have put together at least a half-day of sobriety prior to this interview. Baby steps, guys, baby steps.

YouTube footage courtesy of our friends over at The Blog You Love to Hate.

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