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Caffeine Will Kill You

There is an article today that I read about how bad energy drinks are for the youth of America. I’m not the biggest fan of the get up and go energy drink, even though I have been known to enjoy a few Sugar Free Redbulls. My poison usually is simply a vanilla latte from Starbucks or a couple Diet Cokes. One interesting thing that I gained from this article was a website called “Death by Caffeine.” It is awesomely stupid. You put in your favorite form of caffeine, be it Red Bull, Coffee or our favorite, Cocaine. Then you put in your weight and press a button that says “Kill Me.”

184.58 cans of Diet Coke will kill me.
106.64 cans of Red Bull will kill me.
30.47 cans of Cocaine will kill me.
141.25 cans of Budweiser B^E will kill me. (Um, this is questionable…4 vodka sodas and I won’t remember how I got home.)

This website also has some interesting other tidbits of news, including some horror stories of what happens when you actually attempt to drink 20 cans of Redbull. I don’t really think these energy drinks are so bad as the fact that people are just really stupid.

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