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Carmen Electra Earns her Spot on the D-List

Carmen Electra, who was the Queen of the C-List Celebrities now has earned her spot on the D-list by becoming the spokesperson for NV Rapid Weight-Loss Beauty Pill. If you wonder how you can spot a D-list celebrity, here are the following signs.

1) MTV Reality show followed by messy divorce.
2) Appearing on Baywatch.
3) Failed singing career. Albums are bought mainly in Japan.
4) Acknowledgement of Plastic Surgery, usually in US Weekly, InTouch, or Life and Style
5) Appearing in Playboy, Maxim, or Stuff Magazine.
6) A little to eager to pose for Paparazzi.
7) Appears on Celebrity Poker Showdown more than once.
8) Movies often go straight to video.
9) Hanging out with Perez Hilton.
10) Whoring yourself out for a diet pill.

Carmen, you are welcome to join Shanna Moakler, Tara Reid, David Hasselhoff, Ashley Parker Angel, Nikki Hilton, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Anna Nicole Smith, Perez Hilton, and our newest member, Paris Hilton, for a reception at Red Lobster, punch and pie will be served.

PS- Jess, your invite got lost in the mail.

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