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We’re Bringing in Reinforcements

Hi there! Beet here. This site continues to grow in popularity, thanks to all you awesome readers (especially those of you who send us tips), all our kick-ass Evil Cohorts, and Lindsay Lohan’s unwavering dedication to doing retarded shit and flashing her va-jay-jay. I’d like to create more content for you all daily, but what with the day job and the other job and the grad school and the late-night gas-station rendezvous in Silverlake (thanks Craigslist!), it’s getting to be a bit overwhelming.

Thankfully, I’ve found the perfect Ashley to my Mary-Kate, Miss Evil T.

T kicks it in NYC, so she’ll hold down the chillier coast while I rock the tank tops in October here in Hell-Ay (mwah-ha-ha!). She’s funny as hell, and I know she’ll be a great addition to The Beet. Be nice to her — one time, in seventh grade, she slapped a girl twice her size, and it was awesome.

Welcome to The Beet, Evil T!

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