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Us Weekly Soul-Baring May Not Have Been Sufficient Treatment for Tara Reid’s Alcoholism

Tara Reid doesn’t seem to get it.

Tara, sweetheart: The boobs are not the problem. The alcohol is the problem.

Via Radar:

Tara Reid clearly likes the idea of her hard-partying days being behind her, but she looked pretty shit-faced two weekends ago at a wedding in Santa Barbara.

A fellow attendee claims Reid…began her drunken antics at the rehearsal dinner. “She was the definition of a trainwreck, loudly heckling the family and friends of the bride and groom during their speeches,” says the source. Worse yet, Reid wasn’t even invited: “One of the groom’s buddies brought the Reid-tard as his date without telling anyone,” says the spy. “If I were the groom, I’d beat the crap out of the guy.”

The following night, Reid appeared to be “blackout drunk before the reception even started.” But everything had a happy ending. Sort of: “the wedding itself was actually dreamy because Tara spent the night outside in the lobby, crying her drunk face off.”

Hey, Courtney Love, maybe you should add Tara to your chanting list. She can come right after horses.

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