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Avril Lavigne is "That Girl"

No, not the “it girl.” Just “that girl.” You know, the one who can’t walk out of the club using her own internal balancing skills, but rather must rely on those of the friends who are propping her up. Check out the video here.

What’s funniest to me is the running ‘razzi commentary. When you watch the videos of Paris or Lindsay, the photogs are always super nice: “Paris, watch out, there’s a puddle!” “Lindsay, hi, you look gorgeous, you look beautiful!” “Paris, how’s your jaw? Is your jaw okay, Paris? Your fans are so worried about you!”

With Avril, it’s just, “Come on, you drunk bitch!”

But I guess Paris has never spit on a photog.

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  • Avril is vary pretty, love the long beautiful blonde hair so much I could eat her out by the hour, and die happy having done so.

  • Avril is bad ass people need to shut the hell up & leave her alone she makes more money then you clowns. She just needs to stay to herself theworld is so damn hateful you need to open up a book call the holy bible (Thall shall love one another) what happend to that? I tell you waht I think of Av she’s sooooo hot, I have all the girl cds she great Iv met her & hang backstage. theres nothing worng with her “ITS YOU A HOLES” THAT HAS NOTHIN’ BETTER TO DO THEN TALK SHIT BOUT EVERYONE (GET A LIFE & A DAY JOB. IM JUST SAYIN’ PEACE TO MY HOMIES ROCK ON AVRIL U KICK PUNK ROCK ASS! LOVE U ALWAYZ