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Midday Mess: The Liza Minelli Has Herpes Edition

  • Nicole Richie and Brody Jenner finally make out in public. Okay, so, now that this happened, can someone please explain to me who Brody Jenner is?
  • This Page Six tidbit focuses on how Tom Hanks’ first wife basically made him out to be Satan in pre-divorce legal filings (Really? In divorce proceedings? She had negative things to say? I really hope someone thought to write a whole book about this. Someone did? Oh good.), but I’m more interested in the last paragraph, which implies that Tom jacked the Forrest Gump character from a role his brother Jim played in a soft porn flick two years earlier. In fact, Jim’s IMDB profile says that he was his brother’s “running double” in the film that won Hanks an Oscar. Eeeeenteresting.
  • It turns out that whole “six degrees of separation” thing wasn’t really based “scientifically” or on “thorough analysis of research results.” See? I told you. You cannot go from Jonathan Taylor Thomas to Treat Williams in six steps. It just can’t be done.
  • Remember when David Gest and Liza Minelli got married, and we all rejoiced, knowing that, no matter what, we were in for years and years of comedic gold? Man, were we ever right. This week, Gest wants their prenup set aside, because Liza is herpetic, alcoholic and abusive. Awesome.
  • Dakota Fanning does her very best “Russian hostage chic” for Teen Vogue. Thank goodness the folks at Conde Nast devised a mechanism for getting the Vogue message to even younger women.

Update: Okay, okay. I knew it was just a matter of time before I got this email from one of you. Dave at Maassive would like me to know just how very wrong I am on the JTT->Treat Williams tip. He gets extra points for actually going through Kevin Bacon. Here you go:

Jonathon Taylor Thomas was in Tom & Huck with Brad Renfro
Brad Renfro was in Telling Lies in America with Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon was in Loverboy with Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock was in Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous with Treat Williams

Update Update:

You guys just won’t let this go. Okay. Super props to Anna for going through Devon Sawa.

Treat Williams in Hollywood Ending with Woody Allen
Woody Allen in Anything Else with Christina Ricci
Christina Ricci in Now and Then with Devon Sawa
Devon Sawa in Wild America with Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

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  • get a life……………let these celebs be….. i cant believe there are thousands of people waiting for every little thing these dumb ass people do…… my opinion paris britteny,etc etc…..are straight white trash with money;……….back the fuck off and live your own life………leave them alone…they dont deserve to be watched and talked about like this