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Jessica Simpson’s "Public Affair"

The video premieres tonight on MTV. You’ll be able to see it on MTV Overdrive for the first 24 hours after that — here’s a clip until then.

Update: The “star-studded” video is on Overdrive now (thanks, East Coast!). Hey, remember in 8th grade when you and all your girlfriends ran out of boys to call at your slumber party, so you grabbed your mom’s video camera and your Madonna tape and decided you’d make a music video to go to “Holiday?” So you curl your hair and you put on make-up and your big sister’s cutest clothes and you devise a storyline and everyone has lines and solo dance parts, and your little brother is filming and so his dog has to be in it, too, and you’re all very excited about your music video, but you’re mostly all new to this whole being-in-a-music-video/dancing-on-camera thing — which doesn’t mean you won’t try your hardest — but you’re 28 now and your mom pulled the tape out last week and watching it was so unbelievably awkward? Yeah. It’s kind of like that.

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