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My Cats Are Totally Bulimic

It’s true. I swear. I always said that if we continued to talk about how fat they were while they were in the room, they would eventually develop a complex; they did, and it manifested itself in the form of feline bulimia. It’s very much the new silent killer.

Nothing substantive has changed; I feed them the same food, in the same amounts, at the same times, like I have for years. The difference recently is that they purge within minutes. It’s become a part of my morning routine: get up, feed cats, watch cats eat, hear cats puke, clean up cat puke and look disparagingly at offending cat. I feel so helpless. Nothing I do or say seems to matter. Sigh. This is totally my ex’s fault.

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  • Good NEWS! Your cats have parasites and that leads to drained nutrients which leave them feeling hungry/starving when they are not. Go to Azmira’s website and order the 3 step book by Lisa Newman. Purchase The Herbal Wormer, the detoxification drops, and start there at step 1. Remember, even when the parasites and toxins are gone, they wills still feel starving for awhile until they are then put on a high nutritional diet and herbal/vitamin supplements. They will recover but the process will take some time. Within one month they should improve greatly! God Bless. Martha in Maryland

  • I remember reading this story a few months ago when I first found EvilBeet. I made a mental note of it because I thought it was particularly humorous. Just now I stumbled upon it again, and while reading it I got the feeling that it had changed.

    I think that you deleted a reference to your ex-boyfriend from the first few sentences. It used to say something like, “I always said that if [my ex-boyfriend] continued to talk about how fat they were…”. Half of the funniness was that you blamed your cats’ bulimia on your ex.

  • You also might want to get a prescription diet food from your vet. It’s a lot easier to digest and it could be that your cats would only have to be on it for a little while, whilst they’re getting over a stomach bug. It happened to my cat and she’s fine now. Good luck! :)

  • doesn’t anyone think it’s tacky that this is a joke about eating disorders? =S also, i’ve read that lots of cats regurgitate regularly as they age.. talk to your vet before you do anything!