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Drugs Are Bad, Mm-kay?

This 19-year-old self-described “Bridge Troll” was arrested last week after demanding a $1 fee from joggers and bikers wanting to cross his bridge. It later came out that he was high on LSD, but it doesn’t make this any less funny. His friend claims he was having a “bad trip” — and granted my understanding of LSD highs is limited at best — but I thought a “bad trip” was one where you, like, are absolutely fucking certain that the hula-hooping alligator laid an egg in your stomach when you talked to her and you have to cut yourself open right fucking now before the baby alligator hatches and eats you from the inside out. Thinking you are a bridge troll just sounds like a regular trip. Or is it just necessarily a bad trip when it culminates in your arrest?

Also, Justin Timberlake is tired of you thinking he’s such a fucking square. He can get high with the best of them. He just doesn’t, you know, film it and sell it to UPN.

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