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Billy Bob Thornton’s Daughter Charged in 1 Year Old’s Death

Billy Bob Thornton

Amanda Brumfield, the eldest daughter of “Sideshow” Billy Bob Thornton, has been charged with child neglect causing harm or disability in relation to the death of a 1 year old girl whom she was babysitting.

Brumfield told detectives that a girl she was babysitting hit her head in a fall in an Ocoee home on Oct. 3, Detective James Berish said in a news release. Brumfield called for help more than two hours later when she couldn’t revive the girl, police in the city near Orlando said.

An autopsy determined the girl had a fractured skull and brain injury. The medical examiner ruled the death a homicide and said the explanation Brumfield gave was inconsistent with the child’s injuries, police said.

When informed of the incident, Thornton’s publicist commented that “Sideshow” Billy Bob had not been in contact with Brumfield for “quite some time.” That’s some good parenting there.

Susan Boyle Admitted to Mental Health Clinic


I feel like a dick. Sometimes things like this happen when you’re a loudmouthed cunt with oral diarrhea (which I most assuredly am). You spout off about someone only to have something horrible happen to them later on that makes you feel like a complete turd.

Susan Boyle has been admitted to a priory clinic (a mental health facility) following an emotional breakdown. Show aides telephoned police on Saturday to report that the BGT runner up had been acting strangely.

Paramedics helped the “spaced-out” star through the lobby and into an ambulance just after 6pm.

A Met Police Inspector and a police doctor were called to assist. The ambulance, tailed by a police car, then took her to the Priory in Southgate, North London.

A source at the hotel said last night: “She’d been at the hotel for a few days, but since Saturday’s final had been acting strangely, causing a bit of a stir.

“The staff were concerned – something wasn’t right.

“When the paramedics and police arrived she agreed to go voluntarily. She didn’t make a fuss. The paramedics calmly took her out through the main lobby and into the waiting ambulance.

“It was all done very calmly. They didn’t want to stress or upset her. She didn’t look well – she looked lost, not all there.”

Reportedly Susan had also burst into tears after her final BGT performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” and “sank into the arms of producers” immediately after leaving the stage.

Her physicians say that she is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted and is going to take a few days off to rest and recover.

I talk a lot of smack about people, but I honestly don’t really want anything bad to happen to them– especially someone like Susan who hasn’t done anything wrong herself, but was being exploited by a production company.

I hope she gets the rest and relaxation she needs and has the strength to do what’s best for her mental and emotional health– even if that means passing on a multicity U.S. tour or giving up the record deal.

Why Hello There, Lily!


Lily Allen lets it all hang out while sunbathing in France this weekend.

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Zygote, Blastocyst, Chorion, Amnion. The Answer is:

Jennifer Hudson is Pregnant

Things that  have been inside Jennifer Hudson’s uterus! (I left out one very obvious and important item. Can you guess what it is?)

The pregnancy rumors that have been flying since April have finally been confirmed! Jennifer’s friends threw a baby shower for her this past Saturday at the downtown Chicago home of a close relative. Hudson is engaged to former reality TV star David Otunga.

Hudson’s longtime friend, Felicia Fields, reported that it was a quiet gathering in which Hudson received lots of yellow clothes and accessories. Jennifer is reportedly being very hush-hush about both the baby’s gender and the due date.

I think it’s great. Bringing a new life into the world, and all the wonderful distractions that entails, may be the best thing to help her get through the tragedies she’s endured over the past year.

Does Ellen Pompeo Wear a Bra?

Ellen Pompeo Never Wears a Bra

The above picture of Ellen attending a Lakers / Cavs playoff game this past week, coupled with  the ones Beet posted on Thursday made me curious. Sometimes it’s obvious that she’s not wearing one. At other times– like in the picture above– I really can’t tell. It doesn’t look like she’s wearing a bra to me, but she could just be wearing a really bad one.

So I did a little research and discovered that in every single picture that has been taken of her off-set since 2007 her mammary support is questionable at best. There were a large number of strapless dresses or outfits where she was definitely braless (and it was called for). But then she opts to pass on undergarments while wearing outfits, like the camel wool shift dress pictured in the gallery below, that scream for bra coverage if for no other reason than to save one’s poor nipples from being rubbed raw by an irritating fabric. The woman must have nipples of steel.

So I’d like to play a little game. It’s called “Is Ellen Pompeo Wearing a Bra?” And the objective is simple: look through the pics below and tell me whether or not she’s wearing a bra.

My answers are:

1) No

2) No

3) No

4) No

5) No

6) No

7) No

8) No

9) No

10) No

11) No

12) No

By the way, I just want to publicly go on record as being emphatically pro-bra. Call me old fashioned and prudish, but I believe that if fitted properly, bras can make you look thinner and younger. They also help prevent a certain kind of pointing, which as your mother told you when you were little, is rude. I personally believe that bras are a usefull member of the lingerie family and that some sort of mammary support is a necessary part of any outfit.

My observations at shows and parties– and of Kristen Cavallari on the season finale of The Hills just now– seem to indicate that I am in the minority on this.

Ladies, don’t be afriad to put the girls away every now and then. You don’t want to end up looking like one of those lost Amazonian tribeswomen on the National Geographic Channel.

You’ve Gotta Keep ‘Em Separated

Chris Brown Bends Over Backwards

If you think your job is hard, try designing a seating chart for the MTV Movie Awards. Supposedly this year’s chart had to be rearranged several times because of b-list celebs with bloated egos and silly beefs.

Whitney Port had to be moved away from Kristen Stewart because of comments she made about the Twilight star’s acting abilities. Paris Hilton had to be moved away from the entire cast of The Hills after recently calling the show “so lame and fake” and “cheesy.” That’s a blatant case of the slut calling the whore “loose” if I’ve ever seen one.

In other pointless Hills drama, The Artist Formerly Known as Ceiling Eyes was also moved away from the rest of the Hills cast because, “in the overheard words of one producer, ‘everyone on the show hated her.’”

The MTV Movie Awards air tonight at 9PM EDT. I haven’t decided if I’m going to watch them yet. On the one hand, as I stated previously, there are only so many worthless time wasting activities I can do in a week before I start to feel really bad about my life. On the other hand: Andy Samberg.