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Sweatin’ with Vanessa

This’ll teach her to work out with the normal people!

The photogs captured this video of Vanessa Hudgens kicking some serious ass at a workout class in LA yesterday. Damn, she’s impressive with all those exercises!

Do you see the lady next to her who totally sucks compared to everything Vanessa’s doing?

That is what I look like in my exercise classes. And the instructor always has to come around and reposition me, like she’s doing with this chick. I relate to you, Un-athletic Woman Next to Vanessa Hudgens.

Rihanna Celebrates 21st Birthday Sans Chris Brown

I had dinner with a friend last night, and she was like, “Okay, if you’re the publicist for Rihanna or Chris Brown, how do you go about re-introducing them as a couple? After everything that happened?”

I was like, “Ya know, you do it slowly. You send them both out in public separately, probably to a club. Show them acting normal with friends. Then you have them both release singles about nothing romantic — just poppy songs about partying and drinking and dancing. Get the public used to them again as individuals, so they can forget who they’ve become as a couple.”

And it’s beginning, with Rihanna hitting up hotspot Coco de Ville for a belated 21st birthday celebration last night.

Starting around midnight, the “Disturbia” singer was joined by friends, including Bromance bros Frankie Delgado and Taylor Mosher, on their own private patio. She blew out birthday candles atop pink cupcakes and washed down the treats with complimentary champagne.

A source tells E! News that the starlet “looked good, was smiling and laughing in good spirits upon leaving.”

She wore sunglasses as she departed the club around 4 a.m. in a red pickup truck. The source claims her caravan, including the truck, a black SUV and another car, were only followed by a few of the “35-plus paparazzi outside.”

Anyone wanna take bets on how long it’ll be before she and Chris start showing up at events together?

Well You Guys Kept Saying That Things Happen In Threes


When I posted two days ago about DJ AM cheating death again, you know-the story TMZ posted today as “breaking news”, a few commenters got on this whole “things happen in threes,” deal.  And you were right.

He cheated death once, last September.  The second close call was just a few weeks ago.  And I really consider his ex, Mandy Moore, marrying Ryan Adams yesterday as dodging a serious bullet.

So there you go!  He’s had his three brushes with death and now can go on to live a happy and healthy life.  Rejoice!

Rejected By Love


2008 Playmate Of The Year Jayde Nicole has started a cancer charity, Lengths of Love, where playmates donate their hair in an effort to raise cancer awareness.  What the hell was wrong with Locks of Love?  Anyway, Nicole’s claws were out as she explained why Hef’s twin twits can’t participate in the charity:

“The twins (Hef’s new girlfriends) can’t actually donate their hair, the hair used has to be healthy enough to be retreated and not too over-processed,” Nicole told Tarts. “So we’re doing lots of fundraisers and events as well that everyone (including her PMOY predecessor Sara Jean Underwood, Hef’s former flame Holly Madison and his current number one Crystal Harris) can be involved with. Hef is supporting it too; he’s a huge fan of charities.”

I sat.  I read this.  I had only one thought:  “Wait-Is there any playmate who has healthy, not over-processed hair?”

Levi Johnston And Bristol Palin Split; Levi Researches Laser Tattoo Removal


Star magazine is reporting that the love affair of the century has come to an end.  No, not Ginger Twat and her billionaire-more serious than that.

Bristol Palin and baby daddy Levi Johnston are ovah!  I’m sure Sarah is thrilled that her daughter has split with the sperm donating high school dropout.  This gives her time.  Specifically, this gives her three years to find a respectable young man to hook her daughter up with-you know, before election 2012!

Levi’s sister, Mercede, told Star that Bristol refuses to let Levi visit, in an effort to keep baby Tripp way from the “white trash” that is his father.  Trash Sis also said that former veep wannabe, Sarah, supports her daughter’s actions.  Of course she does!  It’s a dream come true.

I found this picture of Levi’s finger when I was researching this story.  It seemed like such a romantic notion to have the name of the love of your life tattooed on your finger.  Until I realized that he also has his own last name tattooed on his forearm in large block print.  Not only could he not remember to wear a condom, he can’t remember his own surname?  Odd.