Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Phil Spector Convicted of Second-Degree Murder


The jury was deadlocked in his original trial, but today the re-trial of Phil Spector resulted in a guilty verdict for the 2003 shooting death of cult-movie star Lana Clarkson. Like last time, the Spector defense argued that Lana shot herself, but a jury disagreed. At this trial, unlike last time, jurors had the option of convicting Spector of a lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter. They not only didn’t take the option, they also convicted the former hitmaker of using a gun while committing a crime. Spector showed no emotion as he was taken into custody, although his wife sobbed. (His first wife testified against him, saying she was treated as a captive during their marriage.)

Phil Spector has a long and distinguished history of using threats of violence against women. This is a long time in coming, and I hope he rots in jail.

Jamie Foxx Slams Miley Cyrus

Jamie Foxx took a call on his radio show on Sunday, and the caller was talking shit about Miley Cyrus for allegedly talking shit about Radiohead. At first, Jamie was like, “Who is Miley Cyrus?” and then he remembered her as “the one with all the gums … she gotta get a gum transplant!” He later mentions that she should “get like Britney Spears and do some heroin” and “do like Lindsay Lohan and start seeing a lesbian, get some crack in your pipe.”

Sheesh, Jamie, telling Miley Cyrus to do drugs is my gig. Quit stealing all my bits, asshole.

Love in the 21st Century!


Paris Hilton and Douche Reinhardt got straight to texting after they landed at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam today. Don’t worry, he took time out later on to hold her hands for the photogs. I’m not entirely sure what Paris is doing in Amsterdam, but I’m confident that she won’t be smoking weed. After all, Paris Hilton doesn’t do drugs. Ever.

Ashley Tisdale Is Single!


For the millions of you out there who follow Ashley Tisdale’s love life with bated breath, you’ll be fascinated to know that she’s officially split from her boyfriend, Jared Murillo. Jared’s a part of a boy band called V Factory, which hasn’t exactly taken off the way they’d hoped, but you can listen to their music here. Trust me, you liked it better when it was called *NSYNC. (God, remember *NSYNC? Was that this decade?) Seriously that site should have a warning like, “Be advised: This content is not suitable for persons over the age of 12.” Where is the government when you need them???

Jared and Ashley met when he was a backup dancer on HSM. When will these girls learn? Also, they should have used whatever they took out of Ashley’s nose to fill this guy’s upper lip.

Flo Rida Give Out His Cell Number; Sadly, No One Calls


I’m just kidding y’all!  Well, rapper Flo Rida did give out his cell number (305-528-2786) during a CNN interview, but I’m sure he has been inundated with calls and texts since then.  Brillz, really.  He says he receives lots of calls and answers about thirty percent of them.  Let’s have an Evil Beet Gossip contest, shall we?  How many of us can get Flo to respond to a text?  I plan to try all afternoon.

His reason for such a toolish action?  Flo says, “If they can go out and buy my albums, I can at least make the sacrifice to holler at the few people who call.”

Ah, I’m inspired!  My first text to Flo reads:  “Have you ever heard of something called Twitter?”

Mel Gibson’s Wife Finally Files For Divorce


Robyn Gibson, wife of Mel, has finally given Mel his walking papers.  The superstar’s wife filed for divorce last Thursday in L.A. County as the final act of their twenty-nine year marriage.  It’s.  About.  Time.

You know, I remember hearing about this marriage and its troubles back in the eighties when I obtained all my celebrity gossip from The National Enquirer or PM Magazine because the closest thing I owned to a computer was my Little Professor.  And believe me, people with computers were using them for munching on pac-dots, not the Internet.  Anyway, back then, the story was that Mel was an irrational, unstable, philandering drunk.  Boy, how times have changed.  Today he’s a bi-polar, alcoholic, wayward, anti-Semitic, homophobe.

It’s always sad to see a marriage end-especially when children are involved.  The Gibsons have seven but only one, Tom, is a minor.  My own personal philosophy is that even the most tragic of happenings have a silver lining.  And the positive in all this?  This bi-polar, alcoholic, wayward, anti-Semitic, homophobe doesn’t have a pre-nup.  In California, that translates to a 50/50 split of assets acquired since 1980.  Something tells me Robyn Gibson has earned.  Every.  Single.  Penny.