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Aunt Jodi’s Sister Is Talking Smack about Kate Gosselin Again!

Kate Gosselin

Remember how last year Aunt Jodi’s sister started that blog, Truth Breeds Hatred, that basically bashed Kate Gosselin into little tiny pieces before it was uber-hip to do so? Well, a few months ago, I was helping a reporter do some stalking, and I added that blog to my RSS feed. I never removed it, and I never noticed that I never removed it because she hadn’t written anything in months and months. But it just popped up in my RSS feed again — Aunt Jodi’s sister is back on the warpath, talking trash about Kate.

Some lovely tidbits from the last few days:

I just wanted to thank all of those who have already voiced their support for Kevin and Jodi. They would not have spoken out unless they felt that it was absolutely necessary in order so save the Gosselin children from a horrific situation. I’m sickened to hear that Figure 8 is continuing to film and TLC and everyone else involved will profit off of the destruction of a family. Kate will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She has a team of people protecting her and helping her spin her lies to keep this nightmare going. She is focused on her new “career” and she won’t let anyone stand in her way, including her husband and children.

I’m hoping that the upcoming stories will help connect the dots and shed some light on why I came forward last year to voice my concerns for the situation. Although the revelations are sad, and in some ways unbelievable, the children are living a life that is much worse than will be printed in any publication.

And then this:

Just when I think that Kate has stooped to the lowest level possible, she outdoes herself. Has she completely lost touch with reality?

So much for “handling it privately”, as she stated late last week. I am disgusted that she is continuing to spread her lies, and discussing very private matters to the media. She completely throws her husband under the bus in order to pursue her own agenda. It is becoming more obvious that she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She is setting herself up for sympathy and letting everyone know that the show must go on.

It’s true that Kate’s focus hasn’t changed. Doing the show was never about “just making ends meet” or “just paying for college”. Kate did her research and set her plan into motion before the sextuplets were even born. She is using the show–although it’s far from reality–as a means to other opportunities–her new “career”. Kate will never be satisfied. It will never be enough for her. They have reportedly made millions so far and she will keep going without any thought of what this is doing to her family.


When the things your own family blogs about you are worse than anything the tabloids print, you have a very serious problem.

Very Important World Record Broken

No, don’t worry. Nobody won more than eight Olympic golds during one Olympics. That honor still belongs to Michael Phelps and his size 14 penis.

Rather, students at William & Mary College have broken the record for the most people to dance to the singer’s “Thriller” simultaneously in one place. The 242-person routine was organized by longtime Jackson fan Kevin Dua, who was notified Friday by Guinness World Records of the accomplishment. The previous record was 147 people in an event held last summer at a British secondary school.

Dua, 21, spent the better part of the school year orchestrating the event, which was held April 19. “I’ve been a Michael Jackson fan since I was 5 years old. It was something I grew up around,” Dua said Friday in an interview.

Well. Now I know what I’m doing with my summer. I’m going to need 243 people, a boom box, and a whole lot of beer. Who’s in?

Danny Gokey Wants to Do an Eyewear Line


Well this would be a first for an Idol cast-off.

Danny Gokey, famous for wearing glasses on stage, wants to start his own line of eyewear!

“I want to come out with a line of glasses,” says the third-place finisher, known for his fashionable array of eyewear. “And hopefully somehow tie into the foundation [his deceased wife Sophia's Heart Foundation]. Maybe some of the proceeds can help whatever we try to do for the foundation. I would really like to start a Danny line or a Gokey line.”

Danny says he started out the season of Idol with only 15 pairs of glasses, but since appearing on the show, “glasses have been raining out of the sky,” and he’s up to more than 50 pairs.

He also says he’d like to model.

In addition to having his own line of eyewear, the Milwaukee singer says he’d jump at the chance to model glasses as well. “I would love to be an eyeglass model. I’m serious,” he says. “That would be so cool. I haven’t been offered anything yet because I’m just leaving the American Idol bubble right now. I hope I made glasses cool for kids. That was kind of the word that I got on the street—that kids were kind of excited to wear glasses again.”

In case it wasn’t clear: “On the record, I would love to do anything glasses-wise,” he adds.

Ummmm, this is sweet and all, but who the hell owns 15 pairs of glasses? I wear glasses, and I own one pair of glasses, and then a really old pair that I keep in a drawer in case I lose or break the existing pair. Do you know how much eyeglasses cost? I mean, they’re usually like $150 at the lower end. So Danny Gokey had over $2000 worth of glasses before he ever even got famous. Who does that??

Bruce Jenner’s Plastic Surgery Revealed


Kim Kardashian has been flapping her gums, this time about her step-dad Bruce Jenner.  I’m sure you’ll find this practically unbelievable but twenty-five years ago, Bruce Jenner had a face-lift and nose job.  I just thought he always looked like the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz, but no.  His perma-shock countenance is the result of surgery gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Anyway, he had corrective surgery to undo the craziness.  Above is a picture of him before….

After the jump is the after pic.  And prepare to be blown away…

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Survivor Winner Finally Kinda Free


Richard Hatch, better known as the idiot first season winner of Survivor who didn’t pay taxes on the million bucks he won, has been released from federal prison.

He was sentenced to four years and three months in January 2006 and spent last spring trying to get sprung early.  He didn’t win that motion but ended up surviving (you had to know I couldn’t resist that).  He will now be at a halfway house until October.  Really? A halfway house for tax evasion?

Even in the land of Hollywood, I believe there is some valuable lesson to be taken from all the dramz.  What is the lesson here?  Pay your taxes.  And definitely pay your taxes when you win a heap of cash on a high-profile reality show.

Caption This


Jennifer Aniston, frightening a small child on the New York City set of her movie The Baster.  I bet you five dollars she was saying something like, “Hiya honey!  Wanna hear the story of my husband Brad and how he left me?  He was so uncool!”