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Valerie Bertinelli

Kate Gosselin’s Heading Back to The View

My favorite show, The View, has announced their newest series of guest co-hosts and it’s really just more of the same. But in a good way.

Joining the ladies will be Meghan McCain (barf, but it’s sometimes fun in a “I hate the world” way to listen to her talk), Valerie Bertinelli, and Victoria Beckham, who apparently just does guest spots on talk shows and competitions now. And of course, Kate Gosselin, the woman with the seven-thousand dollar extensions who used to bone that wild moose, will be seated at the table on March 11th.

If you don’t normally watch The View, I don’t want to know you, but also, you should still probably tune in to check out Kate. Last time she was on the show she was in the midst of her divorce and for the most part, was respectful of her disgusting husband. Now she’s a completely single woman, she’s got her own TV show in the works, she’s got that fly-ass weave and her ex-husbro is dating a 25 year old girl that he was seen making out with all over Sundance. If ever there was an opportunity to see Kate Gosselin become unhinged, this is it. And if she’s smart, she will. Homegirl has to stay relevant if she wants to keep feeding all those kids.