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Tori Spelling

Jason Priestley Delivers With Old School 90210 Gossip


Jason Priestley wrote a tell-all and shares some very juicy gossip about his Beverly Hills, 90210 days and costars. I live for this shit.

Of course, he brought down Shannen Doherty and Tori Spelling. Mr. Priestley recounts the time a private jet picked up the 90210 cast, but someone made the mistake of using a towncar to pick up Ms. Doherty. Via AceShowbiz:

Her butt had barely hit her seat before she said loudly to the PR person, ‘Really? A town car? You send a town car to take me to the airport, not a limo?’ She sighed a very put-upon sigh. I laughed, as I couldn’t really tell if Shannen was kidding or not. I looked on, becoming more uneasy by the minute as she began b***hing about the short notice and the food on board and the temperature in the cabin and everything else.

On Ms. Spelling:

I happened to be home watching the local news one night, something I rarely got to do. I saw my very own wedding invitation on screen. Apparently, it had gone for five bucks, including a personal autograph by Tori. She sold my wedding invitation to a stranger.

But he had only nice things to say about Brad Pitt. Apparently he and Mr. Pitt used to live together, back when they were starting out. Of those times, he wrote:

Just for fun, we used to have competitions over who could go the longest without showering or shaving. Brad always won.

Oh of COURSE he did.

Shannen Doherty responded to Mr. Priestley’s book on Twitter with,

Memoirs are so funny. The truth is rarely told, after all, they are trying to sell a book.

She has a point, but come on, who DOESN’T believe Jason Priestley on this one?

While we’re at it, Brenda was definitely my favorite 90210 character, followed closely by Dylan. Or maybe it’s the other way around, I can’t decide. Who was yours?

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Tori Spelling has been hospitalized

tori spelling dean mcdermott

Oh man, the drama is never-ending for Tori Spelling, it seems. There’s all this drama with husband Dean McDermott and his constantly wandering penis (which some people are now claiming was a set-up to get a reality show), which seems to be a little bit over-the-top, but who knows what’s really going on there. Well, apparently the stress is taking its toll, because Tori has been hospitalized.

E! News reported the story and other outlets quickly picked it up, but there’s no confirmation at this time as to why she’s been hospitalized, what’s going on with her or if she’s okay. It’ll probably be a nervous breakdown type thing, if I had to guess. Then again, some people have suggested that this, too, is all for publicity. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt as I don’t want to think anyone could be that desperate, but anyway, here’s hoping she makes a full recovery soon.

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Tori Spelling can’t give Dean McDermott enough sex

tori spelling dean mcdermott

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott have been having some drama… and by “drama”, I mean he’s a cheating asshole who’s left her to take care of their tribe of kids while he goes off fucking other women. Why is that? Well, Tori knows just the reason: she just can’t give him enough sex – an issue they talk about on national television, of course.

Here’s People‘s rundown:

Tori Spelling and her estranged husband Dean McDermott are revealing the heartache and pain involved with dealing with his alleged infidelity and rehab in Lifetime’s new six-episode docudrama, True Tori.

“That’s my worst nightmare [that] I cheated on my wife,” McDermott, 47, says as the two are sitting on what appears to be a counselor’s couch. “I was out of control. Sex was an escape, just like drugs or alcohol.”

In a promo for the show, Spelling, 40, is seen walking with the couple’s children and also sobbing on the couch.

“I’m really mad,” she says. “I can never give him enough sex. He’s never going to be happy with just me.”

McDermott appears confused. “You don’t think you deserve me?” he says before reaching over to console her.

Spelling’s parting words: “I’m well aware this might not have a happy ending.”

First of all, I will watch this show because I’m a masochist (related: have you watched Lindsay? GIRLLLL….). Second of all, LOL to this asshole. His worst nightmare is that he cheated? Repeatedly? Give me a break, dude. I don’t need to know the ins and outs of their relationship to know that you don’t fucking cheat on your partner. You, I dunno, maybe act like a mature adult and talk to them about how you would like to be having more sex. You then listen to how THEY feel and work through things TOGETHER and if you feel it’s a dealbreaker, you decide to break up and THEN you can find someone who will open their legs for you 24/7. It’s not rocket science.

Tori’s pretty much right, but she didn’t go far enough. It’s not that this “might not” have a happy ending – there’s no happy ending here, unless she allows herself to be a doormat… but I wouldn’t call that happy, either.

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