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What Do We Think of Justin Timberlake’s ‘TKO’?

Justin Timberlake is set to release the second part of his 20/20 Experience album at the end of this month, but he’s given us another teaser of what we can expect with his new track ‘TKO’. It’s another whopper at over seven minutes long, but I guess that’s what ~artistry~ is all about… right? It’s been produced by Timbaland, of course, so it’s all very much the JT we’re used to.

What do you think? Were you a fan of The 20/20 Experience and will you get The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2?

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People Still Want to Make Money Off of Michael Jackson

michael jackson timbaland

Michael Jackson has been dead for a few years now, but that won’t stop money hungry companies from trying to make money off him. In fact, he’s coming out with a new album, according to Timbaland! In a YouTube video, Timbaland revealed that he was using Jackson’s vocals on a new track called ‘Chicago’ and described the song as “two kings working together”. He later set the video to private, of course (LOL). Newsflash to Timbaland: You make good beats, but you are far from Michael Jackson’s level, let’s get that straight.

Here’s more from Idolator:

Timbaland unveiled a new Michael Jackson project in a cryptic YouTube video this afternoon (August 27). The 39 second video appears to be a heavily edited preview of a longer interview but it’s possible to glean some interesting information. For starters, the super-producer not-so-humbly describes the endeavor as “two kings working together”.

He also reveals that the first single will be a song called “Chicago”. It’s unclear if he’s referring to a completely new track or an old demo but it’s exciting to know that new music from MJ is on the horizon. In the clip, Timbaland says “we spoke on the phone” — perhaps a reference to a planned collab while Michael was still alive? Watch up top.

Huh. I guess Michael Jackson fans would be interested in hearing new stuff from their idol, but if it’s a Timbaland remix, it hardly counts as unreleased material. Poor Michael is probably rolling in his grave. Between this and Bieber wanting to buy his Neverland ranch, he can’t get any peace even in the afterlife.

Jay-Z and Timbaland Fought, Then Made Up

jay-z timbaland

Jay-Z and Timbaland worked together back in 2009 on The Blueprint III but had a bit of a falling out, if you will, after it dropped. I guess songs got leaked and Jay-Z thought that was Timbaland’s fault and all hell broke loose. Then Jay-Z wanted to make up but Timbaland was being a big baby and wouldn’t listen and then finally they did make up and Tim produced most of Magna Carta Holy Grail (which is a great album, by the way).

From BBC Radio 1 with Zane Lowe (via DS):

“The fallout happened at the end of that album,” Jay-Z said. “A couple of songs were getting leaked, and it just ruined that whole process.

“Kanye [West] was like ‘let’s get Tim in’ [for Magna Carta Holy Grail], we were all inviting him and he just wasn’t accepting to the process.

“It seemed like it was more about him than the actual album.”

He continued: “When you make an album you have to put all egos aside for the sake of the project. That was almost like a last-straw type of thing and we went our separate ways.”

Jay-Z and Timbaland eventually reunited and worked together on his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail, with Timbaland producing 11 out of 16 tracks.

He added: “When he came back he had this new maturity and this growth and I was like ‘OK, this is gonna work out’.”

Cool story, bro. Literally. Timbaland does some okay stuff sometimes and it’s always nice when people can put their differences aside for the greater good. What can I say – I’m feeling pretty zen this morning.