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Taylor Swift Is Still Texting Her Kennedy, Probably Still Loves Him

A photo of Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy

This is just, like, so inspirational. Taylor Swift is living proof that you don’t just give up on your soulmate, even if he is just a high school junior, and even if you’ve only dated him for a couple of months, and even if he’s the eighth soulmate that’s come into your life. She knows what’s important, and she’s willing to fight for what she wants. And what she wants is the surname of Kennedy. No, no, sorry. What she wants is the other half of her heart, Conor Kennedy.

They’re still texting!!!

A source close to the situation tells exclusively, “She is still in contact with Conor  mostly through text. They still flirt over emails but mostly texts. So there is definitely still a chance of them getting together in the future. Her schedule is still way too busy which is effecting everything in relationship terms. Time will tell.”

I believe you, source close to the situation! I’m glad that you took the time to clear this up for us, because I know we were all wondering about it! It seemed like Taylor found such a kindred spirit in Conor, and it seemed so sad that they had to take a break because Taylor was just way too busy singing about her former boyfriends. But now we don’t have to be sad anymore! Now that we know that Taylor never stopped sending Conor winky faces for him to check between classes, it feels like our hearts can keep right on beating.

And you know, if things don’t work out, Taylor can still probably land Ethel Kennedy. After all, a Kennedy is a Kennedy, right?

Taylor Swift is a Plagiarist

photo of taylor swift plagiarism pictures
One thing I never get sick of is hearing about—and subsequently writing—negative Taylor Swift press. It really gets me going in a way that coffee just can’t. It’s a visceral ‘zing!’; an instant high. And in this case? Well, this might last me for the rest of the day. Taylor Swift—the very precious, darling, innocent Taylor Swift—has been accused of ripping off lyrics from another artist. The songwriter in question is Matt Nathanson, and Taylor’s never made it a secret that she really, really admires his work, but this time, she’s admired it so hard that it somehow ended up verbatim in one of her songs.

Taylor’s most recent single, ‘All Too Well’, has a lyric that states … well, this: “and I forget about you long enough to forget why I needed to.” And Nathanson wrote a song back in 2003 called ‘I Saw’, and it has a lyric in it that says this: “and I’ll forget about you long enough to forget why I need to.” The only real difference, you see, is that Taylor went and changed the word “needed” to “need” and “I’ll” to “I.” Because that takes all copyright infringements away, right? Yeah, I guess she would think that.

It gets better, though—when Nathanson saw that Taylor had ripped one of his lyrics, he didn’t just sit back and take the flattery: he took his gripe to Twitter, where followers of Taylor positively tried to eviscerate Matt, telling him he was a prick. This is what Matt had to say on Twitter that set Taylor’s followers afire:

“She’s definitely a fan… and now she’s a thief.”

Can I tell you how hard I love this? Reps for Taylor have yet to release a statement, but I hope to God that Matt Nathanson has the balls to go forward and file a lawsuit or a claim or something against this silly little ho, because really. STICK IT TO TAYLOR SWIFT.

Love It or Leave It: What Taylor Swift Wore to the CMAs

photo of taylor swift pictures
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love, love, love Taylor Swift’s clothes. Seriously. If I were tall and willowy like her (I’m not; think more Kourtney Kardashian with smaller boobs) I’d dress in all of this lovely, sweet, flowing-ness that totally accentuates her figure, but since I’m not, I can’t, without running the risk of looking like a frumpy, stumpy no-neck with wide, bare feet.

No, Taylor (or her stylist) definitely has an eye for flattering clothing, and that’s just about the nicest thing I can say about a girl who alienates all of the people who dare care about her in a romantic way, even if it’s just for a short amount of time.

You know.

Quotables: Taylor Swift Always Has Very Smart Thoughts About Love

A photo of Taylor Swift

“I need that unexplainable spark . . .I just need to see someone and feel Oh, no, uh-oh. It’s only happened a few times in my life, but I feel like if I was gonna be with someone forever, it would be because I saw them and I thought, Oh, no.”

- Taylor Swift explains how she’ll know when she finds her soulmate.

No, no, Taylor you’re doing it all wrong. This is how you always get in a great big mess, isn’t it? Because you think your gut telling you “oh no, uh-oh” means true love. No offense, but that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

In this new interview in Cosmo, she also explains that she has “learned when to get out,” and also she’s “never wasted too much time with the wrong person and that’s one thing I’m proud of.” Oh, and this gem:

“I can’t deal with someone wanting to take a relationship backward or needing space or cheating on you. I just don’t ever want to end up in a relationship that isn’t fair ever again.”

And just one more:

“I’ve had a lot of dark and twisty situations happen, enough to realize that when someone exhibits signs of evoking a dark and twisty relationship and dark and twisty feelings, it’s not interesting to me.”

Is she talking about Conor Kennedy? Was she in a relationship with him that wasn’t fair? Was that relationship one of those “dark and twisty situations”? Probably. Probably he’s like, so dark. He probably carves demon signs and stuff into the desks when he’s in high school.

Oh, and here’s another quick thing about Taylor Swift. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning (listen: my appointment was at 8:00, the office opened at 8:00, and someone called me in at 8:30 to tell me that the doctor had called in sick. Bitch was playing Halloween hooky, and I don’t even care who knows it), and while I was waiting I read the story about Taylor in Rolling Stone, the one that came out a couple of weeks ago. And it was amazing. They described how Taylor’s condo has a big spiral staircase, and at the top there’s this human-sized birdcage full of pillows and blankets, which actually does sound pretty wonderful, but she just says the dumbest things. Like she was talking about her songs about boys, and she said something along the lines of “if someone does something bad to me in a relationship, then I’m not responsible for what I do after that.” Like that exact same sentiment, and pretty close phrasing. This girl is crazy.

The only thing I want to know is when she finally plans on writing a book all about how to have healthy, loving relationships. That is what the world needs now.

Taylor Swift Has A New Boyfriend Already

A photo of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

Ugh, of course she does. It’s been five days since we heard about the painful, heartbreaking breakup of Taylor and her Kennedy, which is like, way too much downtime for Tay Tay, but, luckily for her, she already had a boy on standby.

The boy in that photo above is the boy in question. His name, in case you’re not familiar, is Ed Sheeran. He has a duet with Taylor on her new album called “Everything Has Changed,” and they are totes in love. Totes. Taylor called Ed her “favorite,” which is kind of creepy coming from her, and Ed called Taylor “such a sweetheart.” Also, he’s going to be her opening act on her upcoming tour. So while nothing’s been confirmed, this isn’t too big of a conclusion to come to, is it?

But here’s the kicker. Ed got a new tattoo:

A photo of Ed Sheeran

Yeah, he already has a few, but see if you can spot the one I’m talking about. It’s the one that says “Red.” He got a tattoo of the title of Taylor’s new album. That actually happened.

So what do you guys think? Is it on or is it on?

I Hope You Didn’t Think The Day Was Going to End Without Another Taylor Swift Story

A photo of Taylor Swift

We’ve been covering Taylor Swift pretty hard these past couple of weeks, I know. But it’s not our fault. If Taylor would just stop talking, or at least stop saying such ridiculous things when she talks, and stop creating all this high school drama, then we would probably go easy for a while. But she’s promoting a new album here, and pretty soon she’ll be promoting a new tour. And she’s got business to take care of.

Also, I couldn’t keep this interview to myself. I just couldn’t. It’s too great.

On boys, naturally: “My girlfriends and I are plagued by the idea, looking back, that [some boys] changed us. You look back and you think: I only wore black in that relationship. Or I started speaking differently. Or I started trying to act like a hipster. Or I cut off my friends and family because he wanted me to do that. It’s an unfortunate problem.”

Her reason for writing so many songs about boys: “When we’re falling in love or out of it, that’s when we most need a song that says how we feel. Yeah, I write a lot of songs about boys. And I’m very happy to do that.”

Her greatest fear: “I think that one thing I’m really afraid of is … that magic doesn’t last. That butterflies and daydreams and love, all these things that I hold so dear, are going to leave some day. I haven’t had a relationship that’s lasted for ever. I only know about them starting and ending. Those are my fears. I spend a lot of time balancing between faith and disbelief.”

On fairytales: “A fairytale is an interesting concept. There’s ‘happily ever after’ at the end, but that’s not a part of our world. Everything is an ongoing storyline and you’re always battling the complexities of life. But what I got from fairytales, growing up, was a beautiful daydream. I’m glad I had the craziest imagination and believed in all sorts of things that don’t exist.”

On youthfulness: “I think there’s something we have as little kids that goes away sometimes. I don’t care about looking youthful forever, but I care about seeming youthful.”

On that line about indie music in “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”:“That was the most important line of the song. It was a relationship where I felt very critiqued and subpar. He’d listen to this music that nobody had heard of … but as soon as anyone else liked these bands, he’d drop them. I felt that was a strange way to be a music fan. And I couldn’t understand why he would never say anything nice about the songs I wrote or the music I made.”

On her first car, a Lexus convertible: “All the girls who were mean to me in middle school, like, idolized the Plastics [from Mean Girls]. I think I chose that car as a kind of rebellion against that type of girl. It was like – you guys never invited me to anything, you guys are obsessed with that car and that girl and what the Plastics wear and how they talk and you quote them all the time, but I’ve been working really hard every single day.” She bangs both fists on the arms of her chair in frustration. “And instead of going to parties I’ve been writing songs and playing shows and getting these really small pay checks that have added up and now I get to buy a car – and guess which one I’m going to buy? The one that the girl you idolize has.”

Is it just me, or do you think a lot of Taylor’s relationship problems might stem from the fact that she repeatedly refers to these guys as “boys”? Because that seems weird to me. And all the stuff about magic and fairytales … it’s like, girl, I like unicorns and shit too, but at some point you’re going to have to grow the f-ck up or stop pretending that you haven’t so hard.

Taylor Swift Came on Way Too Strong, Scared Her Kennedy Away

A photo of Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy

From Radar:

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy have called it quits, and a source close to the couple exclusively tells it’s because the country star came on way too serious, way too fast.

“Conor’s just an 18-year-old kid and wasn’t ready for anything super serious, but Taylor is looking for her soulmate and it kind of freaked him out with how strong she came on,” the insider revealed.

“Taylor is obsessed with the Kennedys and was living out a fairytale with Conor. But she was more obsessed with the idea of dating a Kennedy, than the actual Kennedy she was dating.”

According to the source, Taylor is love crazy but lacks appropriate social and dating skills.

“Taylor is love crazy and loves living vicariously through other people’s love stories. She sincerely wants to find the person that she is supposed to spend the rest of her life with,” the source told

“But unfortunately, she thinks every man that gives her butterflies is that person.”

Oh my, this is just so very shocking, except that it’s not, not even a little bit, not even at all. Of course Taylor is love crazy, and of course she thinks every dude is her soulmate, and of course she was more into dating a Kennedy than dating Conor himself. None of this is new information, but isn’t it just so much fun to hear it from an actual “news source”? Don’t you just love hearing this information from an “insider” who presumably has personal knowledge of the situation?

Taylor Swift is my favorite kind of crazy, and I just love love love that we’re getting to hear about all this.