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Taylor Momsen

I’m Going to Let These Photos of Taylor Momsen Speak for Themselves

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But I will say – girlfriend apparently has the worst taste in women, if, in fact, this is what she’s going for. I know it’s supposed to be “cool” and “edgy” for a female frontman to talk about devil sex and grope her female fans onstage, but that was all circa Courtney Love‘s day, wasn’t it? Didn’t that one massive outbreak of Hollywood herpes kind of put a stop to these kinds of things?

Learn your lesson, girl, before your lesson learns you.

Sigh. Is This Girl Eighteen Yet?

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Because she’s just ITCHING to be. You can tell. When Taylor Momsen turns eighteen, you just know that the nipples are going to fly. We’re going to see tit, labia, bleached asshole (or maybe asshole with tons and tons of black eyeliner around it – yeah, that’s probably more like it), and bestiality all over the fucking place.

Emily shared similar photos yesterday, but there are even MORE super ones (AKA ones where she looks like Marilyn Manson from the neck down, with the exception of the electrical tape on the nipples) in the gallery.

Taylor Momsen, you’re … I don’t even know. ‘Unoriginal‘ doesn’t come close to what I mean, and ‘ostentatious’ sounds too positive. I’m sick and damned tired of seeing your nxxples and ugh, I don’t know. I guess I’m just over it all. Nothing you do shocks me anymore, it’s official.

We Need to Talk About Taylor Momsen Right Now

A photo of Taylor Momsen

We haven’t talked about dear, dear Taylor Momsen in a while. Ok, that’s a lie, we talked about her last week, but before that we hadn’t checked in on our lovely girl since April, and that just will not do.

The reason we haven’t talked about her so much here lately is that she hasn’t really been into a lot of trouble recently.  As far as I can tell, she’s just been playing with her band, living the dream.  That’s what these photos are all about – she played at a music festival this weekend – and I need to show you these images because I feel like you will love them just as much as me.  She’s back to the pasties, you guys! Look how fierce she is! She’s so adorable, right?!