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Seth MacFarlane

Patrick Stewart and Seth MacFarlane got a Starz Show

seth macfarlane patrick stewart

Patrick Stewart is a naturally funny guy, and Seth MacFarlane tries hard to be funny, so it seems natural (?) that they’d team up for a new Starz comedy series called Blunt Talk. Surprisingly, it’s not about weed, but instead about Walter Blunt (played by Stewart), a British TV host who wants to take over America and make his mark. Oh, and he’ll have an alcoholic manservant he brings over from the UK, as well. Sounds awesome, right?

Here’s the scoop from Screen Crush:

Said MacFarlane of the news:

I’m beyond thrilled to be working with Jonathan Ames and Sir Patrick Stewart. Jonathan’s creative talent is formidable, and his writing style is wholly original, hilarious, and provocative. And of course, Patrick Stewart is one of the greatest actors alive today. His skill and versatility are unmatched, and he will excel as the star of his own show. Thank you, Starz, for allowing us to bring Walter Blunt to life!

Stewart too chimed in:

My career took an abrupt and radical left turn when Seth McFarlane created CIA Deputy Director Avery Bullock on ‘American Dad.’ This new character, Walter Blunt, is not at all like Avery, thank God, because this is live action and I am a Knight of the Realm. Blunt is, however, much smarter than Avery and has his own TV show, which has to be better than being Deputy Director of the CIA.

Apparently Starz execs were pretty thrilled with the show premise enough to give it a 20 episode order, which is impressive! I would watch Patrick Stewart in pretty much anything, though, so I’ll totally be into this. Also, if I’m remembering right, Patrick did a voice role on Family Guy before, so there is a bit of a precedent there!

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Family Guy Brought Their Most Beloved Character Back To Life


Family Guy had a “what the hell?” moment when they killed off one of the most beloved characters, Brian the dog. It was a move that shocked viewers, especially because it was done in a pretty graphic way, and they even “treated” us to a shot of Brian’s mangled and blodied body. Well, good news everyone, they brought him back. Were they always planning to bring him back? Seth MacFarlane tweeted this:

I admit, I laughed out loud, and I’m not even a fan of Mr. MacFarlane. The death seemed so permanent though — they got a dog to replace him who even took his spot in the opening credits.

I’m glad Brian’s back and I don’t even watch the show regularly. Maybe they’ll bring the jokes with him. Because the show could use some good jokes. Not that bullshit, “that reminds me of the time I went gokart racing with Bea Arthur in the early ’80s” kind of joke they’re so fond of.

Are you guys relieved he’s back? Honestly, I hate when cartoons get “too real.” Weirds me out.

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Seth MacFarlane Got ANOTHER Show

family guy seth macfarlane

Seth MacFarlane already has animated shows The Cleveland Show, American Dad, and of course Family Guy on Fox, and now they’re giving him one more: Bordertown. Critics didn’t like his latest show, Dads, so whatever, let’s give him one more. Man, this guy has some power. From Contact Music:

The show was originally conceived by [Ted director Mark] Hentemann, and is set in the fictitious Texan town of Bordertown, where the ongoing cultural shifts running through America will be explored in each episode, probably in the least politically correct way possible.

The show will revolve around the daily lives of two neighbours: Bud Buckwald, a married family man who works as a border patrol agent and is struggling to come to terms with the cultural changes occurring around him; and Ernesto Gonzalez, a Mexican immigrant who is proud of the roots he and his family are developing in their adopted homeland. The series develops as each neighbour becomes more connected with the other and with this being a MacFarlane series, expect stereotypes to be exploited to their maximum potential.

This makes me miss King of the Hill so badly. Did you know they took it off Netflix? :(



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