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Selena Gomez

2Selena Gomez Cursed Her Way Off Stage


Selena Gomez, dressed like a goth version of Velma Kelly from Chicago, had a really rough set at KIIS FM’s 2013 Jingle Ball. How rough? So rough that she cut it short and cursed her way off the stage. Hardcore, Selena. From Us Weekly:

The 21-year-old star got held up during her performance on stage when her audio and mic malfunctioned. Her reaction? The “Slow Down” singer dropped the f-bomb and later walked off stage before finishing her set.

“Sorry, the sound isn’t working!” Gomez was heard yelled to the crowd. “Are you guys having a good night? I promise, a lot cooler people are gonna come out tonight,” Gomez continued. “Is it okay if I perform two more songs and you guys can get to it?”

Aw, that’s endearing to me that she acknowledged she isn’t cool. She tried to keep going, but the sound was still messed up, so she ended her set early, after performing “Come And Get It.”

Hey, at least she didn’t fall down.

Seriously though, what do we think of this outfit and makeup?

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December 9, 2013 at 5:30 am by Catherine St. Ives
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0Selena Gomez Posted a #nomakeup Selfie

selena gomez

One of the worst things on Instagram is the #nomakeup trend. First of all, half the girls who post selfies with that hashtag are MOST DEFINITELY WEARING MAKEUP. Second of all, does anyone really care that you’re not wearing makeup? I’m not sure what the statement is supposed to be there – that you look good without it? That you’re “brave” enough to show your hideous beastly face without covering it up in layers of foundation, powder, mascara, blush and God knows what else? Meh, I just don’t get it.

Selena Gomez decided to join in on the fun by posting her own #nomakeup photo on Instagram on Saturday and… you know, whatever. She looks nice, I guess? I’m not sure what the reaction here is supposed to be. She looks like a normal human being. Bravo! The pose is a little try-hard, but she’s in that “desperate to be sexy” (but not slutty!) phase right now, so we’ll give her a pass.

I think we can all agree the best thing about this photo is the girl in the background. That reaction! Now that’s a picture I want to see.


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December 2, 2013 at 10:30 am by Jennifer
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3Selena Gomez Hopes to Be Happy By 30

selena gomez flaunt

Selena Gomez seems to be doing okay in life. She finally got rid of that Canadian thorn in her side, she’s not slutting it up, gets along with everyone pretty well… it’s all coming up Selena. The only problem is, with everything going so well, she doesn’t really know what to do from here on out.

Asked by Jared Leto (LOL why) in an interview for Flaunt what her life goal is, she said:

“Oh, God. I don’t know. I hope that I’m really happy by 30.”

I mean, I guess it makes sense that a 21-year-old wouldn’t really know what the hell they want to do with their lives – I only sorta did even at 25, and it took me a bit longer to get on that path. However, what’s kinda said is that she’s not happy now. What’s wrong, girl? You’re rich, you’re conventionally attractive, you’ve got a pretty tight family… what’s not to love? (Yes, I’m being facetious, if that wasn’t abundantly obvious.)

Also, how YOUNG does Selena look in this photo? God, she’s got the face of a baby!

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November 8, 2013 at 11:30 am by Jennifer
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4Listen Up: Selena Gomez Is No Slut

selena gomez 8

I enjoy the fact that Selena Gomez is still hanging on to her pure-as-the-driven-snow Disney image, in a lot of ways (yes, I know ‘Come and Get It’ was anything but, but you know what I mean). What I don’t particularly like is the fact that while she’s proud of her status as a lady your family might like to meet, she simultaneously shuns those that are anything other than that.

From Teen Vogue:

“So a part of you is broken when that’s gone. And part of you wants to have that rebellious feeling where you’re just like, forget it – I can do anything I want.

[But] I’ve tried it, and I’ve never been that girl. I’m always going to be the girl you want to take home to your parents, not for the night.”

Well, that’s cool, Selena. I’m with you on that – I have never had a one night stand and never could. I’m too emo for that shit, so I feel you. However, I know people who are into more casual encounters and while it’s not my style, I won’t really hate on anyone whose it is.

Before y’all hop on the Feminazi train, I’m not at all saying that Selena is slut-shaming or openly bashing anyone, but unfortunately the implication in quotes like this – because of how women are viewed in society at large – is that it’s good and virtuous to be a prim and proper young lady and not so much to be anything else, because that just makes you a slut, and ew, who wants to be a slut?

I’m so torn on this! It’s not like she hasn’t had her share of feminist dialogue before…

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November 5, 2013 at 9:30 am by Jennifer
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2Lorde and Selena Gomez Are Having Some Differences

lorde selena gomez

Lorde is the next big thing in pop music, and for good reason – she’s fantastic, and her debut album, Pure Heroine, is REALLY good. She’s also incredibly mature and intelligent for her young age (she’s only 16!) and recently admitted that she was a bit disappointed with songs like Selena Gomez‘s ‘Come and Get It’ because it comes across as pretty anti-feminist. Selena heard about this and had a whinge about how it’s not nice to say mean things about her music and “tear down” other artists and claimed THAT was anti-feminist.

Here, Selena, I think you need this:


Now Lorde has responded again, basically sticking by what she originally said. Drama!

From MTV News:

“I think there’s a funny culture in music that’s only happened over the last 15 years, that if you have an opinion about something in music that isn’t 100-percent good, you’re a ‘hater,’ even if you have perfectly reasonable grounds for that critique,” she said. “People will say exactly what they think about a movie or a TV show, and that’s fine, but as soon as you say it about a record, you’re like some little zombie in a funny dungeon.

“I have pretty strong morals and opinions being in pop music, and I can’t help but express those, which I think people appreciate,” she continued. “I mean, I don’t think I say anything that isn’t backed up. Most of the time I will stand by things that I’ve said.”

While I may not have been 100% on board with her original statement – though I kinda sorta am – I totally agree with her here. Since when were you automatically a hater because you happen to disagree with something or find fault in it? That’s what criticism is all about historically. It’s opinion-based and subjective, but it’s totally valid to look at the bigger cultural issues at play in our world.

Lighten up, Selena. Not everyone has to like you (and certainly not everyone does).

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October 19, 2013 at 8:30 am by Jennifer
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2Selena Gomez Fell Down

selena gomez performing

Selena Gomez was performing in Fairfax Virginia when she miscalculated a dance move and accidentally fell down. It sounds more dramatic than it was. She was singing “Slow Down” while jumping and got too close to the edge. She let out a girly shriek as she fell (as would I) but it wasn’t a far tumble, and her friends and backup crew helped her up. She was very confident about the whole thing.

Sometimes you just feel like watching celebs fall down. Unless we’re talking about Justin Bieber’s pants falling down, in which case, no thanks. ~~Sorry Selena. Just not my thing.~~

Video below (skip to 3:28):


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October 15, 2013 at 4:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives
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