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Selena Gomez hired Katy Perry’s manager

selena gomez

Selena Gomez is going through some shit right now, it seems. She doesn’t really know her ass from her elbow, so she’s being all erratic and deleting friends from her life, firing her parents as her managers, hanging out with Justin Bieber, etc. Homegirl is all over the place.

While Selena’s parents were pretty shocked to get the boot out of nowhere (and had to read about it in the press rather than being told directly, apparently), the show must go on and she needed new representation, so she hired Katy Perry‘s manager, some dude called Bradford Cobb.

From US Weekly:

Cobb, who was listed as one of Billboard’s 40 executives under 40 in July 2013, has spent more than a decade in the industry making a name for himself, and was instrumental in making Katy Perry a pop superstar.

Gomez, who parted ways with her label Hollywood Records, seems ready to reinvent her career. Her 2013 album Stars Dance was her first number one on the Billboard 200, with hits “Come & Get It” and “Slow Down.”

Bless her heart – I guess she’s trying. Before all that, though, I think she’d do way better with some proper rehab/counseling. It’s not your management that’s the issue, girl, it’s your life choices.

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