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Rosie O'Donnell Is Fat

Open Letter to Rosie O’Donnell


Dear Rosie,

Children who are conscripted into the armies of the world have no choice. They are drugged up, given weapons and threatened with their lives to fight for causes that they themselves don’t even really understand.

I have a book that you need to read. “A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier.” Hopefully after reading this you will be less flippant about showing pictures of your young child dressed like a child soldier.

Vivian Rose is a beautiful girl and she doesn’t deserve to be used for you to make a point. I don’t know if you have ever known anyone who has fought for this country or if you respect those who join our armed forces to defend America’s freedom but I would hazard a guess that you have not.

I understand that you are against the war in Iraq and the current administration. Being shocking and inflammatory doesn’t get people thinking it rather polarizes people. Protest smart Rosie. I always thought your little blog was amusing until now.

Think before you post and remember you are comedian not a social commentator. Leave that to those with college degrees.


Barker Not Endorsing Rosie for “Price is Right” Replacement

Bob Barker Rosie O’Donnell Host Price is Right

Bob Barker is quickly backtracking on his recent endorsement of Rosie O’Donnell as his replacement host on The Price is Right. It wasn’t an endorsement, says Bob: “I have not been asked for my opinion, nor have I expressed one. I think there are several candidates who could do the show, and Rosie is certainly one of them.” Barker further added that it would be “terribly presumptuous” of him to assume he would have any say in choosing the new host.

It may be a non-issue, as it appears Rosie is unwilling to travel regularly to the west coast for the show’s filming schedule, while her kids and partner Kelli remain on the east coast. Rosie will meet with execs from the show today in Hollywood to see if there’s any point in moving forward.

Rosie Cares About Babies

Rosie isn’t going to bother Elizabeth anymore about current affairs. The left and right wingers usually spar over issues such as abortion, the war in Iraq and Georgie B. in general.

Rosie today decided to call a truce on her crazy blog since Elizabeth is preggers and she doesn’t want to upset the unborn fetus.

on the view
u have seen my last hasselbeck spat
2 day was it
no more – its done
there is a new life
there – inside
and in the end -
what else matters

Touching Rosie. Just touching.