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Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson Thinks America Has A Gun Problem

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson may have found herself in the midst of another controversy (the most recent one being “how old is Rebel Wilson?”in case you’re keeping track.) Apparently Ms. Wilson “doesn’t like getting political” but she dipped a toe into the great gun debate, so here we are. And I’m curious to see where you guys stand on this.

As most celebs do, Ms. Wilson took to Twitter to express her opinions. This time she’s commenting on the recent shooting in Lafayette, Louisiana, in which a lone gunman opened fire on movie theater goers. Here’s what she tweeted:


I totally understand where she’s coming from, though the reasoning seems a bit skewed?

BUT. What do you guys think?

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Is Rebel Wilson A Pathological Liar?

rebel wilson

Okay, so this is a bit of a strange one. As far as we know, Rebel Wilson is 29 years old, right? Well, some weirdo from her native Australia has come out of the woodworks and claimed that Rebel is actually a woman named Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, who’s actually 36 and had a totally normal upbringing, not the crazy life she claims to have led.

From Women’s Day Australia:

According to Rebel Wilson, she’s 29, was raised by dog-training “bogan” parents in the “ghetto” of Sydney, spent a year in Zimbabwe, climbed into a cage with a leopard, got caught in a shoot-out and then struck down by a severe strain of Malaria from a mozzie in Mozambique where, from her ICU bed, she envisioned herself winning an Oscar and rapping her acceptance speech.

But far from the outlandish Hollywood movie-like life she’s portrayed to the public, an old classmate says Rebel had a “very normal, upper-middle-class upbringing” and has added a touch of “fantasy” to the life she lead before becoming a household name.

“She’s clearly got a vivid imagination,” laughs our source. “Maybe you have to tell stories to make it in Hollywood!”

“I studied with Rebel at Tara Anglican School for Girls in North Parramatta, Sydney,” spills the source. “But no-one knew of a Rebel Wilson. Her name is – or was – Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, and she’s 36 – she was born in 1979 and we left school in 1997.”

“She was definitely not the class clown; none of us remember her being funny,” says the insider. While Rebel paints a picture of a gypsy upbringing, her family home was certainly not in any “ghetto”.

The source has a photo of Melanie Bownds, and admittedly, she does look quite a lot like Rebel Wilson. But first of all, would anyone really be surprised if Rebel Wilson’s name wasn’t actually Rebel Wilson? It SOUNDS like a stage name. Her growing up story sounds like pure bullshit, too, but without context, we don’t know if she meant it as a joke or what. As for the age thing, I dunno, it all sounds a bit weird, but she didn’t particularly make herself all that much younger than she supposedly is. None of it makes sense and this all sounds a bit bogus, to be honest, but whatever.

And that’s basically what Rebel thinks about it all, as well:

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Rebel Wilson Is Launching Her Own Plus Size Clothing Line

rebel wilson

Rebel Wilson is pretty “in” at the moment, what with the release of Pitch Perfect 2, and it’s great to see her capitalizing on that success (and yes, I mean that sincerely). In addition to scooping up some great comedy roles, Rebel is also doing something else that’s pretty awesome: releasing her own fashion range through plus size retailer Torrid that’ll come out in November, just in time for Christmas. Pretty sweet, right?

From PRNewswire:

Rebel explains, “I’ve had a ‘torrid’ affair with buying clothes all my life. I’ve never really felt like there’s a brand out there in the plus size world that is creating cool stuff, that fits well and is good quality yet affordable. It’s really only been in the last few years that I’ve seen companies try. So it was awesome to team with Torrid, who I think are doing such a great job in making plus size fashion relevant and dope. I’ve been loving designing the clothes for my capsule collection. I’ve been putting my unique style and personal loves into the clothing and literally can’t wait for the collection to launch!”

Lisa Harper, Torrid CEO says, “We are excited about this partnership with Rebel. She represents everything that Torrid is: young, fun, fearless. She has a strong point of view and inspires girls around the world to wear what they love, no apologies.”

Wilson’s personal touch is all over the collection. A koala-print tee reflects her Australian background; microphone-shaped hardware and charms speak to her life performing on stage. Creating pieces her fans would love was of utmost importance.

The REBEL FOR TORRID collection features approximately 25 pieces that range in price from $28.50–$125.00, including tops, bottoms, jackets, dresses and accessories. A Spring 2016 collection is in the works as well.

REBEL FOR TORRID reflects the brand’s continued focus on celebrating and empowering women who wear sizes 12 to 28 with fashion that makes them feel confident and stylish.

I mean, would I – a 31-year-old woman – wear a koala print shirt? Hmm, that’s a good question. Probably not. But I love that she’s doing this and making fun fashion accessible to younger girls whose bodies don’t always fit Forever 21 styles/sizes.

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Rebel Wilson says there’s no one her size or age in Hollywood

rebel wilson

People started going batshit for Rebel Wilson when she appeared in Bridesmaids, then really lost their minds over her when Pitch Perfect came on. A quirky, hilarious, self-described “fat girl”? Oh, behave! What joy! And yeah, she’s great – she seems really down-to-earth and like a lot of fun, and it’s great to see representations in Hollywood of bodies that aren’t stick thin. But is Rebel really the only one holding the torch? Eh… she seems to think so.

From Elle:

“You need to be physically strong for this job. I like to have the stamina to work 16 hours a day. I may eat a lot, but I am very healthy.”

On fashion: “It’s becoming important for me. I saw a lot of girls were beginning to notice what I wear and I feel a kind of responsibility, because there aren’t any women in Hollywood my size and age.”

On her career: “How I see it is, I do two types of job: dream jobs like female-driven comedies and the other job which is basically the boys’ club. I have done three big movies with men – these are talented, strong-minded males, but you have to find a way to work that system.

“Those male roles are 90% written and formed by the time the filming starts but the female roles are only 20% there. It’s unfair, but I love being funny so I improve the role, work with the limited parameters and opportunities and maximise them… If you are a woman in that situation you work harder, sharpen your skills more; you need to be two or three times as good as the guys. I just go in there and try and crush it.”

I really do hate to be the naysayer here, but I have to point out the fact that Rebel is 29 and I don’t know her weight, nor do I need to. But what about Melissa McCarthy? Gabourey Sidibe? Queen Latifah? Lena Dunham? (I know that last one’s a stretch!) Of course, I do get what Rebel’s saying – while I could name 4 other actresses there that don’t fit the standard showbiz mold, that’s literally about the only 4 that exist, which is messed up, and it’s great that she’s carved a place out for herself amongst that.

And yeah, she does crush it.

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‘Pitch Perfect 2′ has a new trailer and it looks great

pitch perfect 2

The Super Bowl makes way for a lot of clever new advertisements, but it also tends to premiere trailers and clips for upcoming movies that we’re all excited about. One of those trailers was for Pitch Perfect 2, and it looks awesome! All our favourites are there – Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Banks, Rebel Wilson… basically, it’s going to be the best.

Pitch Perfect 2 isn’t out until May, so we’ve got a long time to wait, but I’m excited!

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Rebel Wilson Almost Left LAX in Handcuffs

rebel wilson

When you think of Rebel Wilson, the last thing your mind probably conjures are the words “jail” and “confrontation”. We love her here! She’s goofy and hilarious and we can’t get enough of her. However, apparently the staff of Los Angeles International Airport could, and she nearly got into it with officials there.

rebel wilson

It is kinda crazy that people assume she has no money, and I also sorta wonder why that is. Part of me feels like it’s not a far leap to say it might have something to do with her being larger than stick thin, since fatness = poorness in this country’s mind. We won’t go there, though.

Also, how in the hell did the staff at LAX even recognize an Alexander McQueen (or a McQueen knock-off, even)? Seems sorta bizarre/hilarious, not to mention the fact that airport staff felt they were in a position to lecture a traveler about purchasing counterfeit designer items.

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Rebel Wilson Is Too Fat To Get Into A Club

rebel wilson cosmopolitan

Rebel Wilson is having her moment in Hollywood, thanks to Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect. She even has her own TV show coming out, Super Fun Night. Yet she still gets treated like crap by Russell Crowe and now a rude bouncer at Skybar. Okay, first of all, Skybar sucks. Valet parking is $20. Not to get all Chris Brown, who freaked out when he had to pay $10 for valet, but twenty f-cking dollars?? And it’s a total letdown inside. BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT.

Ms. Wilson suspects that it has something to do with her weight. I get her point. You could say that she’s not famous enough to be recognized, except here’s what happened. From Cosmopolitan:

Anna Kendrick was having her birthday party there [Skybar], and it was a fancy place. So I get there with Hana Mae Lee from Pitch Perfect, and I’ve got a birthday gift so I’m clearly going to the party, and this big huge bouncer wouldn’t even look us in the face. We were like, “Hi”…and then two models came and he let them in.

If she was also a model, would she have been let in, no question? Yes. Absolutely. I don’t doubt it. When asked if she did the ole “Do yo know who I am?” bit, she laughed and said,

I didn’t pull the Reese Witherspoon. He had a list, and I said, ‘Excuse me, we’re on the list. We’re here for Anna Kendrick’s birthday party.’ And then, eventually, he’s like ‘Okay, what’s your name?’

Don’t let this headline fool you. Do I think she’s too fat to go to a club? Of course not. That’s ridiculous. I think it sucks that if she was a skinny model she would have been let in without a second thought. And that seems to be what she’s saying too. If you’re a model, you don’t need to be famous to get into clubs, especially one as stupid as Skybar.