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Rebel Wilson Calls the Oscars Racist!

Rebel Wilson caused some controversy at the BAFTA‘s where she called the Oscars racist, to go onto talk about wanting “chocolate” on Valentines Day while looking at Idris Elba and most insane said she is practicing her “transgender face”.

Love her or hate her, she’s out promoting movies and making noise while she’s at it. She is a comedic actress and this would be comedic.

She’s also in the latest issue of Flare Magazine where she discussed the controversy around her lying about her age.

“An actress has a playing age and can play within that, so why does it matter what her actual age is? I don’t get that. My movie was No. 1 and [the Australian press] tried to find anything they could that was bad on me,”

She went on to say:

“The most they could find out is that I stopped saying my age in press articles. It’s a business thing because you don’t want to be like, ‘Oh, I’m 29, about to be 30 coming to America, great.’ That’s not a positive thing to do when you’re an actress in Hollywood.”

She’s not wrong in saying that Hollywood would have been as open to her if she was 30 years old when she first showed up on the scene.