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Paramore’s Hayley Williams is engaged!

hayley williams chad gilbert

I’ve been a massive fan of Paramore for years, and an even bigger fan of Hayley Williams, who is just as lovely of a person as she is a musician (seriously – I’ve actually interviewed/chatted with her a few times). That’s why I’m extra psyched for this announcement: Hayley and longtime boyfriend Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory are getting married!

Apparently Chad proposed on Christmas and they decided to announce the good news on Twitter with this amazing Photoshop job:

Super happy for both of them – I’m sure they’ll be really happy (and I actually mean that this time)!

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Paramore Singer Hayley Williams Has Some Nude Photos Floating Around the ‘Net

picture of lead singer hayley williams of paramore on stage

And it’s all because her Twitter got hacked. I’m so sick of these celebrities crowing that their privacy on SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS has been invaded — you posted photos of yourself naked on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or whatever. People are smart; they’re gonna figure out a way to get all up in your shit and if you have those incriminating photos on hand, oh snap. But you know what? At the end of the day, I don’t want to hear you bitching about it. You did it, own up to it and suck it up. Actions, consequences. Really.

I also get that some celebs like to accidentally leak their photos (hello NSFW Jamie Foxx … and damn, too), so if you’ve got the brass balls to do it, fucking own up to it! Honestly! I’d have more respect if you came out and said, “Yeah, I took them … and I released ‘em, too.” You know. Inquiring minds just want to know and everyone likes to see what celebrities look like in the buff. Duh.

So. Hayley Williams is the latest distraught celebrity that is crying because her tits made it live on the internet. Great. Own it, girl.

You can check out the uncensored and obviously NSFW photo here, and I know you will, so tell me what you think.