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Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell Also Has a Cute Baby

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And isn’t she the most darling celebrity mommy ever? I just love when I see mothers loving on their babies, and this is no exception.

This is Neve‘s new son (and by “new,” I mean “brand-new,” as in a few weeks old), and I think Neve’s going to be a pretty good mom. She’s got a healthy grasp on who she is, and she’s also pretty grounded when it comes to being healthy and happy.

As a sidebar, do you know who *also* happens to have a little baby boy? Because it’s yours truly, and in light of his six-month birthday, here he is!:


Scream 4 Premiered Last Night and We Have the Photos!

photo of neve campbell courteney cox and david arquette scream four 4 premiere pictures photos

So Scream 4 premieres in theaters on Friday. Are you guys pretty excited? I am. I love cheesy horror movies, and the Scream movies, while not all that scary, were always pretty good. They make me think of my later high school years, and how cheesy that was, and all in all, it’s good, cheesy memory-making fun. I mean, I can’t really take anything seriously that David Arquette has done since then (or, wait … ever), and it’s going to be cool to see the Courteney Cox evolution that’s occurred over the past decade, and hell, whatever Neve Campbell‘s been doing aside from riding the Scream royalties, so yeah. Good times. It’s also pretty interesting to see how uncomfortable Courteney looks next to her ‘best friend,’ David, and how you just KNOW that Neve is on the prowl for some hot young dude (not David) since her divorce.

And also, did Matthew Lillard (Scream‘s original Stu) have some kind of stroke? That, and Nia Vardalos, who is absolutely adorable and whom I LOVE really needs to have some pose-coaching, because that pose she struck on the red carpet? Just … wow. And one last thing, I promise – why the fuck was Marilyn Manson and his fat hands there? … OK, sorry, I lied: Jamie Kennedy? Guys, he’s looking just so fine. SO SO FINE.

Anyway. You guys gonna go see it?

Neve Campbell Discusses Body Image With Health Magazine

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Neve Campbell, who’s ramping up on a publicity blitz for the upcoming Scream 4 (are you totally excited? I’m totally excited), recently gave an interview with Health magazine, where she’ll be the cover model for the April issue. Neve, who was always what many would consider ‘average’ in her body type, and probably ‘fat’ in the world of celebrities, addresses the varied issues like body image and dieting:

Neve, on who’s to blame for the scary-skinny fads:

“Women put the pressure on ourselves. Let’s look toward the environment and charity, [and] have less of a focus on our appearance…It’s ridiculous. I remember watching CNN once, and on the bottom ticker it said something like, ‘Beyoncé no longer wants to be called Bootylicious.’”

On what it’s like to lose and gain weight for movie roles:

“There’s definitely a standard that is expected…I watched too many of my dancer friends throwing up. They’d end up really sick, or in the hospital, or not being able to have children. And I won’t do that to myself. Maybe I’m not a stick, but I’m really healthy and happy, and I think I look good.”

On bashing fad diets:

“I did the Atkins thing about seven years ago, and it didn’t make me feel good at all. And if you look at it, that much fat and meat is just wrong.”

I think Neve’s got a bunch of really valid points. I think we all struggle with the hand that we’ve been genetically dealt sometimes, and it’s empowering to hear something like this come from a woman who’s healthy, accomplished, and beautiful. Her confidence practically radiates from what she’s saying, and it’s fab that she’s not out there pointing the finger at certain groups, people, or ideas that pressure solely comes from the outside.