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Blake Shelton Takes To Twitter To Make Nice With Ex And Curse At Fan


In case you’ve managed to successfully hide under the rock this week (in which case, kudos, and is there room for two?) Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert got divorced. The unofficial reason for their split is that one (or both) were cheating. It’s kind of a mess, and adding to that mess was singer Cady Groves tweeting a bunch of thirsty shit that’s supposedly directed at Mr. Shelton.

Okay, before we go any further, I feel like I have to be honest: I have a really lame-ass crush on Blake Shelton, and yes, I am goddamn ashamed of it. I have no idea why or how this happened, but here we are. (Come on, I KNOW I’m not alone. SHOW YOURSELVES!!)

Moving on, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert aren’t going to let cheating rumors tarnish their image, nor are they going to let Twitter destroy their legacy — nay. They’re using Twitter to their advantage, by tweeting to each other their mutual support over country singer Ashley Monroe’s new album.


They may divorced but it’s not a ~~regular divorce~~ it’s a ~~cool divorce~~.

And in case you were doubting that this was in real time, Shelton assures you it is not. This was in response to the tweet, “this is all the lolz. Pre-set tweets. Awesome.” :


Now maybe you’re thinking, well this is f-cking stupid. You’re not alone there either. A fan (former fan?) voiced their eyeroll, tweeting, “losing respect because of this whole charade” and got a smackdown from Shelton himself:


Sorry everyone, but that last tweet from Shelton made me like him even more…Oh God, noooooo.

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Miranda Lambert Denies Cheating, Accuses Blake Instead

blake shelton miranda lambert

Oh God, will this ever end? When Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced their divorce, no one was really all that shocked. No one even cared when they heard it was over alleged infidelity, because of course it was. Blake accused Miranda of having an affair, which she vehemently denied. Instead, she says he’s the one who cheated, and frankly, it’s looking like that just might be the case, given that his mistress Cady Groves has been all kinds of sloppy on Twitter the past couple of days.

From TMZ:

It’s a classic case of he said/she said … but sources close to Lambert say Shelton’s the one who strayed … with a famous country singer no less.

The sources claim Blake’s camp was unscrupulous, and threw mud with the help of a powerful PR firm that attacked Miranda before the ink was dry on the divorce docs.

We’re told she’s incensed Blake accused her of cheating with a country singer. She says it never happened, and so does the singer.

Here’s the tweets from that “famous country singer” having no social media chill whatsoever and embarrassing pretty much everyone involved in this situation:

cady groves twitter

cady groves twitter 2

cady groves twitter 3cady groves twitter 4

Oh, girl, no. I mean, why is she so sprung… ON BLAKE SHELTON, of all people? This whole thing is just sad, on so many levels.

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Blake Shelton Suspected Miranda Lambert Of Cheating

blake shelton miranda lambert

Prepare yourself for a deluge of divorce news this morning, because there seems to be a ton of it, as you’ll soon see. We’ll start off with Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, who managed to stay together for a decade before finally throwing in the towel. We already know that Blake’s the one that filed the divorce papers, and no one’s surprised that cheating has been involved in this whole thing, but Blake wants everyone to know it was Miranda who he’s certain cheated, not him.

From TMZ:

Multiple sources familiar with the situation tell us … Blake has suspected Miranda was living out a country cheating song for months. We’re told Blake heard rumors Miranda had hooked up with a country singer and thought it was believable enough to make him suspicious of her.

Chris Young opened for Miranda a few years ago, and the 2 were spotted out publicly from time to time. But our sources say the male singer was NOT the catalyst for the divorce. It was another guy, who is not a country singer.

Our sources say the reason Blake filed 2 weeks ago was because he received certain information about Miranda and the other guy that elevated things in Blake’s head from rumor to fact.

Although the couple released a statement saying the divorce is amicable, we’re told Blake has been very upset in the last few weeks and told her she had to get her animals off his Oklahoma ranch by Monday.

I mean, look – they were both married to other people when they got together, and you know the old saying: if someone’s willing to cheat WITH you, they’ll likely cheat ON you. This isn’t always the case, and of course there are complicated, difficult situations where a relationship is already pretty much over anyway when something better comes along, but these two kinda had it coming all along, since they were both otherwise MARRIED, not just dating, and decided, oh, what the hell!

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Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton Are Getting a Divorce

blake shelton miranda lambert

I don’t think anyone will be particularly surprised by this news, but I feel like it’s a shame nonetheless: Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are getting a divorce. These two have been shutting down rumours that their marriage was in shambles for years now, and reports that both of them have wandering eyes have been plentiful – not surprising, given that they were both married to other people when they got together. Now, it’s official: Blake and Miranda are over.

As TMZ reports:

The couple filed divorce docs a while ago, and a judge is expected to officially end their 4 year marriage today. We’re told Blake is the one who filed.

We’re also told all the financial arrangements have been worked out … made easy by the fact that they have a prenup.

The divorce was filed in Oklahoma.

Our sources say he will get the ranch in Oklahoma and she’ll get the family home in Nashville.  Our sources say Miranda has been moving her show animals — horses, a camel and a llama — off the ranch in the last few days.

LOL at the visual of Miranda’s “show animals”. Not sure why that cracked me up, but it did. In any case, I sorta had hoped, somewhere in the back of my mind, that the bullshit about their relationship was all wrong and that they were gonna make it, but alas… they just weren’t meant to be.

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Best, Worst, And WTF Of Grammy’s Fashion



So The Grammys bore a new meme: Pharrell‘s hat.


Sorry, but I’m not ready for this to be a new thing.

Let’s take a look at what others wore to this craptacular awards show!

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Miranda Lambert Swears She Didn’t Get Surgery To Lose Weight


Miranda Lambert is slamming reports that she had any sort of surgery to lose weight. I believe her, because the results aren’t drastic enough to point and say say, “Bitch got lipo”, in my opinion. (The above photos were taken almost a year apart.) She was so upset, she posted an open letter to fans on her website. Here’s what it says:

Though I NEVER care what the tabloids have to say about me… I wanted to address this certain story they are running this week and set the record straight. I DID NOT have surgery to lose weight. That is ridiculous. I lost my weight the healthy and good old fashioned way. Watching what I eat and working out with my trainer Bill Crutchfield. As for the assumed number of pounds lost…? I don’t even know! Like I have always said, it’s not about a scale, it’s about how you feel and how your jeans fit. And on November 10th when I turned 30, my skinny jeans were finally baggy! Mission accomplished! So for anyone who is tempted to read the “Trash Talk” please don’t. I am proud to be a normal size girl and I want to encourage everyone to be confident at any size. Thanks for the support yall!



Oh, and in case you were wondering, she and her husband are doing just fine.

But what do you think? Surgery or no?

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Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Are Fine, Ya Nosy Bastards

blake shelton miranda lambert

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have a marriage made in country heaven, though some people would really like to destroy that and/or make you think it’s not working out. People have claimed that Miranda cheated with Brad Paisley or someone of the sort, and Blake is always accused of getting it on with someone or other. These rumours are totally unsubstantiated, of course, but since they were both married to other people when they got together, people like to give them a hard time. Y’all see how bad LeAnn has it!

Anyway, Blake’s calling bullshit on all of it and claims that he lets Miranda go through his phone and computer. Uh, if your partner doesn’t trust you to the point where they feel the NEED to go through your shit like that, I think it’s a problem. But perhaps he’s just being anecdotal.

From People:

“[I tell Miranda], ‘I have nothing to hide from you,’ ” he says.

In fact, The Voice judge says one secret to making their marriage work is giving Lambert access to his phone – if she wants it. “That’s always been our policy: ‘Here’s my phone. Go through it,’ ” he says.

“That’s really the kind of trust we have,” Shelton continues. “There are no secrets. [I'll say,] ‘Go dig through my drawers or my computer if you feel like you need to.’ And that’s been a really good thing, because I don’t want her to ever have any doubts.”

Well, that’s… special. But she shouldn’t have any doubts because you’re her husband and she trusts that your relationship is strong. Of course, lots of people get cheated on when they think their partner is faithful, so I dunno. In any case, I think these two are probably fine.