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Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on Ellen

It’s been awhile since Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have done press together, but they’re back in the game and just hit up the Ellen show yesterday (the episode aired today.)

Ellen asked the girls about their “secret twin powers” (Ashley says they’re mirror twins, so when one of them is up, the other is down and they need to keep each other checked) before gifting them with oversized purses and sunglasses. The clip above is short, but you get to see the twins interact with Ellen enough that you’ll be convinced that they turned out OK.

But if you’re looking for something negative to harp on, at one point Ellen complimented the twins for staying out of trouble all these years in Hollywood, perhaps forgetting that Mary-Kate entered rehab at the age of 18 for anorexia and a rumored coke problem. And some people think she may have had something to do with the death of Heath Ledger.

Megan Fox Slams Olsen Twins

Did you know Megan Fox had a career before Transformers? Yeah, color me surprised, too. Fox, who worked with the Olsen sisters back in 2001 on one of their productions called Holiday in the Sun, recently interviewed and discussed the Olsen twins (for some reason) and claimed that working with the two was weird, and that the girls were “socially awkward.” Megan also intimates that both Mary-Kate and Ashley are “crazy,” and claims that they have phobias:

“They’re nice girls. The first time I had ever been around someone really famous was them. We were kids, I was about 15 and so were they … I saw how awkward socially they were with large groups of people because they had been famous their whole lives and looked at their whole lives and I didn’t understand why anyone would be like that. I had no understanding about why you would shut down and be afraid and have phobias, but as it happens to you you sort of develop them and become crazy.”

Um, OK. They might be a little eccentric (God, am I really defending the Olsen twins?), but if you don’t shut the fuck up, Megan, they’ll do something “crazy” and buy your soul. I mean, every billionaire makes bad investments sometimes, you know?

More photos of Megan Fox and the Olsen girls in Holiday in the Sun — a movie I did not see.

Rub Their Tummies and Make a Wish

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were spotted on their way to a photo shoot yesterday and the color of their hair really did nothing to help the fact that the two have been compared to troll dolls their entire lives. Hey, at least they’re mixing up Mary Kate’s usual “homeless woman draped in expensive fabrics” look and Ashley’s hella boring upper class housewife vibe.

Oh, Hey Girl

Mary Kate Olsen Rocks Gaga Shoulders

I don’t know about y’all, but I love me some mother fuckin’ Olsen Twins. And I especially love that melancholy little fruitbat Mary Kate. She’s just the best, ya know? All wild but in a kind of calm way and rich and tiny! What’s not to love? Well, we haven’t seen much of The Twins lately, but Mary Kate was out in NYC today wearing what appears to be some sort of Gaga-inspired jacket with some dominatrix’s belt and some shoes that can’t be comfortable. And dare I say it? I think she put on those five pounds she needed a minute ago. She’s looking good. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any Ashley updates.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s NY Pad is Way Overpriced

The Olsen twins’ shared home at One Morton Square is up for grabs, but the girls just can’t seem to dump it. The house was originally up for sale in 2005 and put it on the market for a cool $9.45 mil. Though some said the economy was booming at that point, no one wanted it. So they raised the purchase price. For some reason. They listed it at $11 mil. Now it’s on sale for a cool $8 mil. Savvy businesswomen these chicks are.

I would have been interested in setting down roots myself at One Morton Square, but after finding out that Justin Bartha never paraded around the home with his wang out (the Olsens never lived at the pad), I’m totally retracting my bid.

Jesus Christ Will Somebody Please Get Mary-Kate Olsen a Less Heavy Backpack?

The poor girl can’t even stand up. What do you even think is in that thing? Liquor bottles? A less obnoxious blazer? Ashley?

I also think it’s funny that they have her standing on grass. As if she doesn’t already have enough in her system.

The Babes Came Out For Burberry Last Night

Two of my favorite skinny bitches, Mary Kate Olsen and Kate Hudson, hit up the Burberry fashion show last night in London and they were looking fierce. I always love the way Mary Kate pulls herself together (make fun of me all you want), but last night she looked exceptionally pretty in all black. Also? Has that girl’s face looked that healthy since she was Michelle Tanner or what? Kate Hudson also shut it down with a completely different look. The actress wore a gorgeous green dress that showed off her best assets (them legs, girl! Them legs!), and her hair was perfectly messy as usual. Whose look do you prefer?