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Lindsay Lohan

2Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!

Justin Bieber, bwuahahaha! Show dem cheekbones, guuuurl.

Justin Bieber, bwuahahaha! Show dem cheekbones, guuuurl.

BEST AND WORST CELEBRITY LOOKS OF THE WEEK has arrived, and so has Justin Bieber‘s best look yet!

This seemed to be the week of bobbleheads, for both men and women alike. Everyone needs to stop losing and start gaining weight, like now.

Go through these looks of the week and give me your picks for who looks BEST, WORST, and most WTF. Mine are at the bottom!

(P.S.: For SAG Awards fashion, check out this post.)


Anna Wintour. Giiiiirl…


January 24, 2014 at 12:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives

3Oprah’s Learning What We All Knew: It Sucks To Work With Lindsay Lohan


Oprah is finally realizing what we all knew — Lindsay Lohan is unreliable and sucks to work with. Lohan and Oprah have been teaming up for a docuseries for her network, and apparently, Lohan’s been flakey. Wow! Such unusual behavior for her! From The Daily News:

Despite delays and problems between Lindsay Lohan and the producers of her new reality show, Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network on Thursday set a March 9 date for the series’ debut.

Among those who have had to wrestle with Lohan’s penchant for being difficult is Winfrey herself.

“This is just what everyone warned me would happen (working with her). And it is,” Winfrey says in a clip from the show, screened for TV critics.

Winfrey can be seen seething about the troubled film star after Lohan refuses to take part in scheduled filming.

Later, Winfrey says to Lohan, “My truth is, I really do want you to win … but if that isn’t what you want, I’m okay with that. I will tell these guys to pack up and leave today.”

Lohan responds: “I know this is my last shot at doing what I have to do.”

And yet, despite knowing that, she continues to act like a petulant child (the best kind of child!).

Wonder how much of this will be in Lohan’s crappy tell-all book.

No lies though — reading that Oprah is disappointed with her and chews her out makes me want to actually watch the stupid program. Damn you, Oprah!!!

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January 11, 2014 at 10:30 am by Catherine St. Ives
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1Lindsay Lohan’s Parents Are the Worst

michael lohan lindsay lohan dina lohan

I don’t think anyone really wonders where Lindsay Lohan went wrong, at this point – look who she was raised by. You’ve got a mother who’s living out her own dreams of fame that never came true through her daughter and a father who’s an abusive alcoholic/drug addict. In fact, Dina has had her fair share of substance abuse issues, as well. The whole family’s a mess.

Anyhow, I use that preface for this story because as we all know, Lindsay is probably releasing a tell-all book soon about her life, and Michael Lohan is already up in arms about what she might write in he. He’s threatened to sue Dina if she talks a bunch of shit about him to Lindsay and she ends up putting it in her book, because apparently that violates a term of their divorce.

From TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan’s new tell-all book project has a new wrinkle … if she tells all she’ll end up smack in the middle of a lawsuit between her mom and her dad.

Michael Lohan believes when it comes to writing about Lindsay’s childhood, Dina Lohan will tell her daughter defamatory stories about Michael.

So we’ve learned Michael’s lawyer just sent a threatening letter to Dina, reminding her about the gag order which was imposed in their divorce … the gag order which states, “”The wife shall not, directly or indirectly, publish, or cause to be published, any diary, memoir, letter, story” blah blah blah involving her marriage to Michael.

Yes, because this is all about you guys… AGAIN. What’s wrong with these people? And also, why does Michael seem to think that the book is going to be about HIM? Sure, I know he’s her father and he’s fucked up that much that she’s bound to have some things to say about him, but for real, man? Calm down.

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December 24, 2013 at 11:30 am by Jennifer

7Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!

World Of Wonder's 1st Annual WOWie Awards

Courtney Stodden went brunette, you guys! Gosh, I almost didn’t even recognize her! We DEFINITELY have a modern-day Elizabeth Taylor over here!

How is it time already for Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week? Feels like it just happened. But it’s here again. Last week, we all pretty much agreed that Dita Von Teese looked the best.

This week, who will YOU slap with BEST, WORST, and WTF?

You know I’m putting Kristen Wiig in here for that latest getup. But see her newest! Plus, Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper) might be my newest fashion idol, despite her being only 14. See it all!


December 20, 2013 at 4:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives

1LOL Of The Day: Lindsay Lohan Wants Her Singing Career Back


Lindsay Lohan wants her singing career back, and it’s incredibly generous of me to describe her as ever having one. But I’m in a spirited mood. She instagrammed the above photo of her in a recording studio. TMZ says she’s got her druggie heart set on busting out an album. From TMZ:

Lindsay was in a New York City recording studio over the weekend, experimenting with various tracks. Lindsay has one hit under her belt — “Confessions of a Broken Heart” — which is in the pop genre, but we’re told she’s now more interested in EDM.

Our sources say Lindsay has not signed with a label yet but that’s what she’s gunning for.

Please, no one give this girl any more chances. Although how great was the laughable “Rumors” song and video? “Why can’t they back up off me,” she moaned. “Why can’t they let me live?” Watch and relive the delicious 2004 memories:

Lohan, being an asshat at karaoke bars does not qualify you for a record contract.

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December 17, 2013 at 3:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives
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4Would You Read Lindsay Lohan’s Tell-All Book?


Lindsay Lohan met with a major literary agency about writing a tell-all book. Okay, firstly, obviously she’s not going to write it herself, she’s gonna ghost write that shit, and I volunteer. Anyway, she sat down with this agency and it was all filmed for her big Oprah show that probably no one is going to watch. Here’s more from TMZ:

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ, the book started as a series of journal entries, which she wrote in rehab as a therapeutic exercise. The book is still in its early stages, and it doesn’t have a clear focus, but she says she wants to open up every part of her life.

[...] Lindsay met with a huge literary agency in NYC Thursday — Waxman Leavall, which has repped tons of celebs who wrote books, including Victor CruzNovak DjokovicBill MurrayBrock Lesnar, and Cal Ripken Jr.

[...] We’re told she’s already received several offers for a book deal — most in the six-figure range.

This is such a sadness. There’s real writers out there who would kill for like, $400 for their book, and Lohan’s gonna get someone to tell her lies for six figures?? ‘MERICA!!!

But the real question is, would YOU read Lindsay Lohan’s tell-all book?

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December 16, 2013 at 5:30 am by Catherine St. Ives
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