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Kelly Osbourne Apologized To Lady Gaga For “Acting Like A Child”


Truly shocking news: Kelly Osbourne apologized to Lady Gaga for behaving like a childish twit after Gaga tried to apologize to her with a birthday cake. She tweeted,

@ladygaga I acted like a child last night. Just not into publicity stunts call me & we will end this like adults I dont want 2 fight anymore

That’s pretty close to a real apology. “Just not into publicity stunts” is a little snippy, and a little “sorry that what you did upset me” instead of “sorry I acted stupid” BUT she DID say, “I acted like a child” so I’m going to give Kelly props. For someone who’s not into publicity stunts though, how does she explain her history of twitter tirades against Gaga and slamming her in the press?

No, no, still, I’m giving Kelly props. Good job. Way to act your real age of 29 instead of 9.

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Kelly Osbourne Boorishly Rejects Lady Gaga’s Apology


Lady Gaga might be pretentious and weird as hell, but compared to Kelly Osbourne, she’s Grace Kelly. Gaga tried to extend a peace offering to Miss Osbourne and her mom Sharon; both are crazy-mad at her. So when Gaga performed on X Factor, she brought along a birthday cake and took a photo of it with mum Sharon, sharing the pic with a simple, “Happy Birthday Kelly.” She didn’t have to do any of this, by the way.

Kelly responded by flipping out in a series of tweets. Here’s the first:

Not to be ungrateful but why would you send me a birthday cake via my MOTHER in a country half the would away? #JustSendItToME #LoveNotWar

But she wasn’t done. She then put a photo of the cake on Instagram and added, “#EatMyShit #Hypocrisy” and tweeted it as well.

Guys, she STILL wasn’t done. Here are the rest of the tweets about the apology cake:


You are so far behind you think you are first!

I live for a #Cause not for the #Applause!!!!!!!

Guys, don’t hate me, it’s a guilty pleasure…like #SimplyRed!

I like desert [sic], but i prefer the truth… it’s sweeter

‘Let them eat cake’ #MarieAntoinette

Gaga responded simply with,

I didn’t know it was your B-day until this afternoon. Meant as a peace offering. Happy Birthday.

I mean come on, even if you don’t like Gaga, was Kelly Osbourne’s response not incredibly boorish and childlike? She tweeted that she was sad about Lou Reed’s death, so perhaps she was taking it out on Gaga. Who knows.

Kelly Osbourne turned 29 yesterday.

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Sharon Osbourne Calls Lady GaGa’s “Anti-Bullying Counseling” a Publicity Stunt

lady gaga sharon osbourne kelly osbourne

Sharon Osbourne pulls no punches and says exactly whatever comes to her mind, and considering Lady GaGa and her own daughter, Kelly, have had some serious issues in the past, it’s not at all surprising that she’s got an issue with GaGa’s whole “anti-bullying” thing. If you remember right, during her last tour, GaGa planned to have mobile counseling vans available for all of her Little Monsters. It all seemed like a great idea… but Sharon thinks it was bullshit and “just a publicity stunt”, as she described it in her upcoming book Unbreakable.

From The Sun (via DS):

“By not repudiating her fans’ bullying, she was condoning it. That’s why I called her a hypocrite.

“I was so disappointed because I had always been a huge fan. I have been to three of her shows and she’s undeniably a very talented woman.

“But you can’t bang on about being anti-bullying and then refuse to tell your fans to stop haranguing other young women with nasty threats.”

True, true. I mean, she was forced to speak up on the Perez Hilton thing, but that certainly wasn’t because she’s anti-bullying. Her fans are some of the most insufferable assholes out there, and she doesn’t REALLY care about how they act, just cares that they’re around to cheat the charts for her and continue putting money in her pocket. Oh yeah, and the “applause”. She lives for that shit. (Insert eyeroll here.)

I don’t really care about Kelly Osbourne and I’m not siding with her in the little spat with GaGa because I never really got what was happening there, but Sharon is raw and I love her.

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The Best, Worst, and WTF Of Emmy Fashion

kelly osbourne emmys 2013

Kelly Osbourne. From the front, this looked lovely. From the back, it looks like the dress is covered in fire ants and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. It belongs to the ants now.

2013 Emmy Awards have come and gone and a few people cared. This post is for you. Let’s take a look at the best, worst, and WTF of 2013 Emmy fashion. I know Lena Dunham’s outfit is bound to get a few people talking.

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Kelly Osbourne Isn’t Pregnant, Despite the “Big Tits”

kelly osbourne

Kelly Osbourne posted the above photo on Instagram last week, claiming that she’s the “fiercest of them all” because her “tits” are getting bigger. Perhaps I’m a prude, but who goes on like that in a public forum? I mean, you know, besides Rihanna. In any case, the post started rumours that she might be expecting her first child with fiancé Matthew Mosshart. Of course that’s not the case, and she squashed those rumours while talking to People:

“I have no idea what’s happening to me — my boobs have grown very large and I don’t know why,” she confesses. “Everyone is like, ‘You’re pregnant, you’re pregnant!’ and I’m like, ‘No! That’s not happening!’ It’s kind of fun, though. It’s nice have them for once.”

As a lady with sizeable front assets myself, I can’t really relate. They’re more of a hindrance than anything else, but I guess if you’ve never had them, you’d enjoy them.

When it comes to the pregnancy thing, I dunno why everyone is so eager to assume famous ladies are pregnant. Had a big lunch? Pregnant! Wearing a push-up bra? Pregnant! Getting to “that age” where you should be popping them out? Pregnant! Homegirl isn’t having a baby – she’s too busy with business ventures to be worried about that.

Kelly Osbourne Is Launching a Plus-Sized Fashion Range

kelly osbourne

Kelly Osbourne lost a shit ton of weight after appearing on Dancing with the Stars, and good for her. Although it seems her whole identity now revolves around how not fat she is and how fat she used to be – yuck! – she wants everyone to know that she still feels like a “former fat person” (she actually said this) and is, accordingly, launching a plus-sized fashion range for women.

Here’s what Kelly told reporters about her new endeavour (via DS):

“I had one of the most exciting meetings of my life this week – it pretty much green-lit my clothing line. When I sat down in this meeting and they said, ‘Yes, you have creative control and of course you can do plus size’. I was like, ‘It’s happening!’”

“It still has to be very me – quirky. But that’s me, so I have to also have something slightly normal.”

“I’ve always been really into fashion. It’s just that my fashion choices at an early age were really odd and they still are. I have grown to understand, as much as I don’t like it, that the fashion world doesn’t really want to listen to what a little chubby girl has to say.”

I get what she’s saying, and it’s also not my place to quantify anyone’s experience of “fat” – though I certainly don’t think she was ever actually fat. Chubby? Sure, whatever floats your boat, but far from obese (though she did lose 70lbs so, take that as you will). Either way, she looks great and it’s glad to see she’s feeling great, too.

Plus (lol, no pun intended), bigger girls need more clothing options that don’t look like they’re made for 80-year-old wooden barrels. The muu-muus and MC Hammer-inspired, elastic-waisted patterned pants are horrendous – have you looked at a Lane Bryant? SMH.

What do we think? Is Kelly Osbourne’s plus-sized fashion line going to be amazing or absolutely awful?

Kelly Osbourne’s Not Allowed to Drive

kelly osbourne

Kelly Osbourne has plenty to celebrate what with her recent engagement to her Rapunzel-haired boyfriend Matthew Mosshart, but one thing she probably isn’t all that jazzed about the fact that she’s no longer allowed to drive after suffering a seizure earlier this year. :(

From Hello:

“I don’t know if I’m epileptic or not – it’s a waiting game right now. It’s scary and confusing.

“I’m hoping it was just a stress-induced seizure, but I have to be on anti-seizure medication for a year and I can’t drive in case I have another episode.

“Not knowing what caused it is the worst thing. There’s a chance it won’t happen again and I hope it doesn’t, though I don’t remember it.”

Damn, that’s really scary. Seriously, health is THE most important thing, and not knowing if something really serious is going on and whether or not you’ll have another seizure at any time is crazy. Here’s hoping no further incidents occur.