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Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin Was Funny on Jimmy Kimmel’s Show Last Night

Kathy Griffin has gone from being considered one of the most annoying, unsuccessful people in Hollywood to one of the most mildly-annoying but wildly successful people in Hollywood. I have to admit, even in the moments where I can’t stand her, I am always tuning into her show My Life on The D-List. There’s something about that lady! She sticks to her bit and she makes it work for her. Even if you don’t think she’s funny, you have to respect her business model, you know?

Her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was as funny as ever last night. You can watch all three clips here, but in the clip above, listen to Kathy’s theory on how to win any Twitter war in an instant using that “fierce bitch” Justin Bieber’s loyal fans.

Kathy Griffin and Mariska Hargitay’s SVU Kiss

You’ve probably heard the buzz that Kathy Griffin’s going to be appearing on an upcoming episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, and you’ve probably even heard that she locks lips with Mariska Hargitay, but until now we didn’t know what it would look like. The video’s been leaked online. It’s just a short clip, but you get to see the kiss and that Kathy Griffin’s acting has seemingly improved.

It’s quite obviously a move to get the ratings back up (as almost all girl-on-girl action is on television) after their ratings took a huge hit due to a time slot change, but SVU is one of my favorite shows and so if resorting to cheap tactics to keep in on the air is what they have to do, it’s fine by me. Are you going to be tuning in?

Kathy Griffin Ushers in the New Year by Cussing

She wasn’t about to let her live television appearance scoot by without causing some controversy! For the second year in a row, Kathy Griffin brought us all into another annum with vulgarity. During a CNN shoot with Anderson Cooper, she opted to pronounce Balloon Boy Falcon Heane’s name as “Fuckin.” It’s at around the 0:55 mark in this clip. Anderson Cooper just mutters “you’re terrible” and moves on.

The network said in a statement Friday that it “regrets that profanity was used during our New Year’s Eve coverage.”

As for Kathy? This is her statement: “Like every other serious reporter covering the now infamous balloon boy hoax, I struggled to pronounce his name ‘Falcon’ correctly and have gotten a kick out of how many ways I’ve heard it pronounced by other serious reporters. Just add me to that list and happy new year!”

You gotta hand it to this woman, she knows how to stay relevant. She’s like Paris Hilton but with a talent.

My friends and I ushered in the new year with fondue and a house party. Of course, I took lots of pics and made a little video. You can check them all out on my personal blog if you’d like.

“Kathy Gosselin” Plays Poolside At The Roosevelt Hotel

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

While filming a sketch for Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kathy Griffin hit up the uber hip and swank pool at the Roosevelt Hotel dressed up as one of our regular targets here at EvilBeet, Ms Kate Gosselin. Hilarious. I actually nearly spit Diet Coke all over my screen when I saw her get up, complete with c-section scar. Apparently the clueless hipsters, rich kids and elderly people that frequent the pool were just as taken aback as well, except they actually thought Griffin WAS Gosselin. “Kate who? Just call me Kathy Gosselin. All I need now is a sexy bodyguard,” People Magazine quoted the funny lady as saying. 

“Housewife” Jill Zarin: Kathy Griffin Lied!


A couple of weeks ago, I went on a little rant about an episode of Kathy Griffin’s show where Paris Hilton said she never performs a certain sexual act that we’ve all seen her perform multiple times on video.

What I didn’t mention was that during that same episode, Kathy & Paris’s trip was interrupted by Jill Zarin from Real Housewives of New Jersey York. The show made it seem as though Jill had just burst in on them and then wanted to tag along all day. Not so, claimed Jill, when I caught up with her at the 3 Olives party last night and grilled her about it.

“What happened is I was out there visiting colleges, and I was shopping on Robinson and I ran into their film crew and they were like, ‘Oh, Paris and Kathy are going to be here shopping, do you want to be in it?’ And I was like, ‘Sure, why not!’ And I walked into the store and we just gossiped and then I went to see American Idol. That’s why I was all dressed up – I was on my way to American Idol. So Kathy made that up when she said I wanted to keep shopping with them. I was going to see the Idol taping.”

I asked her what she thought about seeing Idol in person: “I was a little disappointed. It wasn’t what I was expected. I wasn’t a big fan of any one performer in particular — they’re all talented — but being inside the studio it wasn’t that impressive. It looks different on TV.”

I guess everything looks different on TV. Jill was kind and personable and not at all annoying when I chatted with her. Oh, and the reason she was looking at colleges? For her teenage daughter, who tagged along with her to the party and who I later spotted partying in the VIP area.

Meanwhile, Jessie from NYC Prep showed up and tried to walk the red carpet but got turned away … because she’s not 21 yet. Maybe if she had a famous mom?

Did Anyone Catch Paris Hilton on Kathy Griffin’s Show Last Night?


First off, if you’re not watching My Life on the D-List, you’re missing out on one of the best shows on TV. Kathy Griffin is a comedic genius, just hands-down hilarious. In last night’s episode, she was trying to expand her fan base by getting in with “young Hollywood,” and, to do that, she went shopping with Paris Hilton.

This was all going reasonably well, with Paris being no more obnoxious than the absolute minimum we can expect from her (“Sorry, I just like to pose while I stand”), when Paris decides, with no leading on the part of Kathy, to weigh in on the very pressing issue of blow jobs: “I never do that. My mom always taught me, ‘Only ugly girls need to go down on their knees and do things like that.’” Ummmmm, really, Paris? (In case you couldn’t guess, that link is NSFW.)

Later in the show, Kathy asks how tall she is, and she says she’s 5’8″. I know that’s the standard party line for Paris’s height, but I’ve seen the girl in person without heels, and I have a really hard time believing she’s taller than I am (I’m 5’7″ … for reals). In fact, I have a hard time believing she’s taller than about 5’5″. I’ve stood next to Nicky on more than one occasion, and that girl’s exactly five feet tall, on a good day. If you look at pictures of Paris and Nicky next to each other, without shoes on, like this one, it’s pretty hard to believe that she’s that much taller than her sister.

And it brings us back to the time she told Larry King she’d never ever ever done drugs in her life, despite the countless leaked photos of her doing drugs. Why does this girl insist on publicly lying about things that can be easily proven to be lies? What sort of bizarre, narcissistic world does she live in where she can just say whatever and assume the whole world will believe it to be true despite tremendous evidence to the contrary? It is so annoying. Equally as annoying as the assumption that oral sex is for ugly people. Maybe, just maybe, it’s for people who actually care about finding multiple ways to pleasure their partner, because they have some sort of awareness that other people exist and have value. BUT YOU WOULDN’T KNOW ABOUT THAT, WOULD YOU, PARIS?