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Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee and “Smash” Director Kiss — They’re Married But Not To Each Other!

Katharine McPhee Kisses Mystery Man Who Isn't Her Husband

Well this is juicy. Katharine McPhee and Smash director Michael Morris were spotting kissing in public. The thing is, they’re both married — but not to each other. Morris is married to actress Mary McCormack and McPhee is married to some dude named Nick Cokas. TMZ broke the story and posted the scandalous snapshots.

Katharine McPhee Kisses Mystery Man Who Isn't Her Husband

So what’s going on here? Are both marriages over and they kept it private? Do they both have open marriages? Do they both just not care? And don’t tell me that’s just a friendly kiss.


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Ladies And Gentlemen: Celebrities In Bikinis

[Image removed upon request]

Bikini season is upon us. ‘Tis the time of year where we get to see “BEST AND WORST BIKINI BODS OF 2013″ splashed all over celeb magazines, along with hints of “HERE ARE 100 PEOPLE HOTTER THAN YOU ARE, F-CK YOU!” So let’s get it over with and take the wind out of our sails with this post of celebrities in bikinis and get to the inevitable who looks fat and who doesn’t and let’s cry into our pizza. Our delicious f-cking pizza. I think all these ladies look great, although I doubt some of their bikini choices, simply because some of these are ugly.

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Love It or Leave It: Katharine McPhee’s Confusing Outfit

photo of katharine mcphee smash pictures outfit fashion pic
Why’s it confusing, you ask? Because I’m not sure if girlfriend’s trying to rip off Courtney Love‘s style, or if she just wants to look like Christina Ricci. In either case, she’s not pulling it off well, because in order to be Courtney, I’d recommend some smears on that carefully-applied lipstick, some baby barrettes, and maybe a handful of lesions thrown in for good measure. If, on the other hand, she’s trying more for Christina, she needs to shrink about three feet, because girl is tall (trivia: Katharine McPhee is a statuesque 5’8″, whereas Christina Ricci is a mere 5’1″).

This is what Katharine wore during the recent TCA press conference in Los Angeles, where she talked about her new show, ‘Smash’, and oh my God do I hate it. No really—I actually pretty much hate it. Katharine McPhee is a beautiful girl who can generally do no wrong (when it comes to looking beautiful; I’m not going to touch the subject of her acting with a ten-foot pole), but this entire getup is so, so wrong on so, so many levels.

Katharine McPhee’s onesie/dress thing—love it or leave it?