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Justin Bieber

0Some Belieber Broke Into Justin Bieber’s Atlanta House and Fell Asleep

justin bieber

Well, this is a bit of a weird one. Apparently it’s a renter’s market even if you’re filthy rich, as Justin Bieber didn’t buy the Atlanta house he’s living in, but rather is renting an estate in the city from a dude whose niece came back to the house at one point and found Belieber Qianying Zhao asleep in one of the beds.

Before we get to the details in this case, can I ask why the niece of the renter of the property was in the house at all? If you’re renting a house out, that means YOU AREN’T LIVING IN IT. Certainly it wasn’t a roommate situation, so why in the hell was she there? Unless, of course, Justin has already vacated the city and took his styrofoam cup full of Sizzurp back to LA. That’s unclear at this point.

From TMZ:

Just after 5 PM, the niece of the guy who is renting his Atlanta Estate to Justin called the cops and said she came home and found “an Asian female” sleeping in one of her bedrooms.

She called the cops and when they entered the bedroom they found 5’5″, 110 lb Qianying Zhao sound asleep.   Cops woke her up and she had quite the story.  She said she had met Bieber on Twitter and was visiting him for a birthday party.

Sadly, she said she realized she was too late for the party so she decided to come to his house and wait for him.  She said she found an open door and let herself in.

Zhao was arrested for criminal trespass and placed into “double-locked handcuffs” with her hands behind her back.

Huh. A bit strange that doors were left open like that, and it’s “unclear” if Justin was actually there at the time, but whatever. Qianying can now get the full JB treatment as she’s carted off to jail.

Here’s a bonus for you that I came across while looking for a featured image for this post. Thug life!:

justin bieber kid

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March 6, 2014 at 3:30 pm by Jennifer
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1Let’s Look at Some “Revealing” Justin Bieber Tattoo Photos

justin bieber 10

Ever since Justin Bieber got arrested, Belieber stans have been doing whatever they can to access police documents, photos and video footage as part of the whole “freedom of information” laws we have – well, Florida has. Because of this, some more “private” images and footage have made it to the public.

Thanks to the Miami Beach Police, anyone who ever wanted to know about all of Justin Bieber’s tattoos and see them up close and personal is in luck! Apparently all these photos were taken so police could have record of his “identifying marks”. Now, you can check them out yourself!

Well, there ya go.

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March 5, 2014 at 1:30 pm by Jennifer
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0Justin Bieber Still Loves Sizzurp

justin bieber

I love that we’re still trying to “prove” that Justin Bieber really loves his Sizzurp and has a serious problem with drugs and alcohol. Apparently now we’ve got video proof, in the form of JB carrying a styrofoam cup (apparently a sure sign of “Lean” use?) on his way into an Atlanta club.

As we all know, Justin moved to Atlanta last month to be “closer to hip hop” and has apparently spiraled out of control since moving there with his drugs and alcohol. Sure, it’s “just” codeine, alcohol and weed, but the next story will be how he’s on to heroin or something.

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March 4, 2014 at 11:30 am by Jennifer
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4Justin Bieber’s Drug Use is “Out of Control” in Atlanta

justin bieber

Justin Bieber moved to Atlanta to get closer to hip hop, apparently, and not only are his neighbours not so happy about his presence there, but apparently his drug use is spiraling out of control. Justin never leaves his house and is constantly high on his two favs: Sizzurp and weed. Well, that’s lovely.

From TMZ:

TMZ broke the story … Justin has had an alarming problem with sizzurp for well over a year, and he’s been a big fan of weed for a long time.  But since moving to Atlanta, we’re told he’s “constantly high” … rarely leaving the house.  As one source said, “Drinking more lean, smoking more weed than ever.”

When Justin lived in L.A. he had a schedule set up by people connected to his business.  Since moving to Atlanta, he has no schedule and no rules.

Some of the people in Bieber’s life that have confronted him about his drug use have been pushed away since Bieber made his move.  And we’re told — one by one — Bieber is removing people he says have “ratted” him out over his drug use.

Justin does spend a fair amount of time in the studio in Atlanta … working on hip hop … but we’re told rarely is he sober during those sessions.  And the thing is … that’s part of the rap game.

HAHAHAHA Justin Bieber working on hip hop. Now there’s a visual! Is this idiot serious? I seriously hope he Sizzurps himself right off this planet and into outer space. This kid has been given the world and could be SUCH a force of good and positivity (regardless of what you think about his cheesy music) and instead, he’s gone down this route. SMH. Stop trying to make your kids famous, parents. It’s seriously fucking them up.

Bonus: here’s a vid of JBiebs taking a sobriety test after his DUI arrest:

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February 27, 2014 at 3:30 pm by Jennifer
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2Justin Bieber’s Going to Trial

justin bieber

The Florida State Attorney was nice enough to offer Justin Bieber a plea deal in his DUI case, but as I’m sure you remember, he didn’t want to take it because it would mean he’d have to submit to ongoing drug tests, and he loves his weed and Sizzurp far too much for all that. He was willing to take another plea deal, of course, so long as it had zero restrictions and enforced absolutely no punishment on him in any way.

Well, prosecutors have sent a big F-U his way and they’re sending his case to trial. As TMZ explains:

Now law enforcement sources tell us … they will not deal if Justin does not agree to random drug testing … period.  As a result, both sides are at an impasse.

With a plea deal all but off the table, a trial is likely.  Law enforcement sources acknowledge there are problems with the arresting officers … the fact that he may have lied when he said he smelled alcohol on Justin’s breath (he blew a .014).  And another cop claimed Justin was drag racing (at 27 MPH).

Nonetheless … we’re told prosecutors are not afraid of trying the case.  And Justin’s famed lawyer, Roy Black, is ready for a courtroom battle.

At stake — Justin could be tried for 3 offenses … DUI, resisting arrest, and driving on an expired license.  Worst case scenario — 2 1/2 years in jail.

Ugh, of course he won’t go to jail. He might get probation, IF THAT, because money talks, clearly. I certainly wish they’d throw his ass in a cell and throw away the key, but I doubt we’ll get that lucky.

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February 25, 2014 at 1:30 pm by Jennifer
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2Justin Bieber Got Offered a Plea Deal

justin bieber

We all remember Justin Bieber‘s drag racing, DUI fun, right? Well, apparently the Florida State Attorney wants to offer him a plea deal in the case which would pretty much drop every charge left standing against him… in exchange for his abstaining from Sizzurp and weed. Uh oh, that’s a dealbreaker!

Here are the conditions, as revealed by TMZ:

Prosecutors will DROP the DUI and resisting arrest charges, but in return Bieber must:

– Plead no contest to reckless driving

– Complete 40 hours of community service

– Attend an alcohol ed course

– Attend a “victim impact panel” (where relatives of DUI victims share their stories)

– Install an ignition interlock device for 3 months

Now here’s the rub.  Prosecutors also want Bieber to submit to random drug testing, and not just in Florida.  He’ll have to submit his travel plans to the court and authorities will set up random testing wherever he happens to be … at his expense.  And testing will last between 6 and 9 months.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Bieber apparently want nothing to do with all of that because he just loves his weed too much.

Assuming he complies with all the terms and PASSES the drug tests, the reduced plea will formally be entered. Also from TMZ

Sources connected to Bieber tell TMZ … there are several reasons they aren’t buying what prosecutors are selling.  First, there are huge problems with the case — they believe the cop lied when he said Bieber reeked of booze (he only blew a .014), and he was also lying about observing Bieber drag race — the GPS device registered a very reasonable 27 MPH.

But the bigger issue is this — our sources say Bieber will NOT accept any plea that has probation … where the judge can throw the book at him if he screws up.

In particular there’s NO WAY Bieber will agree to random drug testing.  Fact is … he has a problem with weed and sizzurp.   If you don’t understand his worry, just remember Lindsay Lohan, who became a habitual probation offender for more than 7 years.

Also, we’re told Justin will not accept an alcohol ed course as part of a plea deal, because he’d become a spectacle.

We’re told Bieber is open to a plea … but not this one.

Regardless of whatever the he was doing – even if he was doing 5MPH, the point is, he got behind the wheel of a car while drunk and under the influence of illegal substances. ALSO, he’s not even fucking old enough to drink in this country! Underage drinking – add that charge in. He’s an asshole and deserves to face SOME sort of consequences – maybe it’d be the wakeup call he needs to get his life together before he ruins it entirely.

What kills me is that he thinks alcohol education would make him a spectacle… and yet he didn’t think getting arrested does that times ten? Oh no, I bet that just makes him “hard” and helps him fit in with that rap scene he’s so desperate to be part of. GO AWAY FOREVER, JUSTIN BIEBER.

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February 24, 2014 at 1:30 pm by Jennifer
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