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Justin Bieber Gets A Tattoo — On An Airplane


Justin Bieber is setting new records. He’s now the first person to get a tattoo at an altitude of 40,000 feet. Why? Because he’s just awful.

He got a tattoo of the word “forgive” done by tattoo artist Bang Bang, who told TMZ it was, “the most difficult tattoo I’ve ever done for sure.” There was apparently “terrible turbulence”.

I can’t even.

TMZ reports there’s no law against getting a tattoo on an airplane as long as it doesn’t interfere with the safety of other passengers.

It’s still so very stupid to do.

What do we think of his tattoo?:

Justin Bieber's tattoo at 40,000 feet ARTICLE MUST CONTAIN LINK:

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Justin Bieber is trapped in Los Angeles

justin bieber

Justin Bieber sold his Calabasas mansion to Khloe Kardashian a few months ago in favour of moving to Atlanta to be a hip hop star, but things aren’t all that simple, it seems. Turns out, there’s a mechanics lien against the property and he’s gotta pay $85,000 before the sale can close.

From TMZ:

A construction company filed the lien, claiming it performed $85,011 worth of damage repair services on Justin’s house and it still hasn’t been paid — which is a big problem … because a home cannot be sold until all liens against it have been settled or paid.

If Bieber doesn’t cough up the money by next week, we’re told the sale can’t go through.

Sources close to Bieber tell us, the singer’s camp plans to deal with the issue asap. Luckily, he can probably afford it.

Well, there ya go. Please, can everyone just drain Bieber’s finances dry so he has to file for bankruptcy and will disappear forever? I’d be most grateful.

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Justin Bieber might get a plea deal for egging his neighbor’s house

justin bieber

You may remember that earlier this year, Justin Bieber must have missed naptime and been a bit cranky, because he threw a hissy fit and then a bunch of eggs at his neighbor’s house, apparently causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. This is the same neighbor he’d threatened to kill and whose face he spit in, so there was definitely precedent for this bullshit. Well, now he’s paying the price by… trying to work out a plea deal.

From TMZ:

Our sources say the L.A. County D.A. has contacted Bieber’s lawyer, Howard Weitzman, and asked for a meeting to discuss restitution for the egging damage — which the neighbor puts at $20K.

We’re told the discussion between Weitzman and the prosecutor will center around paying for the damage, and pleading no contest to misdemeanor vandalism.  Bieber would serve no jail time and be placed on informal probation.

The short of it all — the case would be over before it begins.  Bieber will be charged, the plea bargain will be entered and it would then be case closed.

Our sources say the D.A. and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. are at odds over the case.  The Sheriff wants Bieber charged with a FELONY because the egging was intentional and it caused a huge amount of damage.  The D.A., we’re told, thinks Bieber’s hijinks does not rise to the level of a felony … and a misdemeanor is more appropriate.

We’re told Weitzman has not met with the D.A. yet but that should happen shortly.  It looks like this case could be resolved as early as next week.

Well, you know Bieber will take this because he doesn’t really have a choice and would have to pay up far more than that if this thing went to court. I mean, this is just the latest bullshit in his string of court cases, so might as well start checking them off the list…

I do have to agree with the DA here that this wasn’t particularly a felony, but I’d sure love to see JB charged with one just for being such an arrogant dickhead. Unfortunately, the law doesn’t work that way (or, in the case of most celebrities, it doesn’t work at all).

Oh, and because I care about you all so much, here’s a snippet of Justin’s new song, ‘Life Is Worth Living’ (LOL).

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Congratulations, Los Angeles – Justin Bieber is done with you!

justin bieber

Justin Bieber has taken his Tour of Terror to Atlanta, as of late, and we know he sold his den of sin in Calabasas, California to Khloe Kardashian a few weeks ago. However, what you may not have known is that JB actually owned the property next door to that one, in fact – but he’s sold that now, too. Sorry, Los Angeles. Justin Bieber is quitting you.

From TMZ:

We’re told Bieber just sold that for $2.775 million (he bought it for $2.35 mil in 2012) and the deal closes in 30 days.

As for the buyer, our sources say it’s nobody famous, but he’s about to inherit a slew of famous neighbors.

We’re told Bieber had been looking for another home in the Los Angeles, but he’s since called off the search.

Atlanta, he’s your problem now.

Why can’t we just make him, like, the North Pole’s problem? He can’t bother many people there… maybe some penguins, though.

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Selena Gomez has been “cut off” from Taylor Swift

taylor swift selena gomez

Taylor Swift doesn’t fuck about, apparently. We know she’s never approved of BFF Selena Gomez‘s relationship with Justin Bieber, but she really took shit to the next level by apparently cutting her off for good after Selena’s decision to get back with his stupid ass.

From US Weekly:

Swift is disgusted that the pair are back together, cutting off her bestie after tweeting just last July that Gomez was “the closest thing I’ve ever had to a sister.”

But Gomez rekindling of the Jelena flame isn’t the only thing peeving Swift. She believes Gomez “used” a brief romance with the Grammy winner’s pal Ed Sheeran last June to make her jailbird sweetie jealous.

“After Selena pulled that move, Taylor started distancing herself,” a source tells Us.

LOL wait, what? Selena got involved with Ed Sheeran? Where was I? Where were any of us? This whole thing is hilarious and might be completely untrue, but I say good for Taylor on this one. Selena getting back with Justin is a HOT mess of the highest degree, and I wouldn’t want to be around it either. Sure, I know it’s Selena’s life and she can ruin it however she’d like, but come on. You can only pick up the pieces for your friends so many times before enough is enough.

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Video: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are passionate dance partners, now

selena gomez justin bieber

If anything will make you gag harder than knowing that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are back together, it’s probably knowing that they’ve also been choreographing “passionate” dance routines to John Legend songs together and renting rehearsal space to perfect their moves.

I don’t even have words for this fuckery, but I think it’s hilarious that Selena clearly sees them as star-crossed lovers who are destined to be together against all odds. I mean, we were all young once, so I get it, I suppose. Everyone goes through their share of idiotic bullshit – especially when it comes to relationships. But damn, I’ve never seen someone SO resistant to the truth that’s right in front of their eyes as Selena Gomez, man. That is some extreme low self-esteem.

Also hilarious: Justin really, seriously thinks he’s an honest-to-God thug. I can’t even look at this idiot anymore.

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Justin Bieber was just “defending himself” in his deposition, of course

justin bieber

Justin Bieber is an absolute dickhead, that much is certain, and the videos from his recent assault deposition really proved that once and for all. He’s arrogant, disrespectful and could have used a few more years of school since he comes off as sorta braindead (but maybe that’s just the Sizzurp? Thug Lyfe!).

In any case, of course it’s not HIS fault he was a complete asshole. No, Justin Bieber is the victim here, and you won’t ever convince him otherwise. You won’t break his spirit by telling him to get his fucking act together and act like a decent human being. No sir!

Have you ever wanted to punch a human being more? Ugh, GO AWAY, Justin Bieber.

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