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Julia Roberts

Do Freckles Make Julia Roberts’ Face Look Dirty?

julia roberts

Well, one unnamed director apparently thought so! That’s right, someone told Julia Roberts to go somewhere and have two freckles (TWO!) removed permanently because they made her face look dirty. That’s a serious thing someone said. Now, I know some people have hangups about freckles – I personally love them and think they’re great, but whatever. If they’re not your thing, I can think of a super easy option to make them less visible: wear makeup! Actresses wear makeup in films all the time in general, so if that particular film calls for a freckle-free face (which… why does that matter?), then throw on a few extra layers of foundation and get on with it.

Tell us all about it, Julia from The Independent):

“One director wanted me to have two freckles taken off because he said it made my face look dirty,” she said.

The actress declined to mention which film she was asked to have her freckles removed for, insisting that ageing is unrelated to acting. She added she was not preoccupied with her appearance.

“I don’t spend a lot of time in the mirror,” she said. “I’m pretty efficient in terms of looking at myself and, to be honest, I don’t think what you’re talking about is a business demand – it’s a cultural obsession.”

“I definitely think some of my older female peer group are deeply beautiful women,” she continued. “They have this thing that radiates from them. It’s coming from this deep place of understanding who they are and what their purpose is. It creates a light.”

Too right in regards to the cultural obsession. A few weeks ago I was at a private conference for August: Osage County and while, yes, most of my attention was given to fawning over the absolute genius that is Meryl Streep, Julia was so charming and interesting and yes, beautiful in a way that was totally unassuming and natural. Sure, one might say it’s easy for me to say this as a 30-year-old woman who isn’t trying to make a living in Hollywood, but I don’t get the obsession with trying to look younger. If you’re 45 and you’ve got 45 years of experience in life, why would you want to make yourself look 25? Why not embrace that? The idea that old = bad is just so misguided.

Here’s a photo from that press conference, by the way:


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Julia Roberts Likes a Good Old Fashioned Fist Fight

julia roberts marie claire

Well, now, wait a minute. Julia Roberts isn’t some secret lover of violence – she was just taking liberties when talking about how people feel brave when they can be anonymous on the Internet and talk shit without having to back it up. You see, Julia doesn’t really Google herself or go online because people are assholes and she wishes they’d just say it to her face.

From Marie Claire:

Then she gets serious when asked if an actress can have a career like hers anymore. “It’s not the same business,” she replies. “It’s really different. And the Internet has so much to do with that.” No surprise she’s not on social media—”It’s kind of like cotton candy: It looks so appealing and you just can’t resist getting in there, and then you just end up with sticky fingers and it lasted an instant”—or that she never Googles herself: “I have too much potential for collapse.” She elaborates: “There’s an anonymity that makes people feel safe to participate in hatefulness. I like a good old-fashioned fistfight if people are pissed off at each other. I just feel like if you’re really mad and want to have a fight, then put your dukes up.”

Obviously as someone who talks shit about celebrities on a daily basis, it’s hilarious for me to be commenting on this, I suppose. Of course, my name is attached to it and I also don’t take it too seriously – I don’t ACTUALLY care what people I don’t know and never will do with their lives and I certainly don’t wish AIDS, cancer or death on anyone who might disagree with me – so maybe it’s slightly different. I would generally say everything I say here to all of the respective stars’ faces, anyway, even if I were to get spit on or punched in the face repeatedly.

In any case, Julia Roberts is great. I’m going to a press day for August: Osage County in a couple weeks and the whole cast will be there and I’m gonna dieeee!

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Here’s the ‘August: Osage County’ Trailer

meryl streep julia roberts julianne nicholson

I will turn up for pretty much anything Meryl Streep puts her name on because she’s a goddess, and despite the somewhat bizarre casting in August: Osage County, I will have to see this movie because it kinda works, actually. In case you don’t know anything about the story, it’s based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Tracy Letts and it’s all about a dysfunctional family who reunites in Oklahoma when they’re forced to return for a funeral.

We’ve got Julia Roberts, Abigail Breslin, Ewan McGregor, Benedict Cumberbatch, Juliette Lewis… this has some serious potential. Well, now we’ve also got a trailer for the film, which comes out on November 8. What do you think? I’m so on board.

PS – did you guys know Abigail Breslin has a financial incentive clause written into her contract for the movie? She got paid $75,000 for working on the movie (which only took 2 weeks) but can apparently earn $50,000 more if she gets a Golden Globe for the role, and an additional $50,000 if she gets an Oscar. That’s such a weird clause, but I guess pretty clever? (Not gonna happen, though.)

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Who Is The Fairest Of Them All: Julia Roberts Or Gwyneth Paltrow?

julia roberts with gwyneth paltrow

I guess my 1990′s time machine worked, because apparently Julia Roberts is mad at Gwyneth Paltrow for “winning” People‘s Most Beautiful Woman title. I can’t even get into how untrue this story is, but let’s pretend it is. Let’s pretend it’s 1998 and this stuff matters, and Julia Roberts cares and we care about Julia Roberts. From National Enquirer:

A source says Julia, 45, exploded when “People” magazine named Gwyneth, 40, its “Most Beautiful Woman” – and the “Pretty Woman” is plotting to kick the “Iron Man” babe to the curb.

“Julia’s won the magazine’s ‘Most Beautiful Woman’ title four times,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“The last time was in 2010, and even though it was highly unlikely she’d be chosen again so soon, Julia got the shock of her life when Gwyneth got the nod. She thought a twenty-something actress like Jennifer Lawrence, not someone in her age group, would get it.”

We all want to believe that Hollywood is just like Mean Girls, don’t we? Seriously though, how f-cking archaic and stupid is it that People still does this Most Beautiful Woman thing?

For what it’s worth, I had a hard time finding a photo of the two of these ladies together. And when I did, it was the same one that appeared everywhere.

Anyway, this is the real winner right here:

charlize theron snow white

Is Julia Roberts Going To Ruin A Wedding?

julia roberts film premiere

Julia Roberts gossip isn’t something you get a lot of these days, so I’m going to run with this, damn it.

Apparently Julia Roberts’ (technically half) sister, Nancy Motes, is getting married to Panda Express server turned Glee Production assistant John Dilbeck, and Ms. Roberts doesn’t want to be in the wedding because she doesn’t like Mr. Glee Express. And because of money issues. And because she thinks her sister is a backstabbing bitch. Those are my words, not hers. And it’s kind of a known thing in Hollywood that Julia Roberts is kind of a bitch so that doesn’t make this whole wedding situation any easier. And clearly, I am a bitch. So let’s figure out this whole bitch thing together.

From the National Enquirer (oh I’m doubting this already) via Daily Mail:

‘Julia doesn’t think much of Nancy’s husband-to-be,’ an insider told the National Enquirer.

‘She’s convinced he’s sponging off Nancy, who doesn’t have much money in the first place.

‘They moved out to L.A from Georgia, and John was working at a Panda Express restaurant.

‘But he quit the job after Nancy landed a gig as a production assistant on Glee.’

Julia apparently got her sister the position on the hit TV series after putting a word in with the show’s creator Ryan Murphy, who directed her in Eat, Pray, Love.

.. Julia is also concerned that she will end up being the one paying for the wedding.

This is story is actually sounding somewhat reasonable. Money and family do not mix very well. Then there’s the issue of her sister selling her out.

Julia and Nancy have a long history of tension between them after Nancy was reportedly caught taking pictures of the actress’s young twins Phinnaeus and Hazel at her home in New Mexico after they were born.

That is low. And it makes me wonder…is she leaking this story? Whoa!

Apparently Julia Roberts is worth $140 million so if I was her I would just pay for the whole damn wedding as a “now please leave me alone forever” trade-off.

Julia Roberts is Still a Pretty Woman

photo of julia roberts on the beach pictures
You know who I thought was seriously the prettiest lady I’d ever seen when I was a young kid? Julia Roberts. That’s right. I saw ‘Pretty Woman’ at a pretty young age, and though I didn’t really understand the premise of “streetwalker” or “prostitute” or “paid for sex” (whatever “sex” was at that young age), I knew that the story was magical and real and I loved loved loved Julia Roberts from then on out. I loved her as Shelby in ‘Steel Magnolias’, I loved her as Daisy in ‘Mystic Pizza’, Tinkerbell in ‘Hook’, Grace in ‘Something to Talk About’ (a poignant movie if I ever saw one), and of course, Kiki in ‘America’s Sweethearts’, and she’s pretty much been a love in my life as far as actresses go.

Yeah, you know, she had her un-nice points, though, too—she practically stood Kiefer Sutherland up at the altar (someone else that I love immensely), and she practically ruined ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ with her contrived take on the role of Liz Gilbert, but she’s always remained a favorite of mine.

Julia was captured playing on the beach with her daughter, Hazel, who is seven and adorable, while vacationing in Hawaii.

What was your favorite Julia Roberts movie? Does anyone here even like Julia Roberts? I personally know a lot of people (namely my husband and my dearly departed grandmother) who think that she’s just a pain in the ass piece of crap with an abomination of a mouth, but hey. Different strokes for different folks, am I right?

Who Is The Highest Paid Actress in Hollywood?

A photo of Meryl Streep

Oh, you guys, I’m sorry. When I asked the question of “who is the highest paid actress in Hollywood?” and then put a picture of Meryl Streep right up there at the top, that made it look like Meryl is the highest paid actress, didn’t it? I’m sorry, but it’s just not true. Meryl is on the list, but she’s not at the top. She deserves to be at the top, but she’s not.

Before I let you know the richiest rich lady in Hollywood, let me just show you the top ten list, all right? I’ll go ahead and tack on the amount of money they made in the past year, just so you can cry while you balance your checkbook like I do.

10. Jennifer Aniston – $11 million
9. Kristen Wiig – $12 million
8. Meryl Streep – $12 million
7. Sarah Jessica Parker – $15 million
6. Julia Roberts – $16 million
5. Charlize Theron – $18 million
4. Angelina Jolie – $20 million
3. Sandra Bullock – $25 million
2. Cameron Diaz – $34 million

Ok, but who do you think landed in the number one spot? Who do you think made nearly three times as much as the beloved Meryl Streep? Who do you think made a few million dollars more than Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston combined?

A photo of Kristen Stewart

1. Kristen Stewart – $34.5 million

Yes, thanks to them Twilight movies and Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart is the top-earning actress in all of Hollywood. Does anyone else feel physically ill?