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Oh God No: You Won’t Believe What Fergie Named Her Baby

fergie josh duhamel axl

Fergie and Josh Duhamel welcomed their baby boy this morning. Hope she’s feeling maternal by now. What is with all the damn babies being born this month (and this whole summer?) Do people get super bored and super randy in the winter season?

They named their kid…get ready for this…Axl. Yes, after Axl Rose. AXL. Um.

Fergie is doing great after giving birth via C-section and is, according to TMZ, “recuperating in style, staying in one of the V.I.P. suites famously used by celebrities like Kim Kardashian.”

I know she’s a Guns ‘N Roses fan, but this is a bit much. Of course it’s her kid and she can name it whatever the hell she wants; not saying she can’t. It’s practically required of celebs to give their kids unusual names.

What are your thoughts on the name?

Fergie Changed Her Name To What?

Fergie and Josh Duhamel

Fergie’s “real name” isn’t actually Fergie. Until now! Ms. Stacy Ann Ferguson is now Fergie Duhamel (Pocono Record). She’s one of the few big stars I can think of who has changed their last name to their spouses’ (Josh Duhamel) professionally as well as personally. She didn’t even go halfsies on it, like Courtney Cox-Arquette. Speaking of a Friend, Aniston was reportedly thinking of changing her last name once she marries Justin Theroux. I can’t ever see that happening.

Fergie (official!) and Mr. Duhamel are expecting their first child.


The 25 Hottest Actors of 2013

A photo of Bradley Cooper

Never mind that it’s only August. Zimbio polled their readers and came up with the hottest 25 actors of 2013. Here’s who they are. Where do you stand? Do you agree or disagree? Number one was surprising to me, in the, “let pause and think, ‘…really?’” way. And can you guess who made the top 10 that also made the top 10 in the Ugliest Men list?

25. Alexander Skarsgard
24. Zac Efron
23. Chris Evans
22. Paul Walker
21. James Franco
20. Ben Affleck
19. Robert Downey Jr.
18. Leonardo DiCaprio
17. Jake Gyllenhaal
16. Liam Hemsworth
15. Ian Somerhalder
14. Orlando Bloom
13. George Clooney
12. Henry Cavill
11. Gerard Butler
10. Channing Tatum
9. Brad Pitt
8. Chris Hemsworth
7. Josh Duhamel
6. Johnny Depp
5. Bradley Cooper
4. Hugh Jackman
3. Ryan Reynolds
2. Ryan Gosling
1. Chris Pine