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Jimmy Kimmel

Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel: Back On!

After breaking all our hearts by splitting up, it looks like Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel have reconciled, and are back in each other’s hearts and pants.

Cameras caught the two of them holding hands and looking very much together in LA this weekend.

As much as I hate Jimmy Kimmel, this is kind of heart warming. It’s like when I heard Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling got back together. You just hate to see true love broken apart.

Okay Jimmy Kimmel Just Regained a Tiny Bit of My Respect

As much as I hate Jimmy Kimmel — and I can’t even quite recall why anymore, but I’m certain I do — I have to give him some props for this hilarious interview with Lauren Conrad.

Just start around 4:05 and don’t stop until it’s over. Honestly. Don’t stop until it ends. You have to watch the clip of The Hills they run at the very end. The whole thing is LOL-tastic.

Here’s a spoiler: Jimmy forces her to watch one of Heidi Montag’s music videos.

Does Jimmy Kimmel Have a New Squeeze Already?

God bless tipsters.

Gawker’s got one that says Jimmy Kimmel’s already getting into the pants of one Molly McNearney, who’s been promoted rapidly from assistant to head writer on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She’s pictured above.

Ah, sleeping your way to the top. A time-honored tradition. At least Sarah Silverman had the dignity to be an established comedian before she let Jimmy stick it in her.

Oh, and in case I haven’t mentioned it yet today, Jimmy Kimmel sucks.

Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel: No Longer Fucking Each Other

The long-term Hollywood couple — you’ll recall Jimmy left his wife for Sarah about five years back — have called it quits.

“Jimmy and Sarah have no further comment,” said Kimmel’s publicist, although both Jimmy & Sarah’s publicists did confirm the break-up.

I’d be sad here, but I think Sarah rocks and I think Jimmy’s a piece of shit, so I’m happy about this.

I DO wanna know what went wrong, though.

Jimmy Kimmel: Still Retarded


Via Page Six:

JIMMY Kimmel sounded smug when he guest-hosted “Larry King Live” and told editor Emily Gould he “doesn’t know anyone who would advertise on Web sites like hers.” It turns out Kimmel’s own show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” buys ad space on three blogs similar to Gawker – A Socialite’s Life, Egotastic and The Superficial. Now Kim mel’s backtracked, tell ing The Post’s Mari anne Garvey, “Larry’s suspenders were very tight on me, so I didn’t complete my sentence. I have nothing against Web sites, online blogs or celebrity gossip. I was referring specifically to a site that en courages anyone with a cell phone to slander and stalk people.” Kimmel was referring to the Gawker Stalker map, which tracks celebs’ move ments.

Buuuuuullshit, Jimmy. Let’s go back to the tape, shall we? What you said was, “I don’t know why anyone would buy advertising on a website.” Period. You said that, Jimmy, immediately after talking about how Gawker ran a picture of Jabba the Hut in an article about Kevin Costner. The article (here) discussed Kevin Costner having dinner at Butter in New York City ON APRIL 4. The story ran ON APRIL 11. How very, very dangerous for Kevin Costner that anyone — anyone – with a time machine could go back 7 days and know exactly where they could find him for the anal raping. How horribly irresponsible of Gawker. Fuck that, Jimmy. You were pissed at celeb gossip blogs. You were pissed at celebrity gossip. You were pissed that Gawker had implied that you — co-host of The Man Show – were inebriated. Pick a fucking image, Jimmy, and shut up.