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Jerry Lewis

Quotables: Jerry Lewis Tells It Like It Is

A photo of Jerry Lewis

“I’d smack her in the mouth if I saw her.  I would smack her in the mouth and be arrested for abusing a woman!  I would say, ‘You deserve this and nothing else…’  Whack!  And then, if she’s not satisfied, I’d put her over my knee and spank her and then put her in rehab and that’s it.”

- Crazy ol’ Jerry Lewis describing his feelings on Lindsay Lohan.

Maybe not so much that first part, Jerry, but I think a spanking and an extended stay in rehab would do wonders for Lindsay. After all, she’s barely been out of rehab a week and she already hit a baby with her car.   Allegedly.

Just Because

Did you guys watch the telethon the MDA telethon this weekend?  No telethon is complete without a liberal sprinkling of Charo and she didn’t disappoint.  

Best parts?  Well, homophobe Jerry Lewis — and yes, I will attach “homophobe” to every single article I ever write regarding JL — getting the most action his shriveled peen has seen in the past 25 years was pretty enjoyable (2:45), but my personal favorite snippet is Charo dancing with Stick Up Thy Ass woman (4:10).  

Happy Labor Day, folks!

Jerry Lewis: Old and Offensive


Jerry Lewis has uttered yet another anti-gay slur on TV.  Yesterday, while appearing on Australian TV, he called Cricket “a fag game” and did some prancing pantomime thing.  I need video of this!  Last September, he did something similar on his Muscular Dystrophy Association Labor Day Telethon. 

You know, he’s old.  And I want to make excuses for him because of that.  But there is no excuse.  Being 82 doesn’t mean mean you get to be an ignorant, hate-spreading fuck.  He still doesn’t get that calling people “fag” isn’t acceptable?  So Jerry Lewis needs to die or at least have a stroke that renders him unable to speak.