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Jake Gyllenhaal

Olivia Wilde Moves on to Another Young Hollywood A-Lister … Again

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From People:

Jake Gyllenhaal was cracking up and laughing with pals during a lively night at West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont – but the actor gave special attention to one woman: Olivia Wilde. The two were very flirty, an onlooker says, acting “touchy-feely.” Says the onlooker: “At one point, he had his hand on hers.” Still, the two weren’t overly affectionate with each other. “Olivia was very cool,” the onlooker says, “and wasn’t fawning over Jake but seemed to like the attention he was giving her.” Alas, at the end of the evening the two went their separate ways.

So, Olivia Wilde claims another hot Hollywood male.  Does she have to have her hooks in all of them, like, seriously? From Justin Long to Justin Timberlake to Bradley Cooper … I mean, Justin Long doesn’t really fit all that well in there, so we’ll chalk that up to “mistake,” but the rest? Woo.  George Clooney is single these days, ladies, so if you’ve got some kind of claim on him, you better move fast.  Olivia here might catch wind of what you’ve got planned and beat you to the punch.

Love It or Leave It: Jake Gyllenhaal Goes Bald

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It’s for a movie, though, don’t worry – it’s called End of Watch and he plays a police officer. One with a buzzed head. And while I generally think that Jake Gyllenhaal is one of those dudes that could wear a stop sign as a loin cloth and peacock feathers on his head and STILL be hot, you have to be a certain type to really, really rock the cut-down-to-the-quick ‘do. Vin Diesel? Hot. Would look funny with hair. Howie Mandel? Hot (I KNOW, don’t get me started). DID look funny with hair. Jake Gyllenhaal is hot no matter how you slice it, but the buzzed-down look just isn’t for him.

What do you guys think – and what’s worse, is it nuts that I think Howie Mandel’s kinda bangable?

We Were Thisclose to Seeing a Picture of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Wang

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Are any of you guys having a crap ton of fun at SxSW? Molls is there, and a few of my other friends are there, too, and I have NOTHING BUT LOVE for the city of Austin, Texas. I used to sleep with this one guy that lived in Austin, and he was pretty hot. Mad love for Austin, its people, SxSW and the craziness that usually ensues whenever I travel there.

Naturally, when I’m not there, even more hubbub goes down in the Lonestar State: Jake Gyllenhaal was reportedly in a men’s room at the fest and a dude walked in and took photos of him standing there in all his urinating glory. Rumor has it that some guy snapped the picture of Jake holding his dick, but Jake was suave enough to convince the fan that deleting the picture was his best option. Entertainment Tonight touched base with Jake (bwahahahah) on the incident and Jake confirmed it did all go down:

EW: There are rumors that there was a rather heated scuffle in the theater bathroom last night as a fan tried to take your picture at an inelegant time?

JG: (laughs) That’s true. I think it’s an appropriate space to keep privacy. I hope that people wouldn’t disagree with me on that.

Yeah, it’s pretty nuts that someone would go to such great lengths to take a photo of a celebrity relieving themselves in the bathroom, but hey. There’s a market for all sorts of things these days, guys.

Somewhere, Taylor Swift shakes her fist and demands her money back.