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Hugh Grant Has Fathered Another Baby

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I’m sure we can all remember 2011, when Hugh Grant fathered a baby with Tinglan Hong, a side piece he had no intention of having a relationship with – but did enough to have a second child with her in December 2012. That was all fine and well – I’m sure she’s cashing the child support checks monthly and there’s no harm done there (or whatever). Well, now it seems Hugh’s super sperm has made another child, this time with Swedish TV producer Anna Elisabet Eberstein.

Elisabet’s child was born in September 2012, and while the baby’s birth certificate remained blank on the father field, it was filled in this past December with Hugh Grant’s full name, which is actually Hugh John Mungo Grant. So… he had two babies within a few months of each other to two different women. Way not to know about condoms, Hugh! (Or way not to know about birth control, women!)

From The Daily Mail:

The source told the paper: ‘Anna is being supported by Hugh all the way. She lives in a very comfortable property in West London and knows that Hugh is there for her.

‘Anna’s parents in Sweden know all about the relationship and she has their blessing.’

LOL, I bet she has her parents’ blessing when she’s likely receiving like, $50,000 a month in child support. But uh, right on!

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Hugh Grant Has A New Baby With His Lady Friend

Remember a few years ago when Hugh Grant admitted that he had fathered a child with a random woman with whom he’d shared a brief fling? Well, hold on to your hats because Tinglan Hong has now given birth to Tabitha’s (the child born in 2011) little brother – and it’s Hugh’s again! He announced the news the classiest place such news can be broken: Twitter, of course.

I’m not here to tell anyone not to hump on who they want to hump on, but it all seems a bit random. Maybe it’s a real life Pretty Woman situation where what started as a casual arrangement turned into true love? Not that I’m implying Tinglan is a prostitute, I just take any opportunity to talk about Pretty Woman.

Also, Hugh Grant seems like he’s probably a shitty dad. After all, he had only lukewarm feelings about Tabitha after she was born, saying:

“Lots of people warned me… that the baby period is not that exciting but I am excited, actually. I thought, well, I’ll bluff through – but very little bluffing has been required.

“I like my daughter very much. Fantastic. Has she changed my life? I’m not sure. Not yet. Not massively, no. But I’m absolutely thrilled to have had her, I really am. And I feel a better person.”

Kewl story, bro. Good to know that you “like” your kids.

This is Hugh Grant’s Baby Mama

photo of tinglan hong hugh grant baby mama pics
Last week we vaguely reported that Hugh Grant had fathered a child with a teenager. This is said teenager, only the teenager is thirty-one years old and apparently has amazing genes.

The two were said to be a couple sometime last year, but are not currently involved in a relationship, and frankly, I don’t have a whole lot to say other than that Hugh Grant’s real-life escapades are quite like those of his character’s antics in Bridget Jones’ Diary. See what I mean?:

Boyfriend’s still on his game.