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Heather Graham

Ladies And Gentlemen: Celebrities In Bikinis

[Image removed upon request] Bikini season is upon us. ‘Tis the time of year where we get to see “BEST AND WORST BIKINI BODS OF 2013” splashed all over celeb magazines, along with hints of “HERE ARE 100 PEOPLE HOTTER THAN YOU ARE, F-CK YOU!” So let’s get it over with and take the wind out of our sails with this...

Weekend Escapism: Four Blind Items!

Today has been a super downer: the universe has once again grown frowzy, it seems. So let us self-medicate with Celebrity Gossip’s shallowest-working salve, the “Blind Item.” (I’m totally a doctor! Like, a smut pharmacist! A philanthropist, even! You’re welcome.) Below are four Blind Items, prescribed to soothe. BuzzFoto...

Wouldn’t You Try Harder For Something Called ‘The Critic’s Choice Awards’?

Aight, aight. So I always have to admit whenever I critique people’s fashion that I really have no business doing so. I am wearing flared jeans as I write this. Yes, flared. They’re old and they’re really comfortable and you would wear them too if you didn’t have a will to live. ANYWAY! That being said, I was pretty...

Who’s the Dude?

Heather Graham has been spotted all over the Capri Film Festival with Israeli director Yaniv Raz, who directed her in Son of Mourning. I hadn’t heard anything about them being an item, but they sure do look awful cozy in these pics. Also: how gorgeous is Heather Graham? She is always soooo damn beautiful. Not fair.