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This Woman is Either Clueless or a Genius… What Do You Think?

I know! Two Justin Bieber-related posts in a row! Normally we don’t do that kinda thing around here but I think this is an exception.

Our friends over at Gawker (I used to work for them back in the day) posted this video of a lesbian who looks EXACTLY like Justin Bieber doing a cover of that Eminem (who you know is a BIG fan of the homosexual lifestyle) and Rihanna song and despite the fact that her singing is pretty good, it’s absolutely uncanny how much she looks like Justin.

I can’t decide if this is a brilliant ploy on her part to get her video noticed, or just totally creepy. Between the haircut and her face, you know she’s doing the whole doppelganger thing on purpose, but WHY?

Jimmy Kimmel: Still Retarded


Via Page Six:

JIMMY Kimmel sounded smug when he guest-hosted “Larry King Live” and told editor Emily Gould he “doesn’t know anyone who would advertise on Web sites like hers.” It turns out Kimmel’s own show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” buys ad space on three blogs similar to Gawker – A Socialite’s Life, Egotastic and The Superficial. Now Kim mel’s backtracked, tell ing The Post’s Mari anne Garvey, “Larry’s suspenders were very tight on me, so I didn’t complete my sentence. I have nothing against Web sites, online blogs or celebrity gossip. I was referring specifically to a site that en courages anyone with a cell phone to slander and stalk people.” Kimmel was referring to the Gawker Stalker map, which tracks celebs’ move ments.

Buuuuuullshit, Jimmy. Let’s go back to the tape, shall we? What you said was, “I don’t know why anyone would buy advertising on a website.” Period. You said that, Jimmy, immediately after talking about how Gawker ran a picture of Jabba the Hut in an article about Kevin Costner. The article (here) discussed Kevin Costner having dinner at Butter in New York City ON APRIL 4. The story ran ON APRIL 11. How very, very dangerous for Kevin Costner that anyone — anyone – with a time machine could go back 7 days and know exactly where they could find him for the anal raping. How horribly irresponsible of Gawker. Fuck that, Jimmy. You were pissed at celeb gossip blogs. You were pissed at celebrity gossip. You were pissed that Gawker had implied that you — co-host of The Man Show – were inebriated. Pick a fucking image, Jimmy, and shut up.

Gawker Editor Emily Gould Gets Her Ass Handed to Her by Jimmy Kimmel


This is painful to watch. Honestly, it hurts. Watch as Gawker editor Emily Gould gets ripped to shreds by Jimmy Kimmel, standing in for Larry King. (It doesn’t seem to be embeddable, and I can’t say I blame them. Props to Em for putting it up at all.) Jimmy takes her to task for their “Gawker Stalker” maps, which are probably the coolest fucking thing in the world, and which have been copied by plenty of different websites. One such map accused Kimmel of being drunk, when he was, in fact, walking home with his aunt after a one-year-old’s birthday party (?). And how terribly unfair of Gawker, then, to insinuate that a man who once hosted a show entirely about chugging beer and ogling women might, in fact, be inebriated. What has Kimmel done to deserve such misunderstanding?

Page Six, absolutely fucking gleeful to watch their nemesis go down in flames, managed to take a break from their Gawker-got-called-out happy dance to pen a scathing and totally unnecessary item about the flogging today. It’s really fair how Page Six brands Gould’s defense of herself and her employer as “haughty.” You know, you never hear that term used with a man. A male talking head in the same situation would have been “striking back,” “aggressive,” or even just “explaining himself.” Emily Gould? She’s “haughty.” Fuck that. I watched the tape. She wasn’t haughty, she was sticking up for herself. There was nothing haughty about Gould in that interview.

In fairness, Gould was clearly not expecting or prepared for this line of questioning. She handled herself well under the circumstances, but she could have prepped more thoroughly. She was blind-sided, that much clear by her face, and someone more experienced would have responded more calmly.

Kimmel makes the statement to Gould that he doesn’t “know why anyone would buy advertising on a website.” As Gawker points out later that day, perhaps Kimmel ought to ask the marketing folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live why anyone would buy advertising on a website, as the show recently bought ads on both Egotastic and The Superficial. Cute.

I dunno, I lost a lot of respect for Kimmel after watching this. He was in a bad mood, and I suppose he was trying to prove he could do “serious” television, and he really ought to have picked on someone his own size. His points don’t hold up. Celebrities these days know what celebrity means. You went to those auditions, Jimmy. Walked there with your own damn feet. You pitched those shows. You wanted to be a big star. You wanted people to write about you. People write about you now, Jimmy. Take the good with the bad, asshole. The Man Show did those candid segments that fucked with real people’s lives. I bet they didn’t all think it was as funny as you did. Oh, and remember how you left your wife of 14 years, with whom you had two children, for Sarah Silverman? Just checking, Mister Morality. Stick to sports and drinking beer and ogling women, Jimmy.

Somebody is a Copycat

Going through Page Six this morning I realized that they have a feature called the “Celebrity Star Map”. Now click on this link and you can run your mouse over a map of Manhattan and see where various celebrities have been spotted doing various noteworthy things. If you are a local New Yorker, you too can have your star sighting posted on the internet. Their site is a bit sad, with only three sightings which include Jacob the Jeweler, Dr. Ruth, and Julia Roberts.

This sounds quite similar to something that Gawker instituted a few months ago except that Gawker’s is quite cool, and quite popular. They have twenty-five sightings including Anne Hathaway (talking about how fat her fellow actresses were…um, honey you aren’t exactly Nicole Richie), Parker Posey (evidently being a bitch but I love her anyway) and Anderson Cooper (who could also be my boyfriend if he wasn’t playing for the other team).

So really Page Six, I know you are trying to jump on the bandwagon but Gawker is kicking your booty.

We Now Actively Miss You, Jessica Coen

On Friday, I wrote that we would miss Jessica Coen at Gawker. Those carefree days of future-Jessica-Coen-missing are, today, tragically fallen by the wayside. Jess has been gone for less than one day, and, in that time, Gawker’s run approximately 18 “Ask Lloyd Grove” items, each of which is every bit as wildly amusing and relevant as the last.

Please come back, Jessica.

On the flip side, Heather Cocks is rocking the fuck out as Defamer’s guest blogger today, if that’s really her writing. Don’t get me wrong, I think Heather is a riot, but the voice sounds more like Seth Abramovitch or Mark Lisanti than Fug’s blogger. But what do I know.