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Man Whips His Nephew With a Belt For Acting ‘Gangster’ on Facebook

Well, this video is kind of a must-watch…

From what I can tell, this teenager posted something to his Facebook wall that implied he’s more rough and tumble than he actually is. After his uncle discovered the post, he called him down to the family webcam to get his lashings, as well as a lecture on not making the family seem like they’re from something they’re not.

It doesn’t look like the kid’s hurt (I mean, he’s bigger than the dude delivering the beating), but it does look like he’ll think twice before trying to give the illusion that he’s a gangster again. That said, an angry, shirtless man beating his nephew with a belt over a Facebook wall post IS just about the most gangster thing I’ve ever seen, sooooo….

Y’all Gonna See The Facebook Movie This Weekend

I am. 10 PM. The Arclight. I’ve had my tickets for two days.

Personally, I can’t miss The Social Network simply because I’ve been hearing about the making of this movie for like, three years now. It’s time that I put it in my face and get it over with, you know?

But I’m also dying to check it out because I went to Boston College, one of the first six schools to even be open to Facebook. Yup, all the way back then when we were just using it to stalk our classmates and no one ever thought we’d ever have to worry about stuff like our future employers being on there and how it would affect their opinion on us. Facebook has been a part of my entire adult experience, and it’s pretty trippy to think that a dude just a year or two ahead of me in school, at a University practically up the street, invented this whole thing. Like, in order to get laid. It’s pretty remarkable.

If you’re still not sold on seeing The Social Network and the standard trailer isn’t going to do it for you, check out this kooky animated trailer from Taiwan above.