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Eva Longoria

Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week

Here we are again, another round of Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! Here’s what happened last week. Go through this week’s photos and pick your favorites for BEST, WORST, and WTF looks. And discuss whether or not Kate Hudson did something to her face.

Eva Longoria Has a New Boyfriend!

Eva Longoria may have broken up with Ernesto Arguello already, but she’s off the market again and has moved on to a new man – Jose “Pepe” Antonio Baston. I have no idea who he is or how they met, so why don’t we let People fill us in? “He’s been sweeping her off her feet and courting her like a proper...

Eva Longoria’s Got A New Man!

Eva Longoria has been looking for love for a little while now, and apparently she found it… on her cancelled show, which was also incidentally called Ready For Love, LOL!!! Isn’t life hilarious?! That’s right, Eva and former contestant Ernesto Arguello have been loved up for months, but now Eva’s finally admitted it...

Eva Longoria Is Totes Happy Being Single, Guys!

Eva Longoria may be ready for love, but she wants you to know that she’s totally happy being on her own, too! She has tons of friends (who I assume are also single) that hang out at her house and they all cook together and have pillow fights and watch Brad Pitt movies and prank call boys. Life is so fun!! Okay, I kid, but seriously –...