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DJ AM Recovery Series to Air Monday


I’m very pleased that MTV has opted to air Gone Too Far, the intervention/recovery series DJ AM filmed with them prior to his relapse and subsequent overdose. I never really doubted that they’d air it — there’s way too much money to be made — but they are doing so with the support of Adam’s family. “It is our hope through airing this show that people will get to see the side of Adam that we knew and loved, not just the celebrity DJ, but the honest and caring person who gave so much of himself to help others,” the family said in a statement earlier this month. “The decision to air the show has been difficult, but we do this with the profound belief that it will inspire others to seek help.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m really, really glad that people will get to see Adam for who he was — someone very aware of the perils and powers of addiction and someone who dedicated his life to his own recovery and to the recovery of others. I hope this show will help people get clean and sober and help people stay clean and sober, because that’s what Adam was about.

MTV has a trailer you can watch here. The show premieres October 12. (Side note: I think the voiceover is Mandy Moore.)

DJ AM’s Cause Of Death Confirmed To Be An Accidental Overdose


Investigators have closed the case on Adam Goldstein (known as DJ AM) after ruling it to be an accidental overdose. When Goldstein was found in his apartment, he had six Oxycontins in his stomach, as well as one lodged in his throat. He had several other drugs in his system, including cocaine, hydrocodone, Ativan, Klonopin, Xanax, Benadryl and Levamisole, a drug that is often cut with cocaine. When he was found, there was also a crack pipe next to his body.

The cause of death is the same thing that killed Heath Ledger, an uneducated mix of over-the-counter and prescription drugs that would be lethal in anyone’s system. As we’ve said time and again around here, this death is particularly tragic as Goldstein, a recovering crack addict, had been sober for about nine years when he passed away. The relapse has been attributed to everything from the guilt he suffered after being one of the only two survivors in a plane crash (along with buddy and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker) and the recent break up of him and his model girlfriend, Hayley Wood.

MTV Wants to Move Forward With DJ AM’s Sobriety Show


Shortly before his passing, DJ AM filmed eight episodes of an Intervention-like show for MTV titled, Gone Too Far.  The basic premise of the show focuses on AM confronting users in a tough-love manner, urging them to enter rehab.  After his death at the end of August, the network scrapped the October 5th premiere date and shelved the project.  A few weeks have passed and now MTV has been communicating with Adam’s family in hopes that they’ll bless the show and agree on an airdate.

This will go one of two ways.  Option 1:  Viewers will think AM was a hypocrite, considering his own tragic end was caused by drug use.  Option 2:  Viewers will realize the true fragility of sobriety.  It’s never a “done deal” and addicts must truly work at it one day at a time … for life.

Option 3 is a given:  Everyone will watch, ratings will be high.  People are just too curious about young, dead celebs.

R.I.P. Adam.  I hope your show saves a life.

DJ AM Tribute Video Hits YouTube

Travis Barker just Tweeted a link to this DJ AM tribute video a few hours ago.  According to the video description, it was the same montage that was played at Adam’s memorial service.  It’s interesting to see pictures of Adam at different stages in his life.  His appearance was so drastically different pre- and post-gastric bypass surgery.  And then there was his shoe collection — 600 pairs.

With the link, Travis posted the message : “This vid makes me smile from ear 2 ear and tear at the same time, miss u homie.”

DJ AM Death May Have Been Suicide


People is reporting that DJ AM’s death may have been more than just an overdose.  It may have been intentional.

Though the official cause of death hasn’t been announced, a law enforcement official reveals that Adam had eight undigested OxyContin pills in his stomach and a ninth one in his mouth.  That’s in addition to the crack and crack pipe found in his bed.  

Mirrors were propped up against both the entrance door to the apartment as well as Adam’s bedroom door.  In the living room, police found a Valentine’s Day card from his ex, Haley Wood (she denies that they were broken up at the time of Adam’s death) as well as several pictures of the couple.  

Now, police are investigating the theory that DJ AM may have committed suicide.  Either way, it sounds like Adam was in a whole lot of personal pain.  I hope he’s at peace.

DJ AM’s Survivor Guilt


Now that DJ AM has gone to the big discotheque in the sky, one of his friends has come forward and shared an email that Adam sent to him exactly one month after he survived last year’s plane crash:


“Man this is almost too much for me to handle right now,” Goldstein, known as DJ AM, wrote.

“I had no idea how the survivors guilt could have felt. I’m a mess though man. I just hope time will fix this depressed feeling asap,” he continued.

“I can’t go on being this miserable.”

DJ AM was clearly loved by so many people as evidenced by the huge reaction when news of his death broke.  It’s sad that he wasn’t able to get the help that he needed to work through the trauma he experienced.  In fatal events, survivor’s often feel a sense of guilt that they did something wrong that caused the death of others involved in the incident.  One of my relatives struggled with this as well as post-traumatic stress.  That shit doesn’t go away without counseling.

Sometimes life is just a fucking struggle — it’s important to reach out and ask for help and to just keep asking when it all feels overwhelming.  Rest in peace, Adam.

Blink-182 Pays Tribute To Their Friend

Well, I got the memo yesterday that most of you are sick of the DJ AM coverage on the site the past couple of days, and I get it: You don’t know who he was, you don’t care who he was and he died of a drug overdose. However, there has been a reason behind all of the stories I’ve posted and that’s because we are a celebrity gossip site. We cover celebrities and their actions and interests, and DJ AM was at the heart of many celebrities lives. He was a friend and a co-worker, a confidant and system of support. Many of the people we talk about here every day have been affected by his loss, and the news reflects that. So, I will burden you with one more post and then after that I’m done unless any major news breaks on the story.

Last night Blink-182 continued their reunion tour in Hartford, CT. The whole band, but most notably Travis Barker had an extremely strong bond with AM and the two not only shared work, but they survived a plane crash together. At one point during the show, the band’s frontman Mark Hoppus paid tribute to his friend and let the audience know how hard it was for them to play that night. He concluded his tribute by holding a moment of silence in honor of his friend, and then the band went right in to playing one of their more recent hits “Down”.