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Demi Moore

Demi Moore Doesn’t Shave Her Legs; Obviously Headed Towards A Breakdown

demi moore

Demi Moore, former Mrs. Kutcher, isn’t doing very well, according to The National Enquirer. This is based on her wanting to be alone and not shaving her legs. Here’s more:

LONELY Demi Moore has become a virtual recluse after cutting ties with those closest to her – including her therapist – and pals fear she’s teetering on the edge of another meltdown.

The 50-year-old actress, who was recently spotted out on the streets of Los Angeles with unshaven legs and disheveled hair, has told friends who’ve tried to help her: “I’m tired of bothering people with my problems.”

DemiI’s recent erratic behavior is “almost  identical” in nature to how she was acting right before her mental breakdown in January 2012, when she was rushed to the hospital and later reportedly checked into rehab, says a close source.

“It’s incredibly worrying for everyone around her,” added the source.

“She’s now refusing to take calls from some of her oldest friends, and everyone’s really concerned about her.”

The stuff about isolating herself isn’t good but I didn’t realize that shaving your legs = teetering on mental collapse. Someone should have told me this. I must have been worrying people. The Daily Mail posted photos of her reportedly Chewbacca-like legs in March. See the madness for yourself:

Can’t see anything? Let’s zoom in:

demi moore legs
Oh my God, the goddamn horror.

Obligatory “Molly you in danger, girl.”

Demi Moore Finally Filed For Divorce From Ashton Kutcher

demi moore ashton kutcher divorce pics

Sure, it’s taken nearly two years for Demi Moore to file for divorce from estranged husband and Mila Kunis sweatpants hater Ashton Kutcher (despite the fact that he filed his own back in December), but she’s been busy, okay? Between doing whip its and going on yoga retreats, there just haven’t been enough hours in the day. Don’t worry, though – the paperwork has finally been put in and Demi will be left recreating that pottery scene from Ghost, because Ashton will be out of her life 4eva. What makes this even better? She wants spousal support!

From People:

More than a year after they split and nearly three months after Kutcher filed for divorce, the actress finally responded Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, seeking to have her ex pay both spousal support and attorney fees.

Moore, 50, citing the usual “irreconcilable differences” for the split, is now headed for a possible courtroom battle with Kutcher, 35, over the financial terms to end their six-year marriage.

Although no children are at issue, the financial stakes are high: Kutcher last year reportedly earned $24 million from the CBS hit Two and a Half Men.

LOL (and I’m not referring to that awful movie she was in with Miley Cyrus). This bitch has some nerve asking for spousal support, especially since they broke up so damn long ago and he presumably hasn’t been paying her way since then. Hang on, I think I’ll call my high school girlfriend and ask her to pay my rent for the rest of the year. Pffft.

Russell Brand Uses Condoms And Will Probably Bang Demi Moore

russell brand demi moore sex

The look of terror: Stern asks Brand if he's made love to Demi Moore.

How do we all feel about Russell Brand? I’ve never been able to come to terms with my own feelings for the man. He seems awful and gross and yet he wrote something quite moving and wonderful about Amy Winehouse after her death. I don’t find him funny but I don’t find him unfunny, either. But if Katy deemed him a worthy chap, then perhaps he is. Although they did wind up divorced. He came to her honor though, refusing to speak ill of her while being interviewed on The Howard Stern Show (Is that STILL a thing?), though Mr. Stern did his damnedest. He “went there” when he asked this:

What do you make of you ex-wife dating John Mayer? It’s like doesn’t she know he’s a worse womanizer than you?

The charming Mr. Stern also added,

No, but seriously, you know I knew from the beginning you’d never stay married.

Wow! Stern and Brand (that sounds like a law firm) went on to discuss Mr. Brand’s love of yoga, which lead him to meeting his friend Demi Moore. Brand insists that they’re not anything more than friends, saying,

I really like her. She’s a beautiful person.

Not quite enough for dear Howard, who persisted,

But you’ve not made love to her yet.

“Made love”? Good heavens, Mr. Stern is quite the proper 1800s gent, isn’t he? To which Russell shouted, “I’VE NOT MADE LOVE TO HER YET.” Good on you, old boy. Stern also accused Brand of not having safe sex, based on how he looks. I can’t really blame Stern there. And Brand, with as good an attitude as ever,

I do use one every time I have carnal relations. You can’t have germs flying about everywhere.

In conclusion, Demi Moore and Russell Brand are absolutely going to contain their germs together.