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Chris Martin really loves One Direction

chris martin

Look, One Direction has really catchy songs, okay? Just starting to type this article, I have ‘Story of My Life’ stuck in my head (and if you’ve ever heard it before, you probably do too, now) and I’m not ashamed to say I have the latest album in my iTunes. I’ve never listened to it, but I do own it and maybe I will one day! So what, who cares? Even Chris Martin loves them!

Here’s what the Coldplay frontman told BBC Radio 1′s Zane Lowe:

“I think One Direction are the biggest band in the world, their songs are great. I’m saying One Direction are brilliant and I’m not kidding.

“You know why? Because their songs are really good and I don’t think that any of them are going to go solo. I think they appreciate their chemistry from watching their movie… Harry [Styles] has come to a couple of our shows, I think I probably said the same thing about chemistry.”

Ha! He also claimed that he started questioning her sexuality because he was enamoured with Harry’s hair. Hilarious – especially because I still don’t understand how anyone finds Harry Styles remotely attractive, but perhaps I’m not the right audience. I still like the songs, though! Here – now you can partake with me (I love to torture you!!!):

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Coldplay Has a New Single, ‘Magic’, and a New Album on the Way!


I feel like Coldplay gets a lot of stick here in the US, but I really love them! I’ve been a fan since Parachutes was released, then fell off somewhere around Viva La Vida, then came back during Mylo Xyloto. I even saw them over in the UK during the Mylo Xyloto tour, at an outdoor stadium show in the pouring rain, and they were incredible, so it’s safe to say I’ll always be a fan.

I was a little unsure when that song leaked last week that sounded literally like a track from a Bon Iver record, ‘cos that’s just not them. Thankfully, we’ve got their actual new single now, which IS very much them, and it’s called ‘Magic’. The track was put online on Monday morning, and is taken from their forthcoming studio album, Ghost Stories, which is due out on May 19th.

Listen to ‘Magic’ below and sound off. Do you like Coldplay? Do you like the song?

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Coldplay Did a Song For the New ‘Hunger Games’ Movie

coldplay hunger games

I know Coldplay gets a hard time from plenty of people these days, but I love them. I always have (even though I fell off for a few albums), but after hitting up a show on the Mylo Xyloto tour at a stadium in Sunderland last summer, I was fully back on board. It was freezing cold and pouring down with rain so we were soaked to the bone all day, but that almost made it better. They are so good, so everyone shut up (unless you agree – then by all means, keep talking! lolz).

In any case, Coldplay have unveiled a preview of their new track ‘Atlas’, which will be part of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack – the first time they’ve ever written a song specially for a movie. Woo hoo.

Catching Fire‘s director Francis Lawrence had this to say about Coldplay’s involvement:

“I have great respect and admiration for Coldplay, and we are thrilled with how well they have connected to the themes and ideas within the film,” director Francis Lawrence recently said of Coldplay’s involvement in the film.

“Their unwavering passion and excitement for the project elevated the collaboration even further, and we can’t wait to share this music with audiences around the world.”

It’s a bit slow, but I like it well enough, and I can see it going well with the movie. What do you think?

Coldplay Covers Rihanna’s “We Found Love,” Makes It Listenable

Right? When Rihanna first released this tragic song, it was all I could do to get through the entire thing. If I remember correctly, the only way I managed it was by letting my guinea pig listen along with me and repeating “it’ll be over soon, Aladdin*. It’ll be over soon.”

But Coldplay went and did the unthinkable and made a Rihanna song into a song that I actually enjoy. This is monumental. This is a great moment in history. This is precisely why Coldplay needs to cover all the songs.

*His name is Aladdin, but like Bowie‘s Aladdin Sane, not the more traditional Aladdin. As you can imagine, he is one fierce guinea pig.

If Your Girl’s Still Jamming to “Viva La Vida,” Then You’re Still Not Getting Laid

Here’s a pretty interesting little study done by a dating website.  Have you ever wanted to know if you were going to get lucky on a first date but couldn’t muster up the courage to carelessly toss back your hair and say “Yo, are we bangin’ later or what?”  We’ve all been there, but thanks to these nifty findings, all you have to do is pay attention to her music preferences!

Coldplay fans are the least likely music fans to have sex on a first date! A dating site compared users’ music tastes with responses to the question “how far would you go on a first date?” and found Coldplay fans to be prudes (preferences instead include cuddling, caterwauling, staring into someone’s green eyes, etc.). Other acts whose fans are not likely to have sex on the first date are Adele, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Kings of Leon. Perhaps Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire” is being taken as a descriptive warning? Anyway, acts whose fans will totally give it up on a first date include Nirvana, Metallica, Linkin Park, Kanye West, and Gorillaz.

I can totally see the easy people’s taste in music – have you ever met anyone who loved Kanye AND Metallica AND wasn’t DTF? That creature doesn’t exist in nature, friends.  I found the prude music a little more surprising though.  Not the Coldplay part, Coldplay fans are total prudes, but Katy Perry?  I thought Katy Perry fans were super into skintight jeans and boobs and stuff.  And Lady Gaga, that’s got to be wrong.  I can’t even begin to count the number of Little Monsters I’ve seen gyrate around to “Bad Romance” and scream something like “I just want to get fucked!”

What do you guys think?  Do these findings seem accurate? What artists’ music would you classify as prudish or easy?