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Coldplay Has a New Single, ‘Magic’, and a New Album on the Way!


I feel like Coldplay gets a lot of stick here in the US, but I really love them! I’ve been a fan since Parachutes was released, then fell off somewhere around Viva La Vida, then came back during Mylo Xyloto. I even saw them over in the UK during the Mylo Xyloto tour, at an outdoor stadium show in the pouring rain, and they were incredible, so it’s safe to say I’ll always be a fan.

I was a little unsure when that song leaked last week that sounded literally like a track from a Bon Iver record, ‘cos that’s just not them. Thankfully, we’ve got their actual new single now, which IS very much them, and it’s called ‘Magic’. The track was put online on Monday morning, and is taken from their forthcoming studio album, Ghost Stories, which is due out on May 19th.

Listen to ‘Magic’ below and sound off. Do you like Coldplay? Do you like the song?

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