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What’s with celebrity pregnancy photo shoots?


Look, pregnancy is awesome, ladies. You’re growing a baby in your body! You look fantastic! You’re glowing! No, you’re not fat – you’re going to be a mom! Life is so cool!

But seriously, why in the hell do so many celebrity ladies feel the need to do the whole “sensual pregnancy” photo shoots? Honestly, it’s out of control. Ciara‘s is sorta modest as, you know, she actually has clothes on, but really? I don’t really need to see this shit from her or anyone else. The whole “hold your belly while you look off into the distance or close your eyes as if in some kind of bliss” thing is just… weird and slightly creepy.

That’s not to say that Ciara and all of these other women who do these pictures aren’t beautiful and that their pregnancy isn’t memorable for them, but that’s the key: FOR THEM. If you wanna do a photo shoot like this, knock yourself out! Get prints and hang them in your own private residence. The bizarre magazine fixation on features like this is just so confusing.

Ciara’s photos are for W magazine – and if you wanted to have less faith in her as a human being and future parent, keep in mind that she’s BFF with Kim Kardashian these days and has been asking her for advice on motherhood:

I believe in allowing your child to be who they want to be—as long as they want to be something great.”

That piece of parenting wisdom, she says, comes courtesy of Kardashian, with whom she’s traded tips on “everything from breastfeeding to how a stroller works.”

“You don’t know your child until they get here, you don’t know their personality,” Ciara says. “There is a lot of learning to do. I loved that advice.”

Oh, brother. I mean, yeah, it’s good advice, but it’s KIM KARDASHIAN we’re talking about.

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Best, Worst, And WTF Of Grammy’s Fashion



So The Grammys bore a new meme: Pharrell‘s hat.


Sorry, but I’m not ready for this to be a new thing.

Let’s take a look at what others wore to this craptacular awards show!

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Best And Worst And WTF Of 2013 MTV VMA Fashion


Lady Gaga is my goddamn queen right now. Look at her, showing up all normal (for her) and stuff! This is exactly what she needed to wear to the 2013 MTV VMA’s. I’m getting Angelina Jolie 2000 Oscars flashbacks. And a little Vampira:

vampira plan 9 outer space

She looks so pretty. So sane. Please let me like you again, Gaga. Please. (Note: this was written before her performance. Who knows how I’ll feel after I see that.)

See the best, worst, and WTF of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards fashion below! And there were so many WTFs. I couldn’t choose just one worst or WTF. I don’t think you can blame me either.

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Ciara Gets SERVED At Her Concert…And Not In A Dance Way

ciara LA pride

Ciara was just doing her thing, performing at LA Pride, when she got SERVED…legal papers. This is too hilarious. I guess it makes sense, if you know where someone is going to be, why not serve them, even if they’re performing? From The Daily Mail:

She is being sued by a nightclub in Hollywood for canceling a performance.

And Ciara received an unpleasant reminder of the fiasco during a concert on Saturday.

The 27-year-old R&B star was onstage headlining an LA Pride event when she was served legal papers in the middle of her performance in Los Angeles.

In a video on TMZ taken of the incident, a woman held out a piece of paper to the star, who reached down and looked at it without pausing her performance.

Ciara was clearly unimpressed and promptly tossed the page back at the woman.

‘She got served,’ said the woman to the camera after she left the paper lying on the stage.

Apparently she was supposed to perform at a bar/nightclub in West Hollywood and didn’t, which is why she’s being sued.

But let’s focus on what we’re all really thinking of now:


Ciara and Nicki Minaj’s ‘I’m Out’ “Leaks” Online

I doubt a leak is ever unintentional these days, but let’s play along and say that Ciara‘s new track ‘I’m Out’, which features Nicki Minaj, has hit the internet and we’re all surprised because we weren’t supposed to hear it yet. How do these things happen, gosh darnit? It wasn’t ready yet!!!

The track will appear on Ciara’s upcoming self-titled collection and is the follow up to her first single, ‘Body Party’, which wasn’t all that great. It’s been a long while since Ciara really had a killer track (‘Ride It’ being probably the most recent), and her feud with Rihanna won’t help, but bless her heart, she’s trying.

What do you think of ‘I’m Out’? Forgettable? Possibly a grower? Total snoozefest?

Rihanna Is Beefing With Ciara Again, Even Though It’s Pointless

ciara rihanna

Rihanna and Ciara have had a minor run-in before on Twitter, but they kissed and made up and all was well… OR WAS IT? Apparently not, because now Rihanna’s talking shit about Ciara again, just as she (Ciara, that is) releases her new single ‘Body Party’ (which is a mixture of pretty hot and kinda not great). Apparently Ciara’s been getting asked about Rihanna a lot in recent interviews and Rihanna thinks it’s corny and that Ciara shouldn’t let that happen.

From RiRi’s Instagram page:

“Why am I still the main topic of her interviews!!”

“She don’t be shame tho? How she let em play her like that everytime?? It’s like, ‘yea I know you’re here to about (insert album title) but we wanna talk about a more relevant topic…Rihanna!!!

“Like she sits there and falls for it everytime!!!! #whurrisyopublicist.”

Don’t most artists get asked about other artists to whom they’re vaguely similar? It’s not really about getting played, it’s just kinda how shit goes, last time I checked.

I love Rihanna as much as the next person, but yo, homegirl needs to chill on social media. It’s just getting a little out of hand.

Stars Without Makeup: Ciara Walks Her Dog

photo of ciara no makeup pictures photos hot pics

I know we don’t talk a whole lot about Ciara over here, and it’s not because she’s like a less-relevant version of Rihanna (OK, I guess it is a little bit). But girlfriend is definitely relevant today, and she gets the award for “One of the hottest celebrities without makeup.”

Also, the only other reason we don’t talk a whole lot about Ciara is because she gives really crappy nipslips. Someone needs to school this girl on the art of nipple-baring. Still, she looks good all fresh-faced, doesn’t she?