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Charlie Sheen Totally Didn’t Do Coke With Zac Efron (Which Means He Probably Did)

zac efron charlie sheen

Zac Efron just came out of a five month rehab stint for what was apparently a pretty serious cocaine addiction, and if you put the words “cocaine” and “Hollywood” in the same sentence, chances are you’ll be led straight to Charlie Sheen‘s door. Apparently Zac went to plenty of “cocaine-fuelled parties” at Charlie’s house, which makes perfect sense to me but which Charlie denies like crazy.

From TMZ:

Sheen tells TMZ … he hasn’t even seen Zac for nearly a year … specifically when Efron showed up to the set of  Anger Management 11 months ago.  Charlie says he showed up not to see him … Zac was there because they share the same publicist who happened to be on the set.

The report claims Zac visited the set at least a dozen times.  Charlie says it’s all made up … Zac was there that one time only.

As for the claim Zac spent a lot of time partying at Charlie’s house and then strongly insinuating they were on cocaine binges … Charlie says, “ridiculous.”  Sheen says Zac was at his home a grand total of one time — nearly 2 years ago for a Super Bowl party.  The next time Charlie saw Zac was when he visited the set 11 months ago.

Charlie is also angry the report claims he’s on an uncontrollable cocaine binge.  He says, “Consider the fact that I have completed 54 episodes of ‘Anger Management’ in a little more than a year … something that would ordinarily take more than 3 years to accomplish.”

Charlie calls the news outlet “adrift and unsalvageable.”

For the record, the “news outlet” in question is Radar Online, and they do post a fair bit of bullshit, but they can also be pretty spot on a lot of times, so I can see this being true. As for Charlie himself being clean – yeah, okay, and I’m the queen of England.

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Charlie Sheen On Being A Grandpa: “My Bucket List Is A Thimble!”

charlie sheen scary movie 5

Crazy ole Charlie Sheen can now be known as Crazy ole Grandpa Charlie now that his 28 year-old daughter, Cassandra Estevez, gave birth to a baby girl (named Luna.) Sheen had Cassandra when he was 19, so you can only imagine the hell Martin Sheen gave him on that day. He probably gave him a very calm speech about how much he disappointed him and a calm speech from Martin Sheen about how much you disappointed him is a million times worse than an angry email from Charlie Sheen about how much you disappointed him.

Anyway, Charlie Sheen is not at all disappointed — he is thrilled! When asked for a comment he said,

I am a liquid form of energy right now. The dragon inside me is full of joy and the thing is, I can’t even — I can’t even control it. Or anything. There’s jubilation in all forms. I see stars — right now, I swear to God — in front of my face, and they’re dancing and they’re saying they want to hold my hand and I’m just laughing, I’m like, “F-CK YOU, STARS I’M A LIQUID DRAGON!” Wait…what was the question?

No, I’m kidding, that’s not what he said. He told TMZ,

It’s impossibly a most wondrous day. My bucket list is a thimble!

So I guess Charlie Sheen’s summer reading has been the Dr. Seuss anthology. Anyway, congrats to Cassandra Estevez, her husband, and their new baby.

Selma Blair Said Eff You To Charlie Sheen

A photo of Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen threw (yet another) temper tantrum — this one about costar Selma Blair — and it was forceful enough to get her to leave. Cruel Intentions bitch is gonnnnnnnne. Nice going, dork. From EOnline:

Selma Blair will not be returning to FX’sAnger Management after a “heated battle” with Sheen, Lionsgate has confirmed.

“We are confirming that Selma Blair will not be returning to Anger Management and we wish her the very best,” the studio said in a statement.

Sheen no longer wanted to work with Blair, who plays his onscreen therapist, after she complained about his work ethic to the show’s executives, according to our sources.

Earlier in the week, our source, who admitted things had “gotten ugly” between the two stars, said that Sheen doesn’t have the exclusive right to fire anyone, but noted that the actor “certainly can make production impossible.”

Anger Management, which is currently shooting its second season, received a 90-episode order from FX after its first season, but has experienced a decline in the ratings in its sophomore outing.

And again, I ask, WHY DOES ANYONE WORK WITH CHARLIE SHEEN? Or even TALK to him?? You WILL get burned. Because he SUCKS.

Charlie Sheen Hates Selma Blair And Wants To Give Mila Kunis $10 Million

selma blair chateau marmont  2013

Charlie Sheen is on the warpath, everyone. After (justifiably but still) flipping out over Farrah Abraham‘s antics, he’s now turning his crazy warlock ass on Selma Blair. Ms. Blair has been acting on his show, Anger Management, but now he wants her fired. And he wants alleged roller-skating super bitch Mila Kunis. From TMZ:

We’re told it all started when Selma complained to “AM” execs that Charlie was a menace to work with — claiming he’s late all the time and has a shoddy work ethic.

Problem is … the actor found out about it and was super pissed. We’re told Charlie felt Selma was out of line considering he’s the star of the show. And he specifically referenced himself learning 40 pages of lines per episode compared to her 2.

But sources close to Sheen tell us the actor did more than just complain … he told everyone HE FIRED SELMA altogether — although it’s unclear how official it was.

Charlie then made it clear to “AM” honchos … if Selma shows up to set Monday — when the show is scheduled to shoot — he’ll refuse to work.

And there’s this … we’re told Charlie now wants to extend an offer to Mila Kunis (a.k.a. Ashton Kutcher‘s GF) for a 10 episode arch … at $1 MILLION per episode.


Oh and Charlie, no way Mila Kunis is coming near your show. She is way out of your league, in celebrity guest star terms.

God I hate this dick.

Oh God The Cringe Part 2: Charlie Sheen Publicly And Angrily Rejects Farrah Abraham

charlie sheen david letterman

Charlie Sheen and Farrah Abraham were sending some flirty, cinge worthy texts about meeting up (but NOT for coffee). I was hoping that the texts were real, and it turns out that they are, because Mr. Sheen found out that Ms. Abraham leaked the texts to TMZ, and he is not okay with it. With the help of an 8th grader, he wrote a very scathing letter. From TMZ:

hey, you desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua;

I truly do not recall giving you permission to globally reveal any communication between us. congrats on surviving your lobotomy and an even bigger congratz on the recent attempt at porn.

your daughter must be so proud.

please send my number to middle earth and if allowed, eagerly follow it into said abyss and slam the door behind you. the world will collectively sigh as the pungent memory of you vanishes into the pedestrian troposphere of lame-suck and zero-life.

oh and I’m sure they’ll wave the cover charge when they see your tranny-boobs and five o’clock shadow.


After reading this, I think he’s just as bad as Farrah Abraham. It’s really disappointing this didn’t work out, because they really deserve each other. Let’s use this as a learning experience:

1. Do not share text messages with TMZ.
2. Do not make Charlie Sheen angry.
3. Do not be Farrah Abraham or Charlie Sheen.

Oh God The Cringe: Texts Between Charlie Sheen and Farrah Abraham

charlie sheen machete kills carlos estevez

Charlie Sheen has a passion for getting involved with troubled young women; he’s basically the Princess Diana of our time. Farrah Abraham, determined nobody, following her “f-ck it, what else could go wrong” way of life, decided to reach out to him. For his dong, basically. She texted him suggesting they go out for a “playdate” — WITH their kids, NOT a euphemism — but way to rub it in Sheen’s face that he doesn’t have custody of his kids. She also suggested coffee, to which Sheen replied with the only thing he’s said I’ll ever agree with,

Coffee is for amateurs and grandma.

TMZ has screencaps of the texts. I can’t really read them, the cringe is too extreme. Farrah, girl, calm your texts.




I’m just going to assume these are real, for the sake of entertainment and train wreck potential.